Our Three Most Popular Restaurant Banners

Though we are lucky enough to have customers from across the business world (and the actual world), one of the industries for which we do the most work is the hospitality industry – and, more specifically, restaurants.

Our banners hang in countless restaurants throughout the United States, and the feedback we get as to why they’re an essential marketing and communications tool for restaurants everywhere has been fairly universal: they’re easy to hang and move; they are eye-catching and communicate well; and, most importantly for many restaurants, they’re affordable and fit in even the slimmest marketing budget.

With that in mind, here are three of the most popular ways our customers have used banners in and around their restaurant with great success:

Under New Management

There’s an old saying in the restaurant business that goes like this: “Any restaurant, no matter how large or how small, is only going to be as good as its general manager.” For those inside and around the restaurant business, this makes quite a lot of sense. A manager is the one who is responsible for the quality of the employees in the eatery; the quality of the food ordered. They’re also the problem solver, customer-satisfier, and support system to ownership that may not always be present in the building.

That’s why a change in management in your restaurant isn’t just something to celebrate internally, it’s something to make sure you communicate to your customers loud and proud. Using a banner to help announce the news that your restaurant is “Under New Management” shows your customers that you are serious about making sure the restaurant runs smoothly and are investing in continuing improving or maintaining the high standards they’ve come to know.

If your restaurant has been suffering from negative online reviews or a dip in your on-the-street-reputation, whether it be for food quality, bad service, or a poorly run establishment, an “Under New Management” banner may just inspire customers you have disappointed or lost to give your eatery another chance. When they know that new management is in charge, they know they can expect a brand new experience.

Under New Ownership

Restaurants are one of the most common businesses that are bought and sold – and it usually happens under one of these two scenarios:

  1. The original proprietor of a legendary and well-established neighborhood eatery has decided to retire or sell or call it quits, and another restauranter has decided they want to keep the institution alive by purchasing the restaurant outright.
  2. A newly opened restaurant isn’t quite making the grade, and investors sell to another experienced restauranter who intends to turn things around.

No matter which situation applies to a restaurant experiencing new ownership, one thing is for certain: announcing the news via a banner is the easiest and best way to get the word out.

Just like an “Under New Management” vinyl banner, an “Under New Ownership” banner will communicate to your customers exactly what they want to hear. Loyal customers who frequent the business will see the “Under New Ownership” banner as a sign that their favorite local eatery is here to stay. It will inspire them to continue patronizing the establishment.

For customers who felt the restaurant’s better days were in the past, an “Under New Ownership” banner may inspire them to come in and try things again – just like in our previous example. Either way, communicating that your restaurant is under new ownership is a win-win and may inspire customers – former, current, and future – to come in and dine.

Specials/Events/Trivia/Happy Hour

Though we know it’s kind of cheating to put all of these different banner categories into one section, it’s a fact: restaurants of all kinds, shapes, and sizes announce many of their goings-on via vinyl banners to great success. That’s why they’re so common in many restaurants you visit.

Have an Easter Brunch on the horizon? A special tasting from a specific winemaker? Or maybe you just have a great burger special on Thursday nights that you want to make sure your regular bar crowd knows about. Now, instead of dingy flyers that look anything but professional and polished, you can use a vinyl banner to communicate to your customers about the many offerings you have – and even reuse it year to year.

Restaurant Wrap-Up

A restaurant’s two great marketing advantages are the amount of people who walk through the door and the amount of people who pass by both in cars and on foot. This kind of traffic, if motivated properly, can become a base that keeps a restaurant successful for years to come.

Because banners are easy to hang and remove, can be properly branded, and are exceptionally affordable compared to permanent signage or expensive collateral printing, they’re the perfect choice for restaurants of all sizes who want to get the word out about changes in staffing, ownership, specials, or just about anything else.