Custom Mini Yard Signs

If you’re conscious of your budget but still want to make a big impact with your marketing or promotional message, our custom mini yard signs are the perfect way to do it. Uniquely sized at 9” x 12”, which makes them both easily readable from afar and also unobtrusive for flexible uses and installations. Affordable enough to give away as a promotional item but strong enough to be the main mouthpiece for your marketing department, these signs will have you standing out from the crowd in no time.

Just like their big brother yard signs that come in two larger sizes, these custom mini yard signs also include the option to order 12” stakes that serve to prop your signs up wherever you place them. Sturdy, durable, and fully customizable on one side, custom mini yard signs are a must-have marketing piece for businesses, organizations, clubs, churches, and sports teams of all sizes.


4mm-thick (about 1/4 inches) white corrugated plastic boards


9” x 12”

Printing and Finishing:

Digitally printed in high resolution full color. One side only.


Yes. Optional 12” stakes available with each order.

Recommended uses:

Contractors, Landscapers, Realtors, Service Businesses, Electric and Gas Companies, Financial Offerings, Guerilla Marketing, Sale Announcements, and more.

What’s Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Our custom yard signs are one of the most popular products we sell because our customers know they work. But many of our customers find themselves wanting the same flexibility and feasibility our yard signs offer without the large imprint size or impact to their budget. That’s why we created these custom mini yard signs - giving our customers yet another option in their marketing arsenal.

Because of their size and their functionality, custom mini yard signs are the perfect vehicle for up-and-coming guerilla marketers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and street teams looking to help spread the word about what they’re doing quickly and professionally. For service businesses looking to increase their market share in the community to new restaurants announcing a new location, custom mini yard signs give you a ton of bang for your buck while keeping your look professional, modern, and always visible to your target market.

Make Your Budget Bigger by Going Smaller

A small marketing budget doesn’t mean you need to advertise any less - in fact, it often means you can benefit from more advertising. That’s where our custom mini yard signs can be the answer you’re looking for.

Available in quantities starting at just 40, these signs are both exceptionally affordable and impressively durable - meaning you don’t have to waste your entire budget on a single flyer, mailer, or billboard. These mini yard signs can be used and reused - as the plastic is weather and UV proof for outdoor use up to 2 years in proper conditions.

If you want to be aggressive, impressive, and empowered to make the most out of your marketing dollars, mini custom yard signs are definitely the way to go.

What quantities can I order mini yard signs in?

To offer the best pricing possible, our mini yard signs are available to be ordered in quantities of 40.

What material are your mini yard signs made out of?

You’ve probably heard of the brand name: Coroplast. It’s corrugated plastic that is both weather and UV proof for outdoor use for up to two years when treated properly. We print all of our mini yard signs on Coroplast so they both look great and last as long as possible.

Can I completely customize my design on my mini yard sign?

As with all of our bestselling Printastic products, you can fully customize the design you want on your mini yard sign and we will print it in beautiful high-quality color. If you have a design in mind, you can upload your finished file right to our website or use our online design program to create it from scratch. We also feature a full template library that you can browse and pick out your favorites.

Are mini yard signs offered in different sizes like the big yard signs?

To keep our mini yard signs affordable, they are currently only offered in 9” x 12”.

Mini Yard Signs
9 х 12
  • 9 х 12
inches, Height x Width
printing on the front only
no wire stands
$40 total
1 day production

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