Three Creative Ways to Use Church Banners to Reach Your Congregation

Churches have always historically always been a gathering place for communities to come together and worship, celebrate, and stand in reverence to the lord and his great work. And the role of churches in today’s world is no different.

However, more than at any other time in our history, there is more to distract and occupy the time and energy of people – leaving churches to compete with all kinds of other extracurriculars for attention. In a busy world of phones, TVs, and computers, it’s easy for the good word to get drowned out.

But there is still good news, and that is that there are still tried-and-true ways to help spread the word to the community around your church and get them interested in the goings-on inside: church banners.

Simple, affordable, and effective, church banners can be a fantastic way to advertise special services and classes, encourage fundraising drives, and bring the outside world in for annual special events and parties.

Let’s take a deeper look at those examples and more to see how church banners can improve your congregation’s participation for the better.

Advertising a Special Service

It’s no secret that there are several holidays each and every year that tend to bring the most people out to the pews. Easter, one of the holiest days of the year, just passed; Christmas, the biggest holiday of them all, is not too far away. In fact, it seems there is always a reason for worship and celebration right around the corner.

But, much like the announcements at the end of a sermon or service, spoken words and reminders can only go so far when it comes to reminding your flock about the exciting services you have coming up. That’s where church banners can truly make a difference.

For hundreds of years in every corner of the world, churches have used banners to get the word out for the biggest services of the year – and if your church isn’t doing that, you’re not doing all you can to spread the word.

Next time you’re preparing to celebrate the reason for the season, or trying to get an accurate count of how many copies of hymns and praises you have to make, consider hanging a church banner outside of your doors, over your parking lot, or even in the chapel itself. They can be a great way to grab attention and inform your public so you can increase your turnout during the most important days of the year.

Increase Your Fundraising Efforts

As non-profit organizations who serve their community and their savior, virtually nothing is more important than making sure the church is properly funded. And because many churches don’t charge membership fees or require tickets to attend services, it’s the donations of benefactors and churchgoers alike that make it possible for each church to continue doing good works. But, in the age of social media, 24-hour news, and bigger-than-ever economic asks, how can the neighborhood church truly stand out from the pack? The answer is obvious: by utilizing banners.

Whether they’re hung in the church itself, at events, camps, or other community spaces, fundraising banners can make a huge difference to those looking to raise money. You can inform your public not only why you’re raising money, but remind them of the most basic fact that is sometimes forgotten: churches run on their donations and support. In the days when tithes are no longer common-place, and many churches are working harder than ever to increase their presence in the community, bolstering your fundraising with a church banner can be a real difference-maker for churches of all sizes and belief systems.

Announcing Special Events

Just like special services are a part of every church’s annual calendar, so are special events, and now more than ever, it’s these community events that many look forward to each year and that are paramount to keeping churchgoers engaged and increasing traffic within the church itself. The more people you can reach and invite into your church’s walls, the more people you can bring to the lord and make part of your permanent church-going community.

But bringing the outside inside isn’t the easiest task. People are busier than ever – especially young people and young families – and plans are made weeks and sometimes even month in advance – even for something as simple as a weekend luncheon. Most church calendars follow this pattern too, but though events may be planned early, many are not published until it is too late. A properly placed special event church banner can change that narrative.

Whether it’s hanging over main street or at the local baseball field, a properly placed special events church banner can let your town know all about the exciting event, party, or celebration you have coming up, and encourage them to put it on their calendar now. This kind of early and consistent exposure is essential for big crowds and sell-out events – which are two things no church has ever complained about having too many of. So if your events could use a boost, and your parties a little pick-me-up, a special events church banner is a great way to go.

From the early days of Jesus himself, his word has survived on true believers spreading the good word. And no church can continue to spread his good word without getting the message out to their community that attending church, donating to the church, and being an active member of a congregation is more important than ever.

If you’re looking to get your community’s attention, make church banners part of your marketing effort. They can really make a big difference.