Your Guide to Grommets and Banners

Though there are many factors that go into making your banner unique, there are two main factors that will determine the strength and stability of your banner once it is installed. The first, and biggest, is the material your banner is constructed from. In an earlier post, we talked all about which style of vinyl is best for which application, and how we only print banners on materials we know will both look great and last.

But outside of the type of material or vinyl you choose to print your banner on, there’s another large factor that goes into determining how long your banner will last and how well it will hang: grommets.

If you’re not familiar with the word, grommets are those little metal circles you see punched around the perimeter of a banner that are used to aid in the hanging of the banner. But grommets do more than just help your banner hang, they also help strengthen the vinyl material and keep your banner intact for as long as possible.

But, like banners themselves, not all grommets are built the same, which is why we’re going to give you a quick crash course on this must-have hardware to help you determine whether grommets are right for your next banner purchase.

Let’s start with the basics:

Are grommets only used in banners?

The short answer is: of course not. Though, and we may be a bit biased here, we do think grommets are best used on banners.

If you start to really think where you’ve seen this simple-yet-strong technology on display in the past, you’ll realize grommets are all around you. Think shoes, drapes, purse straps, lanyards – almost any place where a combination of strength and access is needed, you’ll find a grommet.

This is the same reason we use them in our banners. Grommets help provide extra strength, especially near the edges where a banner can be most vulnerable, and they also allow for easy access for hanging from string, chains, rope, or bungee cord. So, while grommets certainly aren’t only used for banners, we believe for banners they’re used best.

Do I need grommets on my banner?

Like we said before, not all banners are built the same, and there are certainly applications where grommets wouldn’t be the appropriate choice for what you’re looking to do with your banner. However, more often than not, grommets are a great compliment to your banner especially if you plan to hang them, suspend them, or display them in a way that will require them to be tied down.

How many grommets should each banner have?

Banners, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, and what’s right for one banner might not be right for another. However, we do consider ourselves experts on the subjects of banners and grommets, and after much printing and experimenting, we’ve come up with a go-to guide from grommets based on banner size that we believe helps every banner we produce look great.

For our smaller banners, like a 2×4’, we recommend one grommet in each corner. Because the banner size isn’t overly large, these four grommets will provide more than enough stability for the banner as well as varied hanging options. For our standard 3×6’ banners and 4×8’ banners, we recommend six and eight gromets respectively – one in each corner and one along the outside edge in 32” intervals.

These simple guides have proven to be the most effective for these banner sizes, and are what we recommend to all customers. However, we know that different instances call for different amounts of grommets, so we are happy to work with whatever is best for your banner.

Do grommets come in different shapes and sizes?

In short, grommets are like flavors of ice cream – there are two many in the freezer section to count. And though they come in every possible color, size, and material combination, we offer only what we know to be of exceptional quality and work best for our banners and our many customers all over the world.

We carry #2-sized metal grommets in three different color options: Anodized Black (our most popular), Nickel Silver. and Enamel White. The #2 metal grommets both look great for almost any application and are incredibly strong for their size – living up to the heavy task of keeping banners upright, strong, and looking great.

How are grommets installed on banners?

Grommets can either be installed manually on a banner using a manual hand press under the watchful eye of a skilled craftsman, or they can be installed by an advanced automatic grommet installation machine. We used both of these methods to install grommets on our banners.

Well, there you have it. Now you’re an expert on everything grommet related and are better equipped to choose what’s right for your next banner when it comes time to send it to the printer.

Still have questions or concerns about grommets or anything else banner-related? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at any time – we’re always happy to help!