Why Yard Signs Work for Real Estate Agents

For most of the United States, it seems like the dog days of summer couldn’t be further away than they are now. Snow is on the ground, temperatures are flirting with single digits, and the days seem to only last as long as the sun can stand the cold.

But, believe it or not, now is the best time to start planning for the coming spring and summer season if you’re a business owner – and if you’re a real estate agent, broker, or home buyer, this expediated timeline holds especially true. 

It’s no secret that, in the world of real estate, the months of May to August are by far the busiest and most successful for home buying and selling. The warming temperatures, school breaks, and summer activities make it an ideal time for listing and buying houses and other pieces of real property – and real estate agents know that a strong four months in May-August can make or break their entire fiscal year.

But promoting yourself or your agency isn’t always easy in your community. The market is crowded with other agents and brokers, and big national brands are moving ever closer to dominating even the smaller markets across the country. It seems, year after year, you must work even harder to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Don’t we already use signs?

Real estate agents have always used signage as part of their marketing strategy – but the big, bulky wooden signs that we’ve seen adorn many front lawns in just about every community in the United States are not only expensive, but they’re also a pain to install, move, and remove. Many times, you have to pay someone to do so.

In this post, we’re going to show you how our durable, affordable, and fully customizable lawn signs can easily replace your more traditional wooden real estate signs and result in better exposure and performance out there in the market – all while lowering your marketing spend!

Location, Location, Location

It’s been said that the three most important words in real estate are location, location, location, and not only does this apply to property, it also applies to your signage.

With traditional real estate signs, you can only really place them on the front lawn – hardly ideal for maximum exposure. When you utilize customized lawn signs as part of your marketing push, your contact information can be placed just about anywhere on the property: the curb, the garden, the corner – almost anywhere. With this flexibility, you can dispatch multiple signs on just about any piece of property you’re selling – resulting in consistent exposure and brand retention. 

The Bottom Line

Anyone who has been in the real estate game for any amount of time knows that replacing those custom wooden signs can be expensive and troublesome. They’re not always easy to order, and they don’t quite hold up to the elements as well as we’d all like – especially for the money. In short: they can be a real pain to work with.

But all of the pain points described above for more traditional real estate signs go away the minute you choose to go with custom yard signs for your real estate business. The cost is low, the designing and ordering can literally be done in a matter of minutes, and our durable corrugated plastic material is both weather and UV proof for outdoor use – giving you up to two years of use on each sign that you order. 

What also makes our customizable yard signs a great value is that the more you order, the cheaper the price. Meaning you can order multiple kinds of signs for multiple situations and you’ll still be under budget.

Easily Share Other Essential Messages

For real estate agents and brokers, it’s not just your contact information that you want to share. Sometimes, you want to inform people of an upcoming open house or auction, or even provide wayfinding directions from a main street to the house or building you’re selling. Fully customizable yard signs can help here too. 

No matter which message you need to communicate or why, you can easily design an inexpensive, high-quality, reusable yard sign to make sure any and all potential customers are made aware of the marketing message you’re trying to communicate. 

The busiest months of the real estate calendar are quickly approaching, and if you’re planning to make 2020 one of your strongest years on record, incorporating fully customizable yard signs into your real estate marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to get a leg up on your competition. 

Start your design now with our free online design tool or upload your completed artwork now – you will have signs in hand before the weather even begins to break with our super fast shipping! 

Three Reasons Why Custom Vehicle Magnets Beat Vehicle Wraps For Advertising Your Business

Whether you operate your own business or use your personal car for your job, chances are you’ve thought about the best way to utilize all of that prime real estate that your vehicle provides.

Every day when you’re out on the road going from job to job, you pass thousands of potential customers who might not even know they need your service until it’s right in front of them. That’s where advertising your business on your vehicle can really be a difference-maker – and one definitely worth exploring.

Where To Start

If you’re considering advertising your business on your vehicle, there are really only two professional options to consider – the first of which is a full vehicle wrap. Chances are you seen these on the road: they’re big, eye-catching, and turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard for your business. On the flip side, they’re also expensive and very difficult to remove should your situation change.

