Celebrate Easter at Your Church with Custom Banners

Though it seems like we’ve only just gotten over the hustle and bustle of celebrating Christmas and the New Year, one of the most important holidays for Christians across the planet, Easter, is just about a month away. Time is truly flying by.

And though we’ve written briefly before about how custom banners can help churches everywhere announce their Easter plans, maximize turnout at Easter events, and make this joyous holiday truly special, we’ve put together some additional ideas how you can use our custom banners to get the most out of one of the holiest holidays on the entire church calendar.

These ideas are based on some real-life examples we’ve seen from our customers across the United States, so don’t be shy about incorporating them into your Easter plans this year.

Use Custom Banners to Announce When and Where Your Easter Services Will Be

Whether your congregation simply hosts one meaningful service on Easter Sunday morning, or you’ve got a full week of inspirational events to help celebrate the resurrection of Christ, an easily visible banner posted either inside of your church, outside where the public can see it, or both, is one of the best ways to get the word out about all you’ll be doing to celebrate the holiday this year. 

A Sunrise Service, a Midnight Mass, or any other special event you’re planning to host around the holiday is sure to be something no one in your congregation or community are going to want to miss – and a custom banner is a wonderful and easy way to help get the word out about all of your services and events this year without overspending your budget.

Use Custom Banners for Fundraisers

Many churches use the Easter holiday to help promote one of Jesus’ most important lessons: helping others. Whether it’s a food drive, a charity fundraiser, or a warm meal for those less fortunate, this kind of effort to help others is only as successful as the number of people who get involved and make them happen.

If your church is hosting a special fundraiser or charitable event this year, using a custom banner to help spread the word about your good works can help make whatever effort you undertake more successfully than ever before. And, when you hang your custom banner outside for the general public to see, you can help others get involved who may not already be part of your house of worship – helping to spread the word about the great work you as a congregation do. 

Use Banners to Tell Families About Fun Events 

Not only is Easter a very important holiday when it comes to religious observance, but it’s also a holiday that is steeped in family fun. Kids look forward all year to Easter Egg hunts, brunches and special meals, crafts and fairs, and so much more. And since the lifeblood of churches across the country is young families, there has perhaps never been a more important time to make sure everyone in your congregation knows about the fun and exciting events you’ve got coming up in your church. 

Plus, since many churches host the same events each year to celebrate the Easter season, whatever custom banner you buy can be used over and over each year – allowing you to get the most out of any custom banner you purchase. 

Last Minute? Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered

Like we said at the beginning of this post, Easter is just around the corner. And though you may think you’re too late to order anything that will make it to you in time for the holiday – we’re here to show you otherwise. At Printastic, we pride ourselves on not only offering top-quality products to churches and community organizations for fair prices but also on our ability to have things printed and shipped as quickly as possible for our customers. 

When you order a banner during normal business hours, we’ll print it in-house and ship it out to you the very next day – no long production times, no three weeks of waiting. We offer these convenient shipping options because we want our customers to receive and enjoy their custom banners with plenty of time to display them for all to see. Plus, our library of thousands of custom pre-set designs makes designing the perfect banner in minutes a reality – even for those without any design skills. 

At Printastic, we’re all about getting you exactly what you want quickly and affordably – which is how we remain one of the best-reviewed custom banner companies in the industry. 

If you’re ready to get started designing and ordering your custom Easter banners, don’t wait another second. Check out our incredibly easy-to-use Easter template library and have fun celebrating one of the holiest days of the year!

Top Three Holidays for Church Banners

Churches aren’t just places for the faithful to worship – they’re also gathering places where congregants can come together and truly experience what being part of a faith community is all about.

But people are busier than ever these days, and with more things to do and more devices and experiences fighting for each person’s attention every day, it can be hard for churches and other faith-based groups to get their messages out quickly, easily, and with limited investment. This is especially true during what should be their busy time: the holiday season.

That’s where custom church banners come in.

