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Standard Sheet - Unique Stickers

Sticker sheets are produced on white vinyl material with an adhesive back layer. They are weather resistant, water-proof, and will adhere strongly to most surfaces and materials.

Want to include text? Either add it as an element of the graphic design, or leave a blank space to write on your stickers later with a pen or marker.

Sticker sheets are printed in full color & high resolution to creatre the best possible reproduction of your unique artwork.

Our contour cutting capability allows a single sheet of 8.5 x 11” vinyl to contain multiple stickers of various shapes and sizes to easily peel away from the backing.

File Setup

Sticker sheets require a properly set up print and cut file. The artwork can be anything you can imagine, as long as it is can be cut along a smooth outline. Due to the complexity of setting up sticker sheets, you need to follow these formatting instructions to make sure that your artwork is produced properly.


ORAJET 3164 matte vinyl

Standard ORAJET 3164 matte white vinyl with clear permanent water based adhesive. This media offers great flexibility along with strong, pressure activated adhesive. Lasts up to 4 years in outdoor installations. This vinyl is easy to handle and very resilient due to its 4mil thickness (compared to other vinyls with thicknesses of 2.5 and 3-mil).

  • Unlaminated & Untreated
  • 4 mil economy grade vinyl
  • 4 year expected lifespan
  • Clear permanent water based adhesive
  • Easy-release backing liner
Precision Cutting

Sticker sheet is created with “kiss cuts” - light surface cuts on the sheet that only score the top layer but do not cut through the backing material. This allows each sticker to cleanly peel away of the sheet.

Make your own custom sticker sheets
8.5 x 11
  • 8.5 x 11
10 $755 days
15 $855 days
25 $1155 days
50 $1755 days
100 $2955 days
250 $4555 days
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Custom Sticker Sheet Features

Our 4-mil vinyl is a white print media with a scratch-resistant white matte finish. The clear permanent adhesive back provides excellent indoor and acceptable outdoor performance with an easy release peel away backing liner. 4 year lifespan under normal conditions.

Single sided, full color printing delivers the visual pop you want and the kiss cuts provide, smooth, even edges. Many individually cut designs may be contained on a single 8.5 x 11” sheet of media. Each contour cut shape easily peels away from the main sheet as an individual, flexible sticker.

Printing a variety of stickers on a single, larger sheet is an ideal solution for protecting custom shapes that have points or tails that could get nicked or bent. You can also design to the edge of your 8.5” x 11” sticker sheets, adding interesting effects by utilizing the excess material.

Raven Mann Mar 3, 2015 Reviews for banner printing

Excellent, fast, service, reasonable price. five stars plus. I would highly recommend them for all your print needs