Stanchion Banners

While you are using stanchion poles with belts to guide people in line, why not advertise your event, promote specials, and even recognize potential sponsors with custom stanchion banners that are mounted between two stanchions using hemmed banner pockets.

Any business that requires the managing of people in lines will use stanchions with belts or rails to help guide traffic flow. We have all seen the stanchions amusement parks use to direct lines to shows, events and its rides. These areas are subject to seeing hundreds, if not thousands of people daily that are slowly heading toward their intended destination.

Using stanchion banners to use in line control guideways is an excellent place to advertise new attractions, promote vendors selling refreshments, and highlight sponsors that help make the event or entertainment possible. Literally the opportunities for promotion are endless, and what better place to advertise than in an area that contains huge crowds of people moving in lines so slow that it takes several minutes to complete.

We use both 13 ounce vinyl and 18 ounce blockout vinyl to print our stanchion banners. Stanchions will usually manage a line of people on each side, so our 18 ounce stanchion banners will allow double sided printing for attracting attention to people in both lines.

Hemmed pockets on the top and bottom of these banners will provide for stanchion pole inserts to be used for installing. We also offer side grommets for additional securing of these banners..

Do I need a special pole for installing stanchion banners?

There are companies that offer custom polls that fit directly onto stanchion caps, but any horizontal poll will add the support your stanchion banner requires for support. Even tiny PVC caps and piping can be used for securing your stanchion banners.

Can I simply attach the stanchion belt to my stanchion banner for installation?

We do not suggest solely using the stanchion belt for securing your stanchion banners. Your banner will sag in the middle and even cause the stanchion polls to tip. Hanging your stanchion banners from a secure poll or pipe that sits on the stanchion is the best method for installation.

Can My Stanchion Banners Include Full Color Process Printing?

Yes. We digital print our banners, and you can include high definition full color process graphics on your banners.

Can I Get Custom Sized and Finished Stanchion Banners If Needed?

We do accept special requests if your stanchion banners require special sizing or finishing. Please contact us for a custom quote if this applies.

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Stanchion Banners
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