Best Industries for Custom Magnetic Vehicle Signs: Residential Home Cleaning

Whether it’s with our custom banners, yard signs, or magnetic vehicle signs, we’re always amazed at how many different companies in vastly different industries find creative and impactful ways to use our visual marketing tools to their advantage.

From churches to colleges, restaurants to retirement homes, we’re proud that our high-quality printed materials are out in the marketplace helping to drive business and increase consumer awareness.

This wealth of customers and industries is exactly what inspired us to start this new series on the Printastic Banner Blog: Best Industries for Custom Magnetic Vehicle Signs.

We realized that many of our customers are entrepreneurs or small business owners who are looking for competitive advantages in some of the most popular and crowded marketplaces in the country. So, we thought it would be helpful to take one of our most popular products, custom magnetic vehicle signs, and show how they can be used to not only help a business but also to transform an industry.

In this post, we’re going to be focusing on one of the most surprising and fast-growing industries in the United States: Residential Home Cleaning. 

An Industry of Growth

From sole proprietors who do all of the work themselves to large national corporations that have hundreds of employees, the home cleaning industry is way bigger than you might think. In 2015, there were approximately 875,000 cleaning businesses in the U.S., and since then that number has no-doubt grown every day. 

Home cleaning isn’t just a luxury service anymore – in fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing sectors in the service industry. Not only are new businesses and contractors popping up all of the time, but so too are new customers – and they come from all walks of life. 

A recent article in the Minnesota Star Tribune shows that Millenials, one of the most important consumer categories to businesses of all sizes, are hiring housekeepers and home cleaners like never before – and businesses are ready to cash in. A crowded market place is about to get even more new players.

Standing Out from the Crowd

One of the biggest challenges in any crowded marketplace like home cleaning is distinguishing yourself from your competition – and the cleaning industry is no different. Companies new and old are asking themselves how to get their name, and the name of their cleaning business, in front of the most people possible without spending a five or six-digit marketing budget doing so.

Luckily, in this case, the answer is easy: utilize the folks you already have on the road by equipping them with custom magnetic vehicle signs. 

Build Trust Without Tearing Down Your Budget

Whether you’ve structured your company with true employees who work on an hourly basis, or you’re paying 1099 independent contractors to use their own equipment and vehicles, the opportunity to spread the word about your cleaning business using magnetic vehicle signs couldn’t be easier.

Here are three easy steps to help you get started in taking your home cleaning business to the next level with custom magnetic vehicle signs:

Design It 

It doesn’t matter if you have a graphic design degree or haven’t picked up a pencil in the past, custom magnetic vehicle signs are incredibly easy to design. All you have to do is pick exactly which size magnet is right for you and use our simple online design tool to either create a design from scratch, use one of our beautiful templates, or upload your completed design file. Whatever works best for your company works great for us.

Order It

Not only do we pride ourselves on offering some of the highest quality and most durable magnetic vehicle signs on the market today, but we also are proud to bring them to our customers at an incredibly competitive price that fits in just about any budget.

Staring at just $30 for a single sign, with volume discounts for those looking to equip their whole fleet, you can order exactly what’s right for you and your company right now – and order additional matching signs at any time. We’ll make sure you always get the best quality each and every time you order with us. 

Watch It Grow

Our magnetic vehicle signs are so easy to use and so affordable for consumers, we don’t even have a step three to this process. Your step three is watching your vehicle signs positively impact your business by helping to spread the word about your company and bring in new customers.

Plus, when you or your employee pulls up to a customer’s residence properly equipped with magnetic signage, you’ll build trust by showing that you’re a real professional business and not just a hobbyist who won’t do the job well. It’s truly a win-win all around. 

Residential Home Cleaning and Custom Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Whether you’re just getting into the residential home cleaning game or you’re looking to build on many years of business success, magnetic vehicle signs can truly be a boon to your business.

Professional, long-lasting, and exceptionally affordable for just about any budget, you can make the most out of your fleet by introducing a customized magnetic vehicle sign for your cleaning business.

If you’re ready to get started helping build your home cleaning business with high-quality vehicle signs, click here.