Custom Yard Signs for Election Season

Whether you turn on the TV, sign-in online, or drive down any main road, one thing has become exceptionally clear: it’s election season in the United States.

In just a few months, millions of Americans will go to the polls to cast their vote for candidates they like and issues they support – and millions more will stay home, uninformed about what issues may be facing their community.

But whether it’s the general election coming up in November or the countless number of local elections, primaries, and special elections that happen all year, no candidate, issues, or piece of legislation will be successful in any election without the proper exposure, marketing, and word-of-mouth support it takes to win. 

But with the skyrocketing costs of airtime on both television and radio putting that kind of advertising out of reach for many candidates and the headaches caused by some forms of online digital advertising, how do those candidates and groups who want to drum up support for their cause really stand out?

The answer is yard signs. 

Since the early days of our country, yard signs have been used to spread the word and help show support for candidates and causes, and raise awareness within communities about what is at stake in the coming election.

This timeless tradition continues today, with yard signs playing an even more important role thanks to the hugely visual presence on social media and the opportunity for supporters to share on social media. 

With that in mind, we thought, with election season just on the horizon, we’d go over a few reasons why yard signs have remained so popular for local, state, and national politics and how they might benefit a cause you believe in:

Yard signs help keep election topics top-of-mind

We live in a time with more distractions than ever, and it’s as hard as can be to grab the attention of potential voters and keep it. But high quality yard signs help to do just that by performing that all-important marketing function of repetition and recognition.

It’s no secret that name recognition is absolutely essential to voters showing a certain candidate their support, and yard signs, with their simple message and repetitive nature, can help do just that. The more yard signs displayed for a certain candidate or issue, the more voters will take notice and remember to vote a certain way.

That kind of exposure is essential for winning over voters who may be less informed or simply vote for what they recognize. If they see a candidate’s name that sounds or looks familiar on a ballot, voters are much more likely to vote for that person than someone who is totally unfamiliar.

Yard signs help encourage positive peer pressure

Peer pressure isn’t just a high-school phenomenon – it’s something many of us experience every day. And though it has its negative side, it can also be used for good, like encouraging people to vote for a person or a cause that will work tirelessly to improve their community.

Custom political yard signs can be a great motivating factor in positive peer pressure. For an uninformed voter, the more of your trusted neighbors and friends you see displaying their support for a certain policy or party, the more likely you’ll be to check out exactly what they may be supporting for yourself. 

This leads to not only a more informed electorate but also an increased turnout and interest in politics and policies that impact the community. It’s truly a win-win.

They’re a Great Giveaway for Donations

Politicians and causes are always looking for new ways to raise money from their supporters and reward their most ardent fans’ loyalty – and custom yard signs can help there, too. While many campaigns simply give yard signs away as a promotional tool, campaigns looking to raise a little money often offer their yard signs for a small donation – giving their supporters a reason to donate to the campaign. 

One of the most creative ways we’ve heard of campaigns utilizing this method is implementing a “donate what you wish” system for their yard signs. Most people who are willing to step up to the plate with financial support will most likely donate more than a suggested limited donation of a few dollars. For campaigns who depend on donations, this can be a real winning strategy. 

So, now that you know why yard signs are an essential tool for this upcoming political season, here’s why Printastic should be your go-to printer.

Why Printastic is your go-to printer for custom political yard signs

  1. We print right here in the United States. All of our custom yard sign printing is done right here in the United States, which means you’ll be showing your pride in small business just by ordering. 
  2. Our signs are tough and can be used both indoors and outdoors. By using only Coroplast plastic, our signs are both weather and UV proof for outdoor use up to 2 years in proper conditions. That means they’ll continue to look great all throughout the election season.
  3. Full-Color HD Printing. Our yard signs are digitally printed in the highest quality – meaning you won’t have to sacrifice color, images, or logos for a cheaper price. You’ll get the best of the best every time you order. 
  4. Optional H-Stakes. Unlike many other printers who just assume you want H-Stakes to accompany your signs, we give you the option to include them in your order or not. If you want them, H-Stakes will help hold your sign 18 inches from the ground for maximum visibility. Made of galvanized wire, our H-Stakes are sturdy and steady, and ready to hold up your yard signs. If you don’t want them, no worries. Simply select your preference at checkout.

For Americans all across the country, nothing is more important than getting involved in the political process and voting. Custom printed yard signs are a great way for any candidate or cause to help raise awareness and secure their path to victory come election day. Plus, with discounts for the more you order, yard signs are good for both politics and your pocketbook.

Ready to get started on your custom yard sign designer? Check out our online tool now. 

