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Sizes and uses

Our bumper stickers come at the most popular size of 10 inches long by 3 inches high, allowing for plenty of room to display your message and graphics.

These stickers will bite very aggressively and can be permanently applied to most vehicles, including glass, metal, and some plastic parts.


Bumper stickers feature a permanent solvent adhesive and may be tough to remove from some coatings and paint, and may leave some glue residue that will require cleaning. It is always best to apply to new, clean, undamaged factory made and painted parts only. The best practice is not to apply bumper stickers to any surface you can’t risk damaging. Safer areas to apply are original vehicle windows and factory painted metal parts.

ORAJET 3164 matte vinyl

Unlaminated ORAJET 3164 matte white vinyl with clear permanent water-based adhesive. Up to four year outdoor durability. Vinyl is easy to handle due to the 4 mil. thickness (compared to other vinyls at 2.5 and 3-mil. thick).


Bumper stickers are outdoor durable with limited scratch resistance for up to four years under perfect conditions, if installed on vertical smooth surfaces in indirect sunlight.

Make your own bumper stickers
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Bumper stickers

Use every stoplight to your advantage by creating an attractive bumper sticker design.

Bumper stickers – they aren’t just for ironic messages anymore. In fact, they can be great tools for getting the word out about your organization, business, or project. Do some good by promoting your favorite charity, faith organization, or local club chapter with these high quality vinyl stickers, and stick them anywhere you can find room to advertise. An awesome giveaway for fans, or add-on for your online store, nothing will ever replace a classic bumper sticker design.

TonyaShirk Apr 13, 2017 Reviews for banner printing

Very fast production and super fast shipping! Quality was awesome. Would definitely recommend.