Backdrop Banners Vinyl Signs To Enhance Any Background

Backdrop Banners

Printastic is your source for backdrop banners for any occasion! To create a red carpet worthy event, you don’t have to turn far. A custom backdrop kicks up any event: charity las, red carpets, fashion shows, or press conferences. All our products are printed using eco-solvent inks that resist fading on vinyl media in vibrant colors and with high-resolution details. A smooth matte finish makes backdrop banners perfect for photo ops; photographs always turn out glare-free, no matter how bright the flash.

Backdrop banners need to be somewhat different from your typical vinyl banner, in that they are highly visible in pictures with people. Since people walk right up to them, they need to be produced with the highest quality, and they need to be printed on a matte finish vinyl so you don't have glare trouble in trade show lighting or flash photography. Your backdrop banner should feature bright graphics and sharp text to attract people to your red carpet, booth or exhibit. That way, on the day of the big event, all you’ll need to do is pose and smile.

The vinyl banner media that we print backdrop banners on is a matte finish material that accepts our 8-color eco-solvent ink set beautifully. It is nylon reinforced for strength and can be finished a variety of ways according to your needs - including hemming, grommets and more. We print full color images on vinyl at 1440 dpi, producing stunning, razor sharp graphics and brilliant photographic images.

Helpful Tips

If you’re not sure where to start, choose from our gallery of free templates. Use our easy-to-use design tools to customize it, and once you’re done, it’s simply a matter of selecting your finishing options and checking out. Painless and easy. Backdrop banners add a unique touch for an exclusive, thrilling, unique, buzz-worthy mood to your next event.

Many people make the mistake of wanting to add everything they do on a backdrop, and in the end they are no longer an inviting booth to go into. Too much text and information equates to work for the casual viewer. If you can boil your unique selling point down to one phrase, you will be able to visually shout it across the aisle. Avoid loading up your backdrop banner with too many details, they instead should be supplied in a handout that can be handed to your potential customer while you talk to them.

Your company name and logo need to be on the backdrop banner so you can start equating your service/product with your name. How prominent your logo is depends on whether or not you have an identity that people readily recognize. If you do, it will add value to your business then you need to have that at the forefront. If you do not have an identity that will be recognized by most people, you should instead try to focus on promoting what you do or sell.

You want people to feel compelled to come into your booth and that is the sole purpose of a backdrop banner. Once potential customers enter your booth, let your sales reps take over and sell - that is what they do best.