Our Guide to Removing Stickers and Decals with Ease

Vinyl stickers and decals are like billboards on the go. They’re fully customizable for any size and surface, and will help show off your marketing message, logo, or branding in unique ways on unique spaces. And like their bigger, highway-adjacent billboard brethren, there comes a time when stickers or decals need to be removed in order to clear up space for something new. That’s where this article comes in.

Removing stickers and decals may not seem like the easiest job in the world, but with this guide to removing stickers and decals with ease, you’ll be a pro at saving your surface and peeling your Printastic stickers in no time.

But before we get into the how-to of removing stickers and decals, let’s first cover the types of sticker products we offer. Remember: knowing what kind of substance and surface you’re working with will help you more easily remove your decals and stickers.

Types of Vinyl Stickers

3-Year Vinyl Stickers

Chance are, if you need a sticker or decal, it’ll be printed on our durable and beautiful 3-year vinyl. The perfect mix of economical pricing and long-lasting durability, our 3-Year Vinyl Stickers will look great thanks to the weatherproof gloss vinyl and our unbeatable high-quality printing.

5-Year Reflective Vinyl Stickers

If you’re looking for a sticker material that will not only look great, but has excellent reflective qualities, our speciality 5-year 3M Reflective Vinyl is the perfect choice. Available with optional lamination and custom shape finish, these fully customizable stickers will look great for an entire half-decade!

8-Year Laminated Vinyl Stickers

Stickers printed on our 8-Year Vinyl are just about as durable as they come. Laminated for exceptional outdoor durability, the 8-year stickers are ideal for locations that have a lot of traffic and face a variety of weather factors.

Though all of the above sticker materials have their different benefits and they are all made to last, we’re confident you’ll be able to remove them when the time comes with our guide below.

How to Remove Vinyl Stickers or Decals

So you’re stuck with a sticker or decal that you want to remove but you aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry: We’ve got the go-to guide for removing your stickers right here.

Remember: Though we’re sure the steps listed below are going to help you get your surface sticker-free, no two decals or placements are the same, and many factors can add to your sticker’s stubbornness to be removed. Different surfaces may require different methods, strategies, or timelines when it comes to sticker removal, so be sure to take a step back and a few deep breaths if you find yourself getting frustrated. When removing stickers or decals, your patience will always be rewarded.

Consider, too, the amount of time your sticker has been stuck on a surface. The more time a sticker has spent somewhere, the bigger the challenge will be to remove it.

Get the Elbow Grease Going

In the world of sticker and decal removal, and most everywhere else for that matter, nothing beats a little inspiration and perspiration. Believe it or not, most sticker removers find themselves ultimately successful simply by starting at a corner and peeling the sticker back slow and steady. This is especially effective on smooth, flat surfaces like windows and other glass panes.

But, don’t think you need to go at it with your fingers alone. Flat tools like a ruler, credit card, and even sturdy cardstock can be used between the sticker and the surface to help accelerate removal.  The goal here is to get the sticker to remove in one piece so there is less to clean up, and calling in the help of an instrument to help you in that task may get you to the finish line quicker than you ever thought possible.

Turn Up the Heat

If you weren’t able to remove the sticker all in one go, or are having trouble getting a corner or edge started to begin the peeling process, a little bit of heat may be just what the doctor ordered. Applying the warm air from a hair dryer or the warmth from a microwavable heating pad will help loosen the glue used to keep the sticker stuck, and make removal of even the most stubborn parts of the sticker easier. Be sure not to use any kind of heat source that might be dangerous to you or damaging to the surface that you’re trying to remove the sticker from.

Leave No Trace

With the combination of manual peeling labor and the magic of heat, you should be able to remove just about any sticker or decal no matter how difficult it may be. However, though all of your actual sticker may have come off of your surface, oftentimes there are bits and pieces of vinyl and adhesive left behind. Not to worry – we can help you with that little headache too!

Though there are items on the market specifically designed to remove this “Goo,” we’re confident that some warm soapy water or even rubbing alcohol will help you get the job done correctly. Just be sure to be gentle when doing your final cleanup as we don’t want you damaging your new clean, stickerless surface.

Like we said at the beginning of this guide: not all stickers or decals are built the same. But as a marketing tool, their versatility and diversity makes them truly unbeatable. If you need a unique way to get the word out about your business, but sure to check out the many vinyl sticker and decal options we offer here at Printastic. Now that you know how to take stickers off, don’t you think it’s time you put some on?