Outdoor Signs

Our wide range of custom outdoor signs are made to last in even the harshest conditions. Every custom sign we sell for outdoor use is designed to last at least two years of outdoor use, while many custom signs may last up to three, five, and even eight years! You can’t go wrong with an outdoor sign to advertise your business.

Vinyl Signs

Vinyl Signs

Our custom vinyl signs, also known as banners, are our most popular custom sign option thanks to our low cost and a large selection of sizes. For a fraction of the cost of most other sign types, a custom vinyl sign can be ordered at almost any size available and shipped directly to you in a matter of days.

Yard Signs

Yard Signs

Highly customizable and affordable yard signs, usually purchased in bulk, provide an extraordinarily versatile and effective outdoor and street advertising solution. Paired with your custom message, branding, and artwork, custom yard signs deliver the most bang for the buck when it comes to easy to use signage.

Sign Panels

Sign Panels

Whether you’re outfitting your store or office with signage, promoting a sale, providing your customers with wayfinding signs, or advertising property for sale or lease, our custom sign panels are an excellent choice for premium looking, long-lasting custom displays for indoor or outdoor use.

A-Frame Signs

A-Frame Signs

Our portable, durable, free-standing custom-outdoor A-Frame signs are a quick and easy fix for adding much-needed exposure to your business, office, sale, or event. Perfect for not only businesses, churches, municipalities, parks, and schools, A-Frame signs are an affordable custom outdoor solution for getting your message out without breaking the bank.

Vehicle Signs

Vehicle Signs

Brand your vehicles with your logo, services, or promotion with our custom vehicle signs! Available as either temporary and removable magnetic signs or a permanent and durable vinyl graphics, all of our vehicle signs feature great value, custom-printed artwork, and, most importantly, a sign that will work hard for your business every time you’re on the road.

Parking Signs

Parking Signs

Our custom parking signs are a perfect communication tool for businesses, churches, clubs, or organizations with a physical location that includes just a few parking spaces or an entire parking lot.

Indoor Signs

When you need an elegant, beautifully printed custom indoor sign display, Printastic really delivers! Choose from our carefully curated quality custom sign solutions for indoor use – their attention to detail, quality printing, and high-quality materials will not disappoint.

Banner Stand Signs

Banner Stand Signs

Large and lightweight, banner stands are an excellent choice for indoor advertisement and branding. Deployed anywhere inside, these free-standing banner signs will create vibrant and stunning displays, promoting your brand or advertising a sale or a promotion

PVC Signs

PVC Signs

Custom PVC signs make durable, long-lasting, vibrant displays, perfectly suited for temporary and permanent indoor signage for office and retail locations, wayfinding, and product signage. The flat, rich, sturdy nature of our PVC signs makes for an attractive indoor custom sign.

Fabric Signs

Fabric Signs

For the most premium indoor signs, our custom printed fabrics – backdrops and banners – feature the richest of silky finishes, high-quality fabric, and a fully dye sublimated printing process resulting in beautiful, high-quality signs.

Popular Custom Signs

With so many custom signs we sell, some really stand out as sales champions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the signs you make really custom?

Yes! We’re a real sign printer near Detroit, Michigan, producing custom signs and banners for businesses all over America. We own all the equipment, have the talented and dedicated workforce, have the necessary space, materials, and expertise to make the highest-quality custom signs online on-demand. Just moments after we receive a custom order on our website, we begin the custom printing and manufacturing process. Because every sign is completely custom made, we do not stock any pre-made inventory and, instead, manufacture every sign from scratch to your exact specifications, sizes, and design. If you need custom signs and have specific requirements for size, materials, and quantities, we are able to quote and produce custom signs efficiently, quickly, and affordably.

Can I use your signs outdoors?

Absolutely! Aside from a few sign types not suitable for outdoor use, most of our custom signage is designed for long term outdoor use. Each sign type has its own expected outdoor life span, and it is usually listed on the product page under the specifications section. All outdoor signs are printed on outdoor durable materials with weather and UV resistant inks. Some outdoor signs, like our Metal Signs, Adhesive Signs and Vehicle Signs, have an additional over-laminate protective layer, further extending the lifespan of your custom outdoor sign by as long as eight years. Check out a full list of our Custom Outdoor Signage with their respective outdoor life ratings.

Can the signs be double sided?

Yes – some of our signs can be further customized by printing on both sides. Double-sided printing is usually an additional option on certain banners and will allow you to select the same or different images for both sides. From signs with wayfinding arrows, open/close messages, and more traditional regular double-sided signs, you can find a full list of our Double Sided Signs here, and some of the most popular options include:

What is the most affordable sign?