There’s a reason we have a whole section on our website dedicated to church banners: they really work. Whether they’re hung inside your chapel to announce upcoming events or used within the community to invite people to “Come As You Are,” Church banners grab attention, inspire retention, and can help make a difference in any community. 

Though churches can find uses for banners throughout the entire year, we’ve found that there are several important holidays that seem to be really popular with our church-based customers.

So here’s our list of the top-3 holidays for church banners and how you can use them to your advantage this coming season:

Holy Week

Though it might not be as instantly recognizable as Christmas, Holy Week marks one of the busiest weeks of the year for churches of all types.

Beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Good Friday and Holy Saturday, Holy Week is one of the most popular and meaningful periods in the yearly church calendar.

But a question remains: what is the best way to let your flock know all about your upcoming Holy Week agenda?

Simple – a Holy Week Church Banner.

With Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday all included among the celebrations of Holy Week, many churches feature different services, celebrations, workshops, classes, and more during each day of this special week. That’s where banners can really come in handy.

Easily visible by all who enter your church and customizable with tons of different information about classes, traditions, and more, a Holy Week Banner is perfect for displaying what’s going on in your congregation to maximize attendance and impact. Plus, if your church enjoys the same traditions each year, Holy Week banners can easily be reused, making them even more of a bargain. 

Whether you order a banner for each individual day of Holy Week or simply announce its coming with one centrally located banner, there is no better way to celebrate this all-important yearly event than with an eye-catching banner.


Easter is not only the holiest of all Christian holidays, but it’s also one of the most popular. Many believers who may not attend Church on a regular basis do so at Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Easter is also one of the most popular holidays for church events, activities, performances, and festivals – bringing in people from not only the congregation itself, but from the community as a whole to celebrate and learn more about what makes it such a special time of year. With so much going on and many new faces in and around your church, Easter is the perfect opportunity to utilize a high-quality church banner

We have seen countless numbers of our faith-based customers use their Easter church banners to announce days and times of special services; the details of a fundraising drive; drive sign-ups for brunches – and so much more.

So, if you’re trying to get more interest in your special once-a-year Easter egg hunt, or simply want to tell the masses more about what kind of programming you have going on surrounding this special day, an Easter-themed church banner can be a powerful tool for a minimal investment.


It probably wasn’t hard for you to guess that Christmas would be on our list of top holidays for church banners, but that doesn’t make it any less important. It’s truly the reason for the holiday season.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for stores, for travel, but also for churches, which means you’ll need to get your Christmas-themed services and events out into the public’s schedule as soon as possible. That’s where banners come in.

If you’re announcing an upcoming live nativity scene, toy drive, midnight mass, or any other special event, a beautifully designed high-quality Christmas church banner is the way to go! Ensure that your flock knows exactly when and where to be this holiday season to celebrate the birth of their lord and savior.

Bonus Note: 

We know that many churches and faith organizations hold toy and food drives around the holidays to help the less fortunate. Our banners make an easy and affordable way to identify donation sites for your drive so you’re able to inspire the public to give back and support your efforts. 

Why Choose Custom Banners for Your Church?

  1. They’re affordable. Starting at just $20 for our 2×2 banner, you can find exactly the kind of size and material you’d like for your banner without breaking your budget. 
  2. They’re totally customizable. If you’ve got an in-house graphics person who can help you design your customer banner – great! Our online tool allows for a quick upload of completed art files. If you’re starting your design from scratch with just a logo – we’ve got you covered there too! Our online design tool allows you to start with a blank canvas or one of our time-tested templates. 
  3. They’re fast. Because we do all of our high-quality printing in-house, most of our banners ship in just 24 hours – meaning you’ll have your high-quality banner in-hand in no time, even if your order is last minute.
  4. They last. Unlike other types of advertisements, our high-quality banners will last season after season if stored and handled correctly. This means you can re-use your banner to get the most bang possible for your buck.

These three holidays are just a small sample of how congregations throughout the United States can use our custom high-quality church banner printing service to their advantage. Make sure you make the most out of your coming events by designing and printing you customized church banner with Printastic today! 

Ready to get started? Check out our many church banner options now.