Your other option when it comes to advertising your business on your car is high-quality custom vehicle magnets. Exceptionally affordable, exquisitely customizable, and all-around easy to use and keep clean, custom vehicle magnets look great on any type or size of car or truck. And, unlike vehicle wraps, custom vehicle magnets are not permanent and can be moved every single time there used.

In this post, we’re going to look at three different reasons why if you’re considering using your car to advertise your business, custom vehicle magnets are the way to go.

Reason #1: Cost

So much in business depends on one thing: the bottom line. So when it comes to spending your advertising dollars in the most efficient and effective way possible, you should always consider cost before making a choice.

When you compare vehicle wraps and custom vehicle magnets by cost, there really isn’t even a comparison. A full custom vehicle wrap can not only cost in the thousands to apply, but you also have to consider design costs which, to fit your vehicle correctly, can be very expensive.

When it comes to the cost of custom vehicle magnets, it’s a totally different story. Custom vehicle magnets are exceptionally affordable and will cost you far less than a custom vehicle wrap. Plus, because they are so low cost, you can outfit an entire feet fleet of vehicles for 1/10 of what it would cost for a custom wrap job on just one car.

When it comes to comparing costs between custom vehicle magnets and a custom vehicle wrap, there is no comparison: custom vehicle magnets win every time.

Reason #2: Ease-of-Use

One of the biggest problems with custom wrapping on a vehicle is that it’s there just about forever. You cannot take the wrap off if you want to use the vehicle for personal reasons, and you can’t take it off if you’re making a non-business trip or if you want your driver to remain anonymous. This can cause quite a problem especially for independent contractors or small business owners who don’t necessarily want to take their business with them everywhere they go.

One of the best parts about custom vehicle magnets is that you can use them wherever and whenever you want to – and not in any place you don’t. Because they are simply magnets, they can attach to your vehicle and be removed just as easily – meaning you can use them during business hours and business trips, and remove them when you just wat be a person in a car.

Plus, if anything should ever happen to your business or anything should change in your marketing like a rebrand, rename, or refocus, all you have to do is change out the magnet and you are current with your branding and mission. By comparison, once a vehicle is wrapped, it’s going to stay that way unless you want to go undergo an expensive removal process.

Because they’re easy to use, easy to remove, and easy to change out depending on circumstances, a custom vehicle magnet is a much more flexible way to display your business information and logo on a car.

Reason #3: Artwork

A custom vehicle wrap on your vehicle can be a very expensive proposition. First, you need to establish and design the artwork that you want to feature, and then you need to have it rendered to fit on your specific vehicle. Then, as if that wasn’t enough cost, the artwork has to be physically applied to the vehicle by a professional who knows what they’re doing. All of this adds up to thousands of dollars per vehicle and a big chunk of your marketing budget.

When you order a custom vehicle magnet from Printastic, we provide you with all of the tools you need to get a fantastic professional looking design without any of the costs associated with hiring an art department or custom fabricator. If you’ve got a logo you like, you can upload it to our easy to use design tool and incorporate it into one of our professional templates. Or, you could use our designer and create something from scratch – all at no additional cost to you.

We take all of the guesswork and cost out of the design phase of the custom vehicle magnet process, saving you time and money, and helping to guarantee you spectacular results. Compare that with the expensive custom vehicle wrap process, and again, there is truly no comparison. Custom vehicle magnets are the right choice for you.

No matter what industry you’re in or the customer population you serve, there has never been a more competitive time for business. Everywhere we look, from our computers to our cell phones to the side of the road, there are advertisements for every single service imaginable. When you’re trying to decide how to best use your vehicle in pursuit of building and promoting your business, there is no doubt that custom vehicle magnets can do more for your business with less of your budget than any kind of customer vehicle wrap job on the market.

Whether you outfit in one vehicle or an entire fleet, custom vehicle magnets are a great way to put your name and your business in front of countless new customers every time you take to the road.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and browse all of our awesome templates and even play around with our designer to see what you can come up with for your custom vehicle magnet.

Ready to get started? Click here to start designing!