Double-Sided Banners – A Guide

Listen, we know we may be a bit biased when we say we love banners – what can we say; we’re passionate about what we do! – but it’s not without good reason. Banners are exceptionally useful, very affordable, and are a tried-and-true method of advertising businesses, events, and sales. And though we sell many different kinds of banners suited for many different purposes, one of our favorites is also one of our most popular: the double-sided banner.

Double-sided banners are one of our most innovative, durable, and popular products, and this is our guide to help you learn everything you need to know about this great marketing tool.

What exactly is a double-sided banner?

Before we get into all of the specifics of what make double-sided banners great, let’s first establish the basics of exactly what they are. A double-sided banner is a single banner that is printed back-to-back. This serves two purposes: you can either share the same message on both sides for maximum exposure when its placed in a location viewable from both sides or you can utilize the back and front real estate of the banner for two different messages. Because of this option, double-sided banners really are one of the most versatile products in the banner world.

Are all double-sided banners created equal?

In short: absolutely not. A double-sided banner’s look and longevity are directly related to the quality of the material used for printing and the printing process used to create the banner’s artwork. We have heard too many horror stories to count from customers who’ve purchased double-sided banners from other printers before coming to us – and we are delighted to say there is virtually no comparison to our double-sided banner printing process and product.

Many banner printers who sell double-sided banners online are still stuck in the past using an older printing process that neither looks good nor lasts long. Their method for double-sided printing is actually printing two different banners and sticking them together with glue to create a “double-sided banner.” You can imagine that a product this flimsy would be incredibly vulnerable to wear and weather even when hung in non-stressful environments.

For all of us at Printastic, we know that double-sided banner printing can be done better which is exactly why we’ve perfected the double-sided banner printing process. We start with one layer of unique, durable 18-ounce block-out heavy-duty 1000×1000 denier vinyl. Then we run that vinyl through our special printing process so both sides of the material are printed to look great.

This unique 18-ounce block-out vinyl helps create spectacular double-sided banners in several ways. First is its durability. 18-ounce vinyl is one of the heaviest vinyl options we offer, which also translates directly to its exceptional life and longevity. 18-ounce vinyl will last longer and look better than many other banner vinyls on the market. It’s heavy and reusable, and will not surrender to trying environmental factors that other banners may.

Secondly, the 18-ounce block-out vinyl is perfect for double-sided banners because it literally blocks out the other side of the banner from showing through – even when hung in direct sunlight. This helps keep the viewing side of your banner crisp and free of any kind of distractions that might show through on incorrectly constructed double-sided banner. This block-out technology is exactly what allows Printastic to be one of the few printers who are able to print a double-sided banner on the same sheet of high-quality vinyl instead of the old process of attaching two lesser-quality vinyl banners back-to-back.

Last, but certainly not least, because we are able to print on two sides of the same 18-ounce vinyl banner, your final product will remain lightweight and manageable – giving you the flexibility you need with the functionality that will best suit you banner investment.

Do double-sided banners require hanging hardware?

Just like the way your banner looks and where you choose to use it are totally up to you, the same is true with what kind of hanging hardware (if any) you want to add to your banner. At Printastic, we don’t believe in additional charges for standard banner hardware, which is why our #2 Nickel-plated metal grommets come standard on our double-sided banners installed at every two feet across the top and bottom.

However, if you have a specific use in mind or simply a preference for how grommets are attached to your banner, we can help! We can place grommets on just the four corners, just across the top and bottom of your banner, or simply leave the grommets off altogether. The choice is yours!

Do double-sided banners require hemming?

Hemming is a process we use often on smaller banners to reinforce a banner’s strength and structural integrity. In order to prevent fraying and increase a banner’s lifespan, about one inch of extra vinyl around each edge of the banner is heat welded to the back – creating a strong connection that virtually cannot be torn apart. Because of the strength of our 18-ounce block-out vinyl, hemming is not needed for durability or longevity on double-sided banners. Hemming would also obstruct any artwork on one of the banner’s sides, so it’s neither needed nor practical for our double-sided banners.

What about artwork? Do I need to design my own?

A double-sided banner is truly a blank canvass and can be utilized to communicate any kind of promotional or marketing message you’d like. But if you don’t have the tools to create those designs in-house, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Our easy-to-use online design tool is full of all kinds of fantastic templates to suit your needs and is yours to use without any additional charge. This tool will help give your banner a professional look without having to spend the time or money hiring a professional designer.

Alternatively, if you do have in-house design services or already have some designs created, you can easily upload your own design file or image in just minutes.

The Final Word on Double-Sided Banners

Double-sided banners are truly a unique and wonderful product for businesses, groups, and congregations of all sizes. If you think this awesome product may be right for your next banner purchase, you can find out more information on our double-sided banner page on our website.

