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Available models

White Deluxe, Slide in

Black Deluxe, Slide-in

Original Orange, Snap-on

Original Yellow, Snap-on

Graphic panel attachment
Slide-in models

No additional tools or materials required, the graphic panels simply slide into the frame slots.

Snap-on models

Panels are attached to the frame on four corners with the hook-and-loop fasteners. Easily removable and replaceable with additional hook parts, available here.


Not required, comes completely assembled.


Comes printed on both sides and ready to use

Brand Name: SIGNICADE by Plasticade

Frame Size: 47” High x 27” Wide x 3” Deep

Frame Weight: 18 Lbs

Graphic Panel Size: 36” High x 24” Wide

Number of Panels: Two

Panel Material: 4mm Coroplast

Panel Attachment: Slide in / Snap on

Shipping and packing

Shipping weight: 22 Lbs

Packaging: Individually boxed

Box size: 48” High x 28” Wide x 4” Deep

Ships by: UPS Ground

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Available colors and options
Signicade Delux WhiteWhite Signicade Delux, Slide-in model
Signicade Delux BlackBlack Signicade Delux, Slide-in model
Signicade OrangeOriginal Signicade, Orange, Snap-on model
Signicade YellowOriginal Signicade, Yellow, Snap-on model

Signicade A-Frame Signs

Put your message on display to the world with an A-Frame sign

A classic advertising tool has recently come back into style (and is now more popular than ever), the classic Signicade A-Frame sign is a must-have for any enterprise looking ot maximize its outreach potential. If you’ve got a storefront, tradeshow booth, or any other business that sees a lot of traffic, a custom-printed Signicade is the perfect way to communicate to your customers the essentials about specials, sales, and other announcements in an eye-catching way. Made of virtually indestructible plastic, this mobile plastic sign supports two custom-printed panels, displayed on each side, and a molded handle on top to make moving a breeze.

KhalidGhori Mar 7, 2018 Reviews for banner printing

They truly offer next day turnaround! It’s was great to speak to a live person the few times I called! Our organization will definitely be a repeat customer and will share your contact with other non-profits organizations we work with.
Thanks again