How Different Industries Can Benefit from Custom Yard Signs

Whether you’ve got a marketing budget of a million dollars or more, or you don’t have any kind of marketing budget at all, custom yard signs can be a spectacular investment to help you build your customer base, get the word out about what you do, and add a bit of professionalism to every job you contract.

Exceptionally affordable and durable, our yard signs can be customized to reflect any kind of marketing message or logo, and, thanks to our templates and online designer, you can have a professionally designed yard sign completed, printed, and on its way to you in just about no time. 

We know that businesses and services of all kinds can benefit from adding yard signs to their marketing repertoire, and today we’re going to discuss just how powerful they can be for a variety of vocations. If you’re a small business owner, a skilled tradesman, or a service provider, we bet you’ll find whatever you do on the list below. 

Indoor Workers: Contractors

Talk to any person who owns a home and they will tell you: finding a reliable, reasonable, and recommended general contractor to do work around the house can be one of the biggest chores imaginable. Outside of word of mouth or trusting website reviews, finding a legitimate contractor among a group of amateur do-it-yourselfers can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But contractors who stand behind their work and are looking to build up their customer base can do so easily with customized yard signs. 

Because much of the work a general contractor will do in a home or a commercial building takes place in the interior, it’s often not easy to advertise your business to the masses. However, using a lawn sign to announce where you’re doing work and your contact information can help communicate your information to all interested parties in a tactful, professional, and low-cost way. 

Vehicle wraps can be expensive, and advertising campaigns with mailers or television commercials can blow your whole budget. But, the simplicity of a yard sign placed in the lawn of wherever you and your crew are doing work this week can help you make a big splash time and time again.

If you’re a neighborhood general contractor and you want to get the word out about the great work you do, customized lawn signs are definitely the way to go.

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including handyman, electricians, plumbers, HVAC service companies, and more! 

Service Providers: Window Washers

We’ve blogged in the past about why window washers and yard signs are a perfect match, so we won’t go into it in too much detail here. However, it’s important to remember that window cleaning is such a specialized service, that people may not even be aware they need it until they’re reminded it’s out there.

For window cleaners, customized yard signs can be used not only to promote your specific company but to also spread awareness about window cleaning as a service. The more people you can remind that professional and affordable window cleaners are in their neighborhood, the more potential customers will be taking a closer look at the glass in their home and deciding to pick up the phone. It’s truly a win-win situation.

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including home cleaners, carpet and floor cleaning companies, gutter cleaners, and more! 

Outdoor Workers: Roofers

While contractors, plumbers, and electricians tend to work inside the home, roofers are one of the few home services that operate solely on the outside – and this is yet another aspect of your work that you can use to your favor! When a work crew is outside of a house, it grabs attention from neighbors, passing cars, and pedestrians – and you couldn’t ask for a better introduction to your business.

But, unless you’re prepared to stop your work and offer each interested party who passes by a business card, your potential for counting them among future customers is all but lost. That’s where yard signs come in. 

While your work may be grabbing their attention, it’s the yard sign that will let them know who you are and how to contact you. This is the kind of information that is essential to gathering new business right in the same neighborhood – increasing your revenue and footprint in the communities you want to be in. Plus, when the job is done, you can remove the yard sign and reuse it next time – helping to create that essential brand repetition you need to become a household name. 

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including gardeners and landscapers, lawn and sprinkler services, cement laying companies, fencing companies, and more. 

As you can see from our list, there is virtually no type of industry that won’t benefit from the use of customized yard signs as part of their marketing efforts. To get started designing yours, check out our Yard Signs page for more information and our online design tool! It’s as easy as can be to start using lawn signs today.

Tips for Starting Your Custom Vinyl Banner Design the Right Way

On our blog, we’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about one of our favorite products: vinyl banners. That’s because, not only are vinyl banners exceptionally affordable and can be used in just about any situation, but they’re also incredibly effective at grabbing your potential customer’s attention and keeping it – wherever the banner is hung. 

When it comes to banners, we’ve talked about the importance of choosing the right material for your custom vinyl banner and the best way to hang your banner both inside and outside. We’ve covered how double-sided banners can be the perfect choice for the right situation and how wholesale banners can give you the best bang for your marketing buck.

Today, we’re going to cover something a little different, but trust us: if you’re in the market for banners for your business or group, you’ll want to read on.

Today, we’re talking all about the right way to start your banner design to grab your customer’s attention and keep it! 

Starting Your Design: Size

Designing a custom vinyl banner is just like designing any other piece of marketing material. You have to think of exactly what you’d like to say, how you want to say it, and find the best way to fit it into the medium you’re working with.

When it comes to vinyl banners, our selection of different sizes – from 2×2 to 10×50 – gives you as much flexibility as you need to get your design as large and as visible as possible. 

So, when you’re starting your design and thinking about grabbing the attention of your customers, think about size first. If you pick the right size for your space, you’ll be much more apt to grab and keep attention. 

Starting Your Design: Logo

Your logo is an essential part of your business and should be included in just about every marketing effort you make – and banners are no different. Including your logo will help not only grab attention but also with brand recognition – which has shown to be one of the most important factors driving consumer choice in the market today. 

When you’re deciding on how to put together the best banner design for your business, be sure to make your logo front and center in what you do. Your customers will love you, and recognize you, for it. 

Starting Your Design: Colors

Chances are if you’ve had a professional logo made for your company, you also have an idea of what kind of colors work best for your business. And while there are many colors that, according to conventional wisdom, are perennial winners in the attention-grabbing category like red and green, we think a significant splash of ANY color will do as long as it is used correctly in your design.

So, when you’re going back and forth on how to make your design look the best it possibly can, considering using a significant amount of color to make yourselves stand out. White writing with a black background just isn’t as exciting as bright, bold, and beautiful colors.

Starting Your Design: Messaging 

Very few people will stop to read or retain the information in a very busy banner. And though we can make banners of many different sizes, it’s always best to use the space to get your message across as simply as possible.

Whatever message you want to get out via your banner, figure out the best way to say in just a few words or statements and your banner will have a bigger impact. Remember: less is more!

Starting Your Design: Images

There’s a reason the old adage says that pictures are worth 1,000 words – it’s true! 

No matter how concise and direct your messaging is, no words will ever compare to the power of pictures. If you have high-quality images of what you do or what you’d like to sell, it doesn’t hurt to include them in your banner design as an extra attention-grabber. People like to know what to expect before making a purchase or attending an event – so give them what they want! 

When you arrange pictures in a tasteful way, it can make all the difference in your banner design. 

Starting Your Design: Use a Template

Sure, there are some simple rules for getting your banner design started the right way, but why start things from scratch if you don’t have to?

At Printastic, we pride ourselves on offering one of the best libraries of templates anywhere in the printing business – and they’re all free for you to use. 

No matter what your industry or your banner’s purpose, we’re sure that you’ll find something you’ll love. And, these templates are plug and play, which means you can upload your logo, change the colors, and in just a few short minutes, you’ve got a fully customized banner ready to go.

If you’re ready to get your banner project off the ground, start with our online design tool and template library. We’d love to help you design something spectacular!