Custom Vehicle Magnets for Pharmacies that Deliver

Pharmacies are one of the most important and competitive businesses in the United States. Almost every family, in one way or another, depends on the medication and supplies they get at their local pharmacy to help them live their best lives. 

With many huge multi-national corporations getting into the pharmacy game, one competitive advantage small, independent, and family pharmacies can offer is delivery. For many customers, including seniors, a pharmacy offering delivery can be the very reason they choose a specific pharmacy for their pharmacological needs and remain a loyal customer. 

But offering delivery isn’t just a great way for a pharmacy to serve their current customers, it can also be a powerful way to recruit new ones. That’s where custom vehicle magnets come in.

Utilizing custom vehicle magnets on all of your delivery vehicles can be a low-cost, highly effective way to help get the word out about your business and the services you offer. As mobile billboards, your vehicles are in and around the neighborhoods you serve every day – why not use these miles you’re already driving as a low-cost advertising opportunity? 

It’s truly a win-win for pharmacies of all sizes. 

Ordering Custom Vehicle Magnets for Your Pharmacy Delivery Vehicles is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Once you’ve decided to add custom vehicle magnets to your fleet of pharmacy delivery cars and trucks, getting them in-hand and on the road is as easy as one, two three.

One: Find the perfect size and design

Just like no two pharmacies or pharmacy service companies are built the same, the same is true for your needs when it comes to vehicle magnets. Depending on the types of vehicles in your fleet and their size, you can choose exactly the right size of magnet that is right for you. 

For most passenger cars like sedans and coupes, we always recommend our standard 12×18 or 12×24 custom vehicle magnets. These standard sizes will not only fit your passenger car very well but will also provide ample space for you to advertise your business and get the word out about all of the services you offer. 

If you’ve got pick-up trucks in your fleet that sport slightly bigger doors than the passenger cars mentioned above, we recommend 12×24, 18×18, or 18×24-sized custom vehicle magnets. Taking full advantage of most truck’s larger surface area, these sizes are pre-selected to fit most types of trucks on the road. However, always be sure to measure and select the perfect size for your truck before ordering. 

Many pharmacies use vans and larger vehicles for business and delivery – but don’t worry, we’ve got them covered too. Our 12×36, 12×48, 18×36, 18×48, 24×24, 24×36, and 24×48 magnets are designed with larger vehicles in mind – turning your fleet of vans or larger trucks into beautiful branded delivery vehicles.

Two: Create an eye-catching design

Once you’ve measured and selected the perfect size for your custom vehicle magnets, the next step is to decide on a design that works just right for your business. And because we deal with businesses of all sizes and types, we’ve made it as easy as possible to get design results you’ll love – even if you don’t have any graphic design experience. Choose from the three great options below:

Upload a fully completed sign design

If you’ve got everything you need in-house to create a spectacular design for your custom vehicle sign, then your work is done! Simply create a design on any inhouse design program like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign and upload it in a variety of formats right to our website. To make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it, we’ll send you a proof file before your design goes to print.

Use one of our already established templates

Our customers love us not only because we provide high-quality printing at fantastic prices, but also because we have one of the best template libraries in the business that is free to use! Simply search through many of the different templates we offer until you find one you like. You can edit in your own information, like phone number and logo, and in just a few short minutes you have a state-of-the-art magnet design that makes you look professional and proud. 

Use our online designer

If you like the idea of designing your own custom vehicle magnet but don’t have the proper software, then we’ve got you covered. Our sophisticated and easy to use online design software allows you to create any sign that your imagination can make – and even include your own logo and images. It can be a lot of fun to play around and get exactly what you like for your design – so we always encourage our customers to get creative on our online designer! 

Three: Order your sign and start enjoying right away

We know how impossible it can be to wait for something you really want, which is why we’ve made fast shipping part of the Printastic experience.

Once you hit the order button, your magnetic sign will be custom printed in the highest quality and shipped directly to you in just a matter of days. We even offer free Super-Saver shipping to orders that hit $75 or more. 
Once your custom magnet arrives, be sure to follow our instructions for application and care so it will look it’s best and last as long as possible.