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Perforated Window Vinyl

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Clearfocus 50/50 Perforated
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Perforated Vinyl Transforms Your Windows

Clear Focus perforated window vinyl is a unique, custom printed material that displays full-color advertising while maintaining see-through visibility. The material has an adhesive backing for installation on the outside of a window. It allows you to see out of your window from the inside and allows your customers to see what appears to be solid graphics on the outside. It is an ideal material for large-scale storefront window graphics as the application process is exceptionally easy. The media backing peels off to expose an adhesive back that should be applied to a smooth, clean and clear surface for optimum results. The perforated film can be pulled up and repositioned several times during application, so if you make a mistake, it is easy to fix.

Another reason to order One Way Vision is to add privacy. For businesses such as spas and medical offices that don’t want prying eyes peering into their windows, One Way Vision is the perfect solution. Patients and customers can still see out, but it is difficult for those outside your building to see in. In addition, light still passes through the perforations in the material, with the inside of the window looking like a privacy tint has been applied.

Real World Applications

Storefront windows can be utilized to provide potential customers with a great first impression, while still promoting your store’s brand the way it was intended. This application is becoming very popular among retailers and luxury brands.  Specific applications for perforated window vinyl include:

  • Vehicle windows
  • Interior glass windows
  • Exterior glass windows
  • Interior glass doors
  • Exterior glass doors
  • Other glass applications

Many companies also install perforated window vinyl to hide away the clutter of a remodel or renovation. It's useful when you are preparing to open a new store or converting an area to storage.

Product Information

One-way vinyl material is a white adhesive film that is micro-perforated with 1.5mm holes in a 50/50 pattern, meaning that 50% of the material is removed. The advantages of one way vinyl are the limitless sizes and the ability to allow light to pass through, without inhibiting the interior visibility. Once you have decided on the perforated vinyl, upload your own design or choose from templates that can be customized using the online design tool. Though bubbles and wrinkles are less common with perforated vinyl, a squeegee will be included with your order. The media backing peels off to expose an adhesive back that should be applied to a smooth, clean and clear surface for optimum results.

Installation Tips
  • Prior to installation of printed graphics, we recommend attaching a small piece of the vinyl to glass as a test to help you become accustomed to the film's characteristics, including adhesion strength.
  • Glass surface must be clean. Use mild soap and water to clean the glass. Do not use glass cleaners with solvents (e.g., Windex®). Use 85% isopropyl alcohol, if desired, to remove any residue; allow it to evaporate completely before installing film.
  • Surface must be completely dry. Use lint-free cloth or industrial paper towels to dry glass.
  • Temperature of glass must be moderate —between approx. 40º F (5º C) and 90º F (32º C).
  • In cold weather, apply film in late afternoon, after windows have warmed up, or, in the case of a vehicle, in a garage or other enclosed area (with the vehicle engine turned off). Applying film to glass that is too cold may adversely affect adhesion of film.
  • In hot weather, apply film in the early morning, while glass is still cool. Applying film to glass that is too hot can cause the film to stretch during installation.
8 mil
52 Inches
Up to 3 Years
HP Latex Inks, 6 Color Process
Prints are Trimmed With Additional 1/4 to 1” White Bleed on All 4 Sides