Custom Banners for Car Dealerships

For the better part of the past century, one of the most quintessential American businesses has been car dealerships. Whether selling the latest and greatest models from the Big Three or introducing brands and benefits from other parts of the world, customers continue to flock to dealerships to test drive, trade-in, and upgrade their vehicles.

But despite a banner (pun intended) year in 2019, with new car sales in the United States topping 1 billion dollars according to the National Automobile Dealers Association, dealerships everywhere have the ever-increasing challenge of attracting new customers, communicating their specials, and putting new cars in the driveways of people and families across this country.

Dealerships and car salespeople attempt to accomplish this in a variety of ways. Many spend a majority of their advertising budget on television commercials – but with more than 30% of American households dropping traditional TV service, commercials have little impact on the buying public.

Some marketing departments try newspaper or magazine ads – but their subscription trends are also falling at an alarming rate. 

So, for dealerships across the country, one seemingly simple marketing question remains: how do you distance yourselves from the competition, grab the attention of the marketplace, and, most importantly, use your budget as wisely as we possibly can?

Well, we’ve got a banner answer for you:

Banners for Auto Dealerships

Banners are one of the most versatile marketing products on the market today, and their ease and convenience of use simply can’t be overstated. This is what makes them perfect for auto dealerships of all types and sizes.

Banners are affordable, reusable, easy to install, and most importantly, work well to help grab customers’ attention and communicate your marketing message in just a few short seconds.

We’ve worked with dealerships across the United States, and we’ve seen what kind of custom banners have the biggest impact for their businesses.

Here is a short list of a few ways we’ve seen our customers utilize custom banners for their car sales business, and bring in new customers and sales that they hadn’t seen before.

Announce Seasonal Sales or Specials

This one seems like the most obvious but it’s also the most powerful. Let your customers know when a sale is on!

It seems like car dealerships are always running some kind of special, and it’s important that your customers know when it’s the best time to buy. From Labor Day sales to Tax Day celebrations, your specials are the lifeblood of your business – and can be a very lucrative time for your bottom line. This is where custom banners can really impact your business.

Using banners on the inside and outside of your business to announce an upcoming or current promotion is an inexpensive but powerful way to give your customers that insider knowledge that if they come in now, they’ll get the best deal possible. Plus, as an added benefit, our banners are high quality and durable, which means you can run the same sale or promotion year after year without having to purchase brand new promotional material.

No matter at which holiday or time of year your customers will save the most, make them feel like they’re getting the best deal by announcing it loud and clear via a custom banner. 

Feature Your Financing Options

Not all car dealerships are built quite the same, and not all financing is either. Customers are smart, and in today’s market, they do their research. They always want to ensure they are getting the best deal possible when they part with their hard-earned cash. Many dealerships provide this by passing along the savings to their customers via low financing rates and waived fees.

If your dealership makes deals by giving your customers a little something extra in the financing department, it’s time you let them know about it. Use a customized banner to announce your current APR rates or special interest financing. For the well-researched and versed customer out there, this will bring them one step closer to choosing you as their dealership of choice and putting a new car in their driveway. 

Invite Customers to Come Test Drive

In sales, there is no more powerful way to close the deal than to ask for your customers business – and car dealerships are no different. But with car sales, you have the benefit of letting your customers get behind the wheel of the car of their dreams and letting the fine machine sell itself.

Using a banner to invite new customers in to test drive your vehicles gives even just casual shoppers a reason to stop in and browse. More often than not, these kinds of “lurker” customers have been eyeing a certain vehicle for quite a while but never really had a good reason to stop in and check them out. When you put up a banner that invites them to come in and test drive, they’ll have found all the excuse they need. 

Announce Awards or Dates of Significance

Did your dealership win an award from the Chamber of Commerce? Or maybe you’ve been serving the same city of 25 years? No matter what competitive advantage your business has, it’s time you show it off to your customers using a custom banner.

While this might not be a “direct marketing tactic,” this kind of brand-awareness marketing can be a really powerful way to keep your business top-of-mind for those who live in your community.

So remember, if you don’t sell yourself, nobody will. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your accomplishments with a custom banner.

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, there are over 16,700 car dealerships in the United States alone – how are you going to make yourself stand out from the pack?

Don’t waste time with expensive ad campaigns or glossy paper prints that are just going to be thrown away. Instead, invest in custom banners for your automobile business and start seeing the returns you want for a fraction of the investment. 

To start designing your custom banners for your dealership, browse our banner page.