Why Custom Car Magnets are Better Than Billboards

When small business owners and entrepreneurs begin to brainstorm about how to spread their marketing message as big and as far as possible, they often stumble upon an age-old idea they’ve seen time and time again: billboards.

While we certainly admire the desire to go big with a roadside advertisement of such epic proportions, we’re here to tell you that there are better ways to spend your dough that will both give you an overall more impressive impact and potentially save you ten of thousands of dollars of your marketing budget. That’s right; we’re talking about magnetic car signs.

A staple marketing tool for realtors, interior designers, window installers, and other service industries, magnetic car signs have been popping up in all kinds of businesses because, put simply, they work – and work well!

Whether you leave your car parked in a high-profile parking lot or intersection with magnets affixed, or simply drive around while doing your daily business, customized magnetic car signs are sure to give your business the meaningful exposure it needs to grow and thrive.

So, if you’re still considering gathering up the funds to purchase a temporary billboard out on the highway, here is a short list of why you should reconsider and invest in customized magnetic car signs instead:

Car signs are mobile; billboards are stationary

There is no doubt that billboards can make a big impact for the drivers who pass by them. But unless a driver is directly passing by your billboard investment and actively paying attention to what it says and retaining that information, billboards actually do little good. Many times, companies that spend big bucks on billboards see very little return on their marketing dollars – if any at all.

Magnetic car signs are a different story altogether. Because they instantly turn your personal car or company vehicles into mobile advertisements,  you can expose your marketing messages wherever you go to thousands of people for an unlimited amount of time. Compare that to the limited lifespan and month-to-month costs of a billboard and the numbers aren’t even close.

Plus, with custom magnetic car signs, you’ll find yourself advertising to a more diverse group of people. Most people follow similar routes each day, which means billboards will only expose your advertisement to a select group of people. With mobile magnetic car signs, you’ll be able to advertise to anyone and everyone who passes your car wherever you are – a huge benefit for a much lower cost than a billboard.

Size does matter – and bigger isn’t better

Many people think that because billboards are bigger than just about any other forms of advertising, they are instantly better – but that’s not quite true. Here’s why:

Roadside billboards are a fairly standard size and countless numbers of them exist alongside many highways and byways throughout the country. This, unfortunately for the many companies who have spent countless thousands of dollars on billboards in the past, makes them easy to ignore and forget.

Here’s a little exercise to prove our point: Try and think of the last billboard you passed on the highway. We bet you can’t do it. That’s because when you’re passing a stationary sign at 70 miles per hour, retention of a marketing message can be extremely difficult – especially if you’re trying to remember a website and a phone number along with a brand name.

Magnetic car signs solve all of those problems and more. During the normal flow of traffic, you tend to stay in and around the same cars – especially if you hit the same traffic light cycle. In heavy traffic, you can often find yourself positioned behind the same car for miles – and we bet you spend some time reading bumper stickers and memorizing vanity plates.

This situation is also what makes mobile magnetic car signs so valuable: time of exposure. When someone is next to you in traffic and you are displaying your mobile magnetic sign, you’re giving a potential new customer exposure to your brand, website, and phone number. A red light gives them more than enough time to take note of your web address or snap a pic to save your phone number for later use. Instead of dreading heavy traffic and stand-stills, you can now make them work for you thanks to magnetic car signs

Another benefit of adding magnetic car signs to your vehicle is legitimacy. Especially in the service industry, any kind of vehicle that interacts with customers will be better received when it is properly branded – so customers are comfortable with who are arriving at their home or office. In the service industry, better branding = happier customers.

The obvious: cost

Whether a small rural vinyl billboard or a high-tech digital sign in a major metropolitan area, all billboards have one thing in common: they’re expensive.

In fact, you can count on spending a major portion of your marketing budget and more if you’re planning on making billboards part of your arsenal. We say: spend smarter, not more.

On the flip side of the billboard situation is magnetic car signs. Staring at just $30 for a 12×18 vehicle sign, you’ll pay more for lunch next week than you will for a magnetic car sign that could last years and bring you big business. Plus, with volume discounts, you can outfit your whole fleet of vehicles for a reduced price – saving countless dollars on the much more expensive car wrapping process. Plus, unlike car wraps, you can simply remove your custom car magnets when you’re not on a business trip, leaving you with an anonymous vehicle when you need it.

Diversity of use

An often overlooked advantage of customized magnetic car signs is you can use them in other places that aren’t a vehicle. As long as the surface can hold a magnet, like a whiteboard in a boardroom or a fridge in a commercial kitchen, you can affix your custom car magnet for display. We’d like to see you try and fit a billboard in your boardroom.