Top Three Holidays for Church Banners

Churches aren’t just places for the faithful to worship – they’re also gathering places where congregants can come together and truly experience what being part of a faith community is all about.

But people are busier than ever these days, and with more things to do and more devices and experiences fighting for each person’s attention every day, it can be hard for churches and other faith-based groups to get their messages out quickly, easily, and with limited investment. This is especially true during what should be their busy time: the holiday season.

That’s where custom church banners come in.

There’s a reason we have a whole section on our website dedicated to church banners: they really work. Whether they’re hung inside your chapel to announce upcoming events or used within the community to invite people to “Come As You Are,” Church banners grab attention, inspire retention, and can help make a difference in any community. 

Though churches can find uses for banners throughout the entire year, we’ve found that there are several important holidays that seem to be really popular with our church-based customers.

So here’s our list of the top-3 holidays for church banners and how you can use them to your advantage this coming season:

Holy Week

Though it might not be as instantly recognizable as Christmas, Holy Week marks one of the busiest weeks of the year for churches of all types.

Beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Good Friday and Holy Saturday, Holy Week is one of the most popular and meaningful periods in the yearly church calendar.

But a question remains: what is the best way to let your flock know all about your upcoming Holy Week agenda?

Simple – a Holy Week Church Banner.

With Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday all included among the celebrations of Holy Week, many churches feature different services, celebrations, workshops, classes, and more during each day of this special week. That’s where banners can really come in handy.

Easily visible by all who enter your church and customizable with tons of different information about classes, traditions, and more, a Holy Week Banner is perfect for displaying what’s going on in your congregation to maximize attendance and impact. Plus, if your church enjoys the same traditions each year, Holy Week banners can easily be reused, making them even more of a bargain. 

Whether you order a banner for each individual day of Holy Week or simply announce its coming with one centrally located banner, there is no better way to celebrate this all-important yearly event than with an eye-catching banner.


Easter is not only the holiest of all Christian holidays, but it’s also one of the most popular. Many believers who may not attend Church on a regular basis do so at Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Easter is also one of the most popular holidays for church events, activities, performances, and festivals – bringing in people from not only the congregation itself, but from the community as a whole to celebrate and learn more about what makes it such a special time of year. With so much going on and many new faces in and around your church, Easter is the perfect opportunity to utilize a high-quality church banner

We have seen countless numbers of our faith-based customers use their Easter church banners to announce days and times of special services; the details of a fundraising drive; drive sign-ups for brunches – and so much more.

So, if you’re trying to get more interest in your special once-a-year Easter egg hunt, or simply want to tell the masses more about what kind of programming you have going on surrounding this special day, an Easter-themed church banner can be a powerful tool for a minimal investment.


It probably wasn’t hard for you to guess that Christmas would be on our list of top holidays for church banners, but that doesn’t make it any less important. It’s truly the reason for the holiday season.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for stores, for travel, but also for churches, which means you’ll need to get your Christmas-themed services and events out into the public’s schedule as soon as possible. That’s where banners come in.

If you’re announcing an upcoming live nativity scene, toy drive, midnight mass, or any other special event, a beautifully designed high-quality Christmas church banner is the way to go! Ensure that your flock knows exactly when and where to be this holiday season to celebrate the birth of their lord and savior.

Bonus Note: 

We know that many churches and faith organizations hold toy and food drives around the holidays to help the less fortunate. Our banners make an easy and affordable way to identify donation sites for your drive so you’re able to inspire the public to give back and support your efforts. 

Why Choose Custom Banners for Your Church?

  1. They’re affordable. Starting at just $20 for our 2×2 banner, you can find exactly the kind of size and material you’d like for your banner without breaking your budget. 
  2. They’re totally customizable. If you’ve got an in-house graphics person who can help you design your customer banner – great! Our online tool allows for a quick upload of completed art files. If you’re starting your design from scratch with just a logo – we’ve got you covered there too! Our online design tool allows you to start with a blank canvas or one of our time-tested templates. 
  3. They’re fast. Because we do all of our high-quality printing in-house, most of our banners ship in just 24 hours – meaning you’ll have your high-quality banner in-hand in no time, even if your order is last minute.
  4. They last. Unlike other types of advertisements, our high-quality banners will last season after season if stored and handled correctly. This means you can re-use your banner to get the most bang possible for your buck.

These three holidays are just a small sample of how congregations throughout the United States can use our custom high-quality church banner printing service to their advantage. Make sure you make the most out of your coming events by designing and printing you customized church banner with Printastic today! 

Ready to get started? Check out our many church banner options now.

Three Creative Ways to use Magnetic Vehicle Signs with Independent Contractors

Ask any member of the business world and they’ll tell you that things have changed more quickly over the last few years in business than ever before.

