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Suggested uses

Round stickers have been a long-time favorite for hobby and handmade enthusiasts alike. Anything you do, make, or create, can be marked with a cute little round sticker showing your brand, logo, and website.

Another excellent use is labeling short run hand made products, arts, and crafts. It can include product information, website, contact, and branding images.

ORAJET 3164 matte vinyl

Unlaminated ORAJET 3164 matte white vinyl with clear permanent water-based adhesive. Up to four year outdoor durability. Vinyl is easy to handle due to the 4mil. thickness (compared to other vinyls at 2.5 and 3-mil. thick).

Optional 3M 8518 Cast Gloss Overlaminate

Optional 3M cast 2mil. gloss overlaminate improves outdoor durability with added UV, scratch, and abrasion protection.


The standard round stickers are outdoor durable with limited scratch resistance for up to four years under perfect conditions if installed on vertical smooth surfaces in indirect sunlight.

Optional 3M cast gloss overlaminate greatly extends product life with added UV, scratch and abrasion protection.

Make your own round stickers
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Round stickers

Popular multi-use must-have round sticker

If you’re looking for a great way to make your business or passion project stand out from the rest, a custom round sticker is most definitely the way to go. Perfect for use on handmade products, packaging, and any other items you put in the hands of your customers or fans, this fun sticker gives you a great platform to identify your business in a creative and artful way. Plus, they’re the perfect size for car windows, laptop cases, suitcases – the uses are seemingly endless! What are you waiting for? Start designing your custom round stickers now.

RebeccaLauren May 15, 2018 Reviews for banner printing

I ordered my banner on a Monday, it arrived in the morning on the following Thursday. My banner was beautifully printed. I was worried about the resolution, that image would be blurry, but the printing job was nice and crisp. Beautiful!