While billboards do have their time and place for large companies looking for brand recognition, when it comes to bang for your buck and maximizing impact for low cost, nothing beats a customized car magnet. And for such a low cost per unit, you don’t have to worry about eating up the budget you’ve set aside for marketing and advertising.

We invite you to check out our custom vehicle magnet templates and start designing your next great marketing piece! Safe driving!

Make the Most Out of Yard Signs to Supercharge Your Summer

Summer is a time when many small, local, and independent businesses thrive. Kids are out of school, walking traffic is up in downtowns, and customers are in the mood to browse the latest and greatest from their local purveyors.

But even though increased activity in the marketplace is a good thing, standing out among your fellow business-owners can be tough. That’s why today we’re going to talk about one of our most affordable solutions for advertising, wayfinding, and so much more: yard signs.

Yard signs are a time-tested marketing tradition that are common for one simple reason: they work. Whether it’s to advertise a garage sale, Memorial Day discount, free parking, or anything in-between, yard signs are a great answer for a multitude of different business issues.

Before we get into the specifics as to how yard signs are the perfect summer solution for your business, let’s answer the big question: Why yard signs?

Why Yard Signs?


Measuring 18×24, our yard signs are the ideal eye-catching size for drivers on the road or pedestrians on the street. They can not only fit logos, marketing messages, graphics, and phone numbers on both sides, yard signs are also the ideal size to fit in yards, on medians, or any other outside display place. You can also use them in shop windows and advertising boards.


No matter what other printers may tell you, not all yard signs are created alike – and many are made from cheap materials that simply don’t last. When the best materials aren’t used during the sign-making process, signs simply won’t look good and they won’t last. That’s why we only print our signs on fluted white corrugated plastic, also known by its manufacturer’s brand name Coroplast. This plastic is weather and UV proof for outdoor use up to 2 years in proper conditions – which means your signs will continue looking great for many seasons to come.


Our sign printing process is one-of-a-kind, which means you’ll get signs that outshine all of your competition. All signs ordered through Printastic are digitally printed in full color, which means you aren’t limited to what kind of colors, images, or logos you use in your design. Plus, if you’re not sure how you want your sign design to look, we offer our customers a whole library of free templates to get you started.


If the above reasons haven’t convinced you yet, maybe yard signs’ incredible durability will. When properly taken care of and stored, yard signs can last and look good for years – meaning your one-time investment can keep on giving and giving. That’s something you can’t say for flyers or one-time use posters.

So now that you know why yard signs are a great choice, here’s a few ideas how to use them to your advantage during the coming summer season.

How to Use Your Yard Signs

Announce a Sale

Everyone loves a sale, and with potential customers doing their homework more than ever before, it couldn’t be more important to let your crowd know about your awesome prices and selection. Whether you theme your sale around a holiday, a specific event, or one single product, yard signs are a great way to alert the public and invite them into your store.

Wayfinding to Your Store

Not every storefront or business is located right on Main Street, and even in these days of Waze and Google Maps, people still often need assistance locating places that aren’t quite on the beaten path. That’s where wayfinding yard signs come in.

You can fill your yard sign with all kinds of essential information, and still have enough room for logos, arrows, or anything else your customers may need to find you. Don’t forget: successful marketing is based on repetition, so don’t be afraid to put out more signs than you think you need – you can truly never have too many.


Summer is the season of sponsorships – and for good reason. Now begins all kinds of outdoor community events and celebrations and they all need sponsorship. From charity softball games and county fairs to golf outings and fundraisers, whenever a sponsorship is purchased, a yard sign can be a great token of thanks and exposure for the generous business or individual. So, if you’re looking for the perfect promotional incentive to secure that donation, customized yard signs are the way to go.

Here’s a pro tip: If you’re thinking of printing yard signs for each sponsor at your event, be sure to print an extra copy of each one to give to your sponsor as a token of thanks. They may just display it in their store or office, which will help get you as much exposure as possible for next year’s event.

Advertising Your Business

This one might seem obvious to some of our readers, but we couldn’t help but include it because of how powerful it can be. Using yard signs to advertise your business is a low-cost way to yield high-impact results. No matter what you do or where you do it, some strategically placed yard signs throughout your community can be a great way to introduce your business to your neighbors and solicit new customers without a high-priced advertising campaign. Ever notice how window washers, construction companies, and realtors don’t hesitate to put their sign on their customer’s lawns? Again, there is a reason: it works!

Yard signs are one of the most universally and uniqely customizable print products that we offer. From the design you create on the front and back to the area and location you choose to display them, yard signs are an easy and affordable way to take your business, fundraiser, sale, or promotion to the next level.

Not sure where to start for your yard signs order? Check out our yard signs page for more information about when and where to get started.