Unlike traditional employee/employer relationships, ore and more companies are finding ways to incorporate independent contractors and members of the “gig economy” into their business model to help maximize profits and pass competitive pricing on to their customers. 

A common theme among gig economy businesses is the utilization of non-company vehicles to help execute a business plan. Whether it’s home cleaners moving from job to job or local delivery routes of a major retail conglomerate, the need of businesses to utilize the vehicles of the independent contractors they employ is an essential piece of the puzzle.

But hiring and working with independent contractors while continuing to build a company and increase corporate branding is a challenge many businesses in the gig economy have faced – and the answer isn’t always easy. But at Printastic, we’ve found that the more creative you can be with your branding, the stronger your impact will be on your customer. 

In this article, we’re going to show off three creative ways gig economy businesses have utilized our awesome magnetic vehicle signs to help brand and build their business while maintaining their relationship and work with independent contractors. 

To Ask “How’s My Driving?”

If you’ve ever driven on any interstate or major road, chances are you’ve seen a semi-truck sporting a sign asking you the single most important question in the delivery business: How’s my driving?

This simple question is essential for any business that’s on the road for a variety of reasons. To start, it gives the general public a chance to interact with your brand and provide feedback as to how they think your employees are doing on the road. Secondly, it can help companies head-off any ongoing problems with unsafe or distracted drivers in their employ that management might not be aware of. 

Whether you have a company fleet of cars or trucks that you’re looking to install this all-important question on, or you simply want to attach it to your contractors who are out on the road in their own cars, using a magnetic vehicle sign to ask “how’s my driving?” can really positively impact your business.

Collect the feedback you want from others on the road without having to worry about expensive paint jobs or peeling ugly bumper stickers. Magnetic vehicle signs are truly a win-win for any business who values value and customer feedback. Plus, unlike stickers or paint jobs, magnetic vehicle signs allow you to remove your “how’s my driving” question whenever you might need to like during off-hours or special assignments.

To Equip Contractors with Company Signage

With the rise of the “gig economy” where everyday people are turning their free time and personal assets like cars, bikes, and homes into money-making ventures, the need to easily equip contractors with company swag and signage has never been higher. That’s where magnetic vehicle signs can make an affordable and easy branding device for your business.

If you’ve got employees out on the road doing anything from making deliveries to providing transportation, customized magnetic vehicle signs that sport your logo and contact information are absolutely essential to establishing corporate branding and consumer trust.

And, because of their ease of use and longevity, magnetic signs can easily be passed from vehicle to vehicle day in and day out. Much cheaper than a custom vehicle wrap or paint job, and much more professional looking than stickers or other types of signage, magnetic vehicle signs are the perfect choice for any kind of independent contractor-run business. 

To Recruit New Contractors

As we said at the opening of this article, the gig economy is bigger than ever. But, there are only so many contractors out there to fill the many gigs currently on the market right now. Recruiting is an essential part of building any business that wants to boom in the gig economy, and magnetic vehicle signs can play a big part in making that happen.

Just like using them to advertise your business, magnetic vehicle signs can be used to recruit new contractors into your company. Thanks to the generous canvass area and high-quality printing of our magnets, you can include a variety of information that will entice potential new employees including compensation details, responsibilities and hours, and, of course, contact information as to how they can apply.

Your company’s contractors are seen every day on the road by a countless amount of people – why not take advantage of this incredible audience to continue helping to build your workforce? At such a low cost, magnetic vehicle signs are truly a no brainer.

Bonus Tip: Use More Than One Sign for Maximum Impact

Vehicles on the road today, especially sport utility vehicles and trucks, offer tons of great real estate for you to display your signage – so don’t be afraid to mix and match several magnetic vehicle signs on one vehicle. This will allow you to communicate more of what you want your customers or potential new contractors to know about your business, without the high cost of other traditional advertising methods.  

Magnetic vehicle signs are one of our most popular products for a reason. They’re so easy to apply and remove, they’re incredibly versatile and can be used on just about any type of vehicle, and, best of all, they are amazingly affordable for the impact they can have on your business. 

If you’re looking for ways to build up your fleet of contractors, give your customers a way to give feedback on your business, or simply brand your business out on the road, custom magnetic vehicle signs are definitely the way to go. 

Not sure where to begin with your design? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our online template library offers hundreds of free designs that allow you to simply plug in your information and send to print. Or, if you’ve got a custom design in mind, you can either upload your own design file or use our advanced online design tool.

If you’re using magnetic vehicle signs in a fun and creative way to help build your gig-economy business, let us know in the comments below. We look forward to hearing your success stories!