Custom Yard Signs for Ballot Initiatives and Propositions

Debates on TV, commercials on the radio, and candidate mailers in the mailbox – it must be election season.

For many communities in America, election day falls on November 5th, and with only a short time before ballots are printed and prepped, we’ve shipped orders from across this country of custom yard signs for a variety of candidates and causes.

A few weeks ago, we talked a lot about how custom yard signs make great tools for candidates, municipalities, and policies around election season – and that’s true – but what we’re going to cover in today’s post is just as important: how custom yard signs can be used to to help promote, pass, and publicize ballot initiatives during election season. 

Ballot initiatives or measures are one of the most important aspects of the democratic political process. Often drafted by committees or organizations, these propositions are directly voted on by eligible voters instead of elected officials – giving those who head to the polls a true voice in the laws of the land.

Each year, it seems, more and more important social, political, and economic policies are turned into law by ballot measures, and this upcoming election season is no different. That’s why, no matter which side of an issue you fall on, making sure information gets disseminated out to the public quickly and effectively is a top priority.

And that’s where custom yard signs come into play. 

A timeless tool of the political season, yard signs are a great low-cost high-visibility way for propositions and ballot measures to be introduced and supported or opposed in the community. Just like displaying a yard sign for a specific candidate, proposition-focused yard signs can help spread the message you want without having to purchase expensive advertising on TV or radio networks.

In this post, we’re going to show you some great examples of ways committees and groups have used custom yard signs to help get the word out about ballot propositions and initiatives. 

Tell Them How They Should Vote

Chances are you’ve seen many signs during election season telling you to “Vote Yes” or “Vote No” on certain propositions – and the reason is clear: this type of simple messaging is very effective. 

The voting public may not even know the specifics or purposes certain propositions hold, but what they will remember is that their neighbor across the street was lending their support one way or another. The more positive or negative yard signs you can associate with a specific proposition, the better chance you have of convincing those on-the-fence voters which way they should vote. 

Tell Them Why to Vote

Many times propositions or ballot measures are designed to help provide support and funding to important local institutions like schools, libraries, police, and fire. And though oftentimes the type of language associated with these ballot initiatives can be confusing and long, campaigns to pass these measures are able to keep these issues top of mind for many voters by associating them with a simple idea.

We’ve seen very effective signs that use just a few words to get their point across: “Support Our Library – Yes on 3” or “Keep Bluffton Green – No on 15.”

Though simple, these kinds of catchy and memorable associations between a cause and voting position can help set your ballot measure up for success or failure – depending on what you’re looking for.

Tell Them When to Vote

It seems that every election cycle we are inundated with numbers that suggest a less-than-stellar turnout for American voters – with many reporting confusion as to when election day even is! Custom political yard signs can help here too.

When publicizing your ballot initiative on a custom yard sign, a great way to help voters remember when to head over to the polls is to include which day they will be lending their support to your cause.

Effective examples of this include the simple “Vote No on Prop 3 This November 5th,” and the slightly more complex “Election Day is Coming Tuesday, November 5th – Vote Yes on Prop 3 for Schools.”

Because our custom yard signs are 18×24 and offer full-color printing on both sides, you will have plenty of space to fit the entirety of your message – even if you want to include the date of the election. 

Get Election Day Specific

Though there are rules as to just how close you can stand to a polling place, a very effective way to get through to voters is to educate and inform them as they make their way to the polls. If you are planning on having volunteers present at polling locations throughout your city to help hand out literature and get the word out about your cause, be sure to announce you’re there with a highly visible customized yard sign. 

From announcing the simple “Prop 5 Information Here” to “Learn More About Why You Should Vote Yes on Prop 5,” you can attract last-minute voters to your side by simply having a presence and providing information. And, because ballot measures usually don’t sport a large number of voters like national elections do, those few dozen voters you connect with on election day can make all of the difference. 

With our quick turnaround and fast shipping options, there is still plenty of time to order your custom political yard signs before election day. Get started now by checking out our many low-cost options that will suit your needs and your budget.