Hanging Your Banner – Inside and Outside

In our last post, we talked about the importance of choosing exactly the right type of banner material and construction to suit your display needs. But just as important as choosing the right type of banner material and size for your display, is choosing the right way to hang and secure your banner to keep it both looking good and hanging strong in a variety of environments. Just like there are many ways to use a banner for promotion, so too are there many ways to hang a banner as well, and in this short guide, you’ll learn exactly which hanging materials and methods will work best for your banner display.

Hanging Banners Indoors – Our Recommended Method

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit of the banner world: hanging banners indoors. Though there are still quite a few variables when it comes to displaying your banner inside, the ease of the relatively predictable conditions and surfaces make it hanging your banners inside easy, especially compared with outdoor installations.

For installation on the most common of indoor surfaces – drywall, paneling, and plaster – we recommend using screws with wide washers that will both cover the grommet holes on the edges of your banner and provide security for your vinyl from the tight fit of the screw.

Installing these screws is a very simple process that echoes any other interior screwing or hanging job. Simply measure the distance between the grommets on your banner and mark them on your wall where you’d like the banner to hang. Start the pilot holes with an electric or manual drill and hold the banner in place while driving the screws. If you’ve done your measuring and drilling correctly, the banner should be hanging flush against the wall with few wrinkles, sags, or dips. Because of the strength of both the grommets and the screws, this installation method should hold the banner secure for months or years to come.

Hanging Banners Outdoors – Options of All Kinds

Though many of our customers find outdoor banner displays to be among the most effective ways to get their marketing message out to the masses, outdoor displays do present a bit of a problem when it comes to knowing how to properly secure them.

Because of the wide variety of surfaces, situations, and platforms that will potentially hold and secure your outdoor banner, there are plenty of options available to keep your banner looking good without danger of blowing away or tearing.

Here’s look at the different hanging options available for your outdoor banner project.

Note: The many options listed here can also be used for indoor banners as well.


A miracle product that we encounter daily on shoes, lunchboxes, and luggage, Velco, thanks to its ease-of-use and surprisingly sturdy strength is also a great way to hang banners both inside and out. It requires virtually no hanging hardware, and because it is available in rolls with adhesive already installed on the backside, it can be easily customized and installed in a matter of minutes.

Another benefit of using Velcro as a medium for hanging your banner is its non-permanence. Banners displayed with Velcro can easily be taken down at the end of a business day; moved at the end of a festival; or adorned with differing hanging hardware should circumstances change.

For indoor events like trade shows and fundraisers, and outdoor events like farmers markets or sponsorships, Velcro may just be the perfect go-to option for hanging your banner and keeping it looking great.

Suction Cups

Hard glossy surfaces can be some of the most difficult to navigate when hanging a banner. Windows, mirrors, glass doors, and other glossy surfaces can be easily damaged by many of the traditional banner hanging techniques if the installers are not careful. For these types of unique situations, suction cups are the best solution on the market for hanging small-to-medium sized banners, and best of all, they won’t damage the surfaces on which they’re used.

For safety and ease of use, we recommend suction cups be used on our lightweight 10oz indoor banners or mesh banners in sizes ranging from 2×4 all the way to 4×6. It’s also best if the banners are hemmed on all four sides with grommets on every corner to help hold the metal hook of the suction cups in place.

Suction cups can come in all shapes and sizes (just like our banners), but they’re not all created the same. We recommend the largest clear suction cups you can find and have personally tested those readily available at Home Depot. These suction cup hooks fit perfectly through the standard #2 (3/4-inch diameter, 1/4 inch hole) grommets we use at Printastic, and will help your banner display look beautiful on any glossy or glass surface.

Zip Ties

There may be no easier, affordable, or durable way to install your banner outdoors that with plastic zip ties. Incredibly strong, easy to find, and cost-effective, zip ties aren’t just an essential piece of any toolbox, they’re also a banner’s best friend. Whether you need to secure your banner to fencing, metal posts, or virtually any other outdoor material, zip ties will easily wrap through your banners metal grommets and hold the vinyl secure.

Though it couldn’t be easier to install a banner with zip ties, we highly recommend pulling the zip ties as tight as possible during the hanging process. This tightening will ensure that moderate winds will not disrupt your display, or turn your banner into a sail – keeping it looking beautiful and strong in a variety of weather.  

Bungee Cords

For the ultimate solution for your outdoor banner hanging needs, bungee cords provide the perfect mix of stability and flexibility to get you through a variety of weather conditions. Whether hanging between two polls, across the side of a building, over a street between two structures, or on a fence or lattice board, elastic bungee cords provide both a stable and secure connection to keep your banner hanging in place, but also the flexibility to deal with wind and pressure changes and take the stress away from your vinyl banner.

Plus, bungee cords, like zip ties, are extremely affordable and reusable, and are available at just about any hardware or general goods store. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses so you can customize your needs exactly to your banner display.

Find What’s Best for You

Just like there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for banner material and sizes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to hanging and displaying banners. We hope this guide on how to hang your banner indoors and outdoors has been helpful, and are always happy to offer friendly suggestions and banner hanging ideas to our customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or chat to help make your next banner hanging project perfect!