When it comes to affordable custom signs, Printastic offers many great options for you and your budget including our Cheap Signs. When you need a rather large, or Huge Vinyl Sign, our custom banners are usually the most cost effective custom sign that can be purchased in low numbers, starting at just a single sign. We do offer a purchase option for a large quantity of Wholesale Banners as well if you require a large quantity of Custom Printed Banners.

Along with affordable banner options, we also offer one of the most affordable custom signs on the market today: yard signs. When purchased in quantities, starting at only just a few pieces, Yard Sign Pricing can go as low as a few dollars while still allowing for a fully customized sign printed on both sides with your own custom design with any image or logo.

What is the most durable sign?

Two of our most Durable Signs are our Aluminum Signs and Vehicle Vinyl Signs. Both of these products feature printing on cast 3M vinyl, that is then further laminated with clear, protective 3M laminate film. When paired with our high-quality UV resistant and vibrant inks, these signs provide for up to eight years of outdoor use. Of course, as with any custom sign, your mileage and durability may vary, but only slightly, depending on the state you’re in and the conditions your signs are used under. It’s important to note that two biggest factors affecting durability of a custom sign being a UV sunlight exposure and exposure to outdoor elements, salt, solvents and cleaning cycles, like most vehicle signs endure. Thanks to that additional lamination we provide, and the use of only cast (read - premium) genuine 3M materials, our custom signage is suited for outdoor use and is as durable as it can get.

What is the most portable sign?

For portable and lightweight signs, we will give you three options to explore. The king of all portable Indoor Displays are our Custom Banner Stands product. These Portable Displays are printed to your specs and break down to a small bag, or retract to a floor base – all with no need for any tools or effort. The X-Stands are easy to assemble by snapping the X-shaped stand together, while all Retractable Banner Stands feature a spring-powered base that the banner effortlessly rolls into.

Our second portable sign option is our Custom A-Frame Sign, that can be carried around and launched on demand on almost any terrain – inside or outside.

Lastly, our Custom Vinyl Signs make a great portable option. They come printed and rolled into a tall portable box, are easy to unroll and hang virtually anywhere you could attach a pair of hooks or rope to, and create a Large Advertising Display that will be hard to miss.

Do you make indoor signs?

Yes, we make exceptional quality Custom Indoor Signs! Our indoor PVC Sign is widely used in office spaces of all types as either permanent or advertising signage, pop displays, or for presentations and promotions. The PVC plastic is much denser and more durable than traditional foam core, won’t break or chip at the corners, and still features a lightweight, premium look.

Our banner stand product is also a great indoor sign option as it is lightweight, highly portable, safe, and eye catchingly large.

Do you have free hanging signs?

Our custom Free Hanging Signs give our customers three unique choices – two for outdoor, and one for indoor use. The economy outdoor choice is our corrugated sign product. Designed to last up to two-to-three-years outdoors under most conditions, these corrugated plastic signs come with grommet holes for hanging and are very lightweight, but are almost impossible to tear apart or destroy. They also provide the opportunity for a double-sided print with an extremely low price point. Custom Corrugated Signs are also a very popular choice for cheap semi-permanent displays thanks to the premium look or durability.

Our premium outdoor sign, the Aluminum Sign product, is designed to last up to eight years outdoors and features thick, durable, metal aluminum, that will suit as a long term free-hanging advertising solution.

Lastly, there’s an indoor PVC sign that, when paired with optional grommet holes, can create premium, rigid, custom free-hanging indoor displays, POP, and wayfinding signage.

What are the most popular sign sizes?

Most popular sizes for custom signs are:

What is the biggest sign size you have available?

This is a fun question! We’ve probably printed enough vinyl to go coast to coast, ocean to ocean, and perhaps a few times over. Now don’t hold us to it, but we printed some Really Huge Banners over the years and many of them! For the biggest and yet most economical custom sign, the choice will be our vinyl banner signs. They come as small as 2x2, but as large as a Size 10 feet x 50 feet long! We’re also capable of creating large, seamless Custom Vinyl Signs as long as 150 feet and as wide as 10 feet, on request.

Do you sell installation hardware?

Unfortunately, we do not. All of our signs come ready to be hanged, unrolled, applied, attached, or installed by many other means you may find suitable. You can find everything you need to hang your signs are your local hardware story, big box office supply store, or online retailers like Amazon.
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