Service Companies: Build Your Business with Custom Yard Signs

There has never been a more competitive market for service businesses. From window cleaning to roof repair, home cleaning to mobile car repair, any industry that services the general public is up against intense competition right in their neighborhood.

In fact, we’re willing to bet that next time you’re looking a hire a service in your own life, you’ll be hard-pressed to differentiate between those outstanding contractors who have a great reputation around and within your community and those hobbyists who may end up charging you less but forcing you to have the job redone anyway – every homeowner’s nightmare! 

Not only do the best service industry professionals manage their digital reputation and image online by monitoring and generating positive Google and Yelp reviews and maintaining an updated website, but they also know how to spread the word about what they do out in the real world. And one of the best, easiest, and most affordable way to accomplish this is with the versatile and multi-useful yard signs. 

Easy to install but hard to miss, custom printed yard signs are a service-industry small business’ most powerful weapon when it comes to getting their name out in the community. They’re not only attractive and affordable, but they’re also reusable and durable – giving even the tightest budget enough wiggle room to accomplish everything they want without breaking the bank.

In this blog post, we are going to examine a few different ways service industry businesses can use yard signs to their advantage – helping even new businesses stand out amongst the crowd. Here are some of our favorites:

On a Customer’s Lawn

This one may seem the most exceptionally obvious, but we’d be hard-pressed to leave it off the list because of just how impactful it can be.

Just like the logic behind political yard signs, when you see a trusted neighbor advertising the company they’re using on their lawn before, during, and after the project, it builds trust and brand recognition – two essential elements of both growing a business and cornering a stake in the marketplace.

If the service work is being done on the outside of the structure where it is visible to the general public, the exposure is even more important as those passing by who admire the work will know exactly who is responsible for it. By utilizing something as simple as a logo and contact information, yard signs are a simple way of maximizing exposure at a job site and can help build your customer base, bring in new business, and get your name out to the masses. 

Pro Tip: Because displaying yard signs on a customer’s lawn can be such a powerful marketing tool, we’ve heard that many of our clients offer their clients a discount just to display their branded yard sign. While most customers are happy to promote your business by displaying a sign without any compensation, it may be worth it to consider offering this perk to customers who might be a little uneasy – you’ll be surprised at how many minds might change.

Yard Signs As a Sponsors Tool 

Just like displaying a yard sign at your worksite can lead to increased awareness and revenue, so to can using your custom yard sign to show off your generous community sponsorship.

The lifeblood of many local fundraisers, events, golf outings, and contests are the neighborhood businesses who step-up to sponsor by either donating money, product, space to use, or other essential items to help guarantee the initiative’s success. And while the altruistic nature of donating is more than enough to justify the expense, you can also put these opportunities to work to your advantage by displaying your sponsor sign in a highly visible location.

Oftentimes, when you sponsor an event, featured promotion or signage display is part of the compensation, and by offering your own high-quality custom yard sign to represent your company, you’ll be guaranteeing that your logo and signage looks great – and helps you stand out from the sponsorship crowd.

To Advertise a Discount

Whether it’s a coupon in a magazine or a coupon code on a website, customers are always looking for the best deal before they commit to buying an item or hiring a service – and yard signs are a great advertising medium to show off the savings you are offering! 

Whether you want to display a certain coupon code, a tracking phone number, a special website, or any other advertisement of a discount or deal, a yard sign offers not only the perfect space to display such content, but are also versatile enough and small enough to put on street corners, in front of brick and mortar office buildings, or just about anywhere else you can think of.

By using custom yard signs to bring your discount to your customers instead of forcing them to search through leaflets or a website for them, you’re circumventing the typical and often frustrating coupon process and letting your customers who know will bring them the most savings off of the top: you. This will encourage them to choose you instead of going to one of your competitors – and that’s always good for business.

Use Our ‘Design Online’ Tool to Create Outstanding Sign Designs

Some estimates put the number of service-based businesses in the United States at over 20 million – and growing every day. For businesses big and small, it’s not always easy when trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors or break into a new market, but with great quality work, great word of mouth referrals, and beautiful custom-printed yard signs, you can do just that. 

And before you think you need to be a graphic designer to put together eye-catching custom yard signs, allow us to ease your mind. Our Design Online option not only allows you to put together a great sign from your own elements and graphics, but it also comes with a variety of proven templates that will give you professional look with just a few clicks of a button.

From Handymen to Locksmiths to Interior Designers and everything in-between, we’ll help you make the most of your investment with a beautiful design for your stunning custom yard signs.