Essential Information to Include on Your Custom Car Magnets

Custom vehicle or car magnets are one of our most popular products at Printastic because they’re durable, effective, and exceptionally affordable. And though we have many impressive designs in our vast library of templates, we are asked time and time again by customers what information they should include in their custom magnet design.

Though space can be limited on a magnet, there is still plenty of room to make the most of your real estate to achieve maximum impact. Here are a few suggestions on what essential information to include in your custom vehicle magnet design:

Essential Information to Include

Phone number

Though this may seem like the most obvious piece of information to put on your custom car magnet, it is definitely worth double-checking that you include it in your design. A phone number is the easiest way for a potential customer to quickly and immediately contact you – especially when they’re out on the road. This is doubly true if your phone number happens to include a recognizable word or phrase like 1-800-my-business.

The more prominently and obviously you can display your phone number on your custom car magnet, the better chance you have of new customers dialing it next time they see you out and about.

Be sure to use a readable size font for your phone number when creating your magnet design to ensure you have the most significant impact and retention.


It’s a fact that more than 90% of all buying decisions, whether it be a product or service, begin online – and your own website is the best online salesperson you have. That’s why it is incredibly important in this market of increased competition that your website address be front and center in your custom car magnet design.

If you depend on your website for business, even if your website address is on the longer side, we highly recommend its inclusion in your magnet design. To save space, you can easily eliminate the www from the beginning.


Surprisingly, the inclusion of a logo on a custom car magnet is another aspect of a design that some of our customers tend to overlook. Your logo is like your calling card – it’s the way your customers recognize your work and your quality. Plus, many logos also give new customers an idea of what you do without having to communicate with lengthy explanations.

Just like in your other marketing material, your logo should be front and center of your custom car magnet so all on the road can see exactly who you are and what you do. Luckily, our custom car magnets are printed in full color, so your logo will always look great.

Not Essential, But Great Ideas

Even if you were to print the biggest car magnet on the market, there is only so much information you can comfortably fit in your design before things get crowded and muddy. But if you find yourself with some extra space, you may want to add some of the following components to get the most out of your car magnet exposure on the road.


There’s no question that your address is an important thing to communicate to your customers – especially if they come to you. But in the limited amount of space on a car magnet and the abbreviated amount of time a potential customer will be seeing it, it’s a nonessential piece of information.

Instead of listing your full address, it might be a good idea to just simply list the city where your business resides or the general area you serve. That will be enough of an indicator to the public that you’re local, right in their community, and ready to meet their needs.


The inclusion of an email address on a custom car magnet can go either way – but when it comes to essential information, we are convinced that you’re better off showcasing your website for exposure and your phone number for contact. It’s much easier for a potential customer on the road to dial a ten-digit number then it is to remember a long email address. We suggest saving the emails for use on your business card.

With sizes for every vehicle and a quantity discount that fits every budget, our custom vehicle magnetic signs are a great way to advertise your business without breaking the bank. You can learn all about our different options and get started designing yours right on our website. Don’t forget the essentials!