Full-Color High-Quality Yard Cards: Customize Your Message Today

Use custom messages to create quality yard cards that help you promote your business, school spirit, and more. Our Yard Cards are digitally printed in full-color and cut to size.

Use our design tool to create a custom message with yard letters. All you have to do is type in your unique message and watch our design tool as it automatically generates your yard card on the screen. You can choose from a variety of fonts and colors so that you can create a message that’s truly yours.

Share Your Design and Collaborate

With our design tool, you can save your design, which generates a unique URL that you can send to friends, colleagues, and more. They’ll see your design and be able to collaborate with you to make it one-of-a-kind. If your yard cards need approval, our design tool makes it easy for you to share for easy approval from department heads and more.

Yard Cards Are Ideal For:

  • Educational (Elementary, Middle & High School)
  • Sports
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Health Care (Hospitals, Heroes, Vaccination)
  • Small Businesses
  • Holiday Greetings & Sales
  • Personal Uses (Birthdays, Graduations, New Borns, Showers, and more)



easy set-up

Easy Set-Up

weather resistant


free shipping

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  • Custom Phrases and Letters
  • 24-inch Letters and Numbers
  • Full Color Printing
  • Durable, made from corrugated plastic
  • Weatherproof
  • Includes H-stakes for Easy Set Up
  • Single sided (Printed on one side)
  • Made in the USA


Corrugated Plastic

24-inch tall corrugated plastic letters and numbers: Yard Cards are printed on 4mm Coroplast®, meaning they’re weather-resistant and lightweight.

Included H-Stakes

Galvanized wire stakes that go through the flutes of the yard card for easy set-up. H-Stakes are 24 inches x 10 inches.

Educational (Elementary, Middle & High School)

Welcome students back to school after summer vacation with a yard card greeting that’s sure to get them excited about learning. You can place your yard cards anywhere on your property, but the entrance is the best location if you want all of your students and parents to see them and feel welcomed back after a long break. Yard Cards can also be used for celebrations like the school Halloween party. Make sure to pick spooky colors!


Cheer on your favorite sports teams with yard cards that match their team colors. Whether playing at home or away, your youth sports team should get the welcome and cheers that they deserve. Yard cards can boost your team’s spirits and keep them lifted throughout the entire game as they try to beat their opponents while you applaud from the stands or sidelines. Knowing that you’ve gone above and beyond to recognize them, your team will surely do their best to win.

Colleges and Universities

With tons of options for where to place yard cards, universities and colleges can use yard cards to welcome back students, wish them luck on exams, and promote school spirit. Make sure to match your yard cards to your school’s colors so that you can have a uniform look all around campus. Use yard cards to boost confidence going back to class and into exams by showing your students that you care.

Health Care (Hospitals, Heroes, Vaccination)

Place yard cards outside of your hospital or healthcare facility to welcome and direct patients and show your healthcare workers that you appreciate all of their hard work. For those with difficult, demanding jobs, appreciation yard signs can help boost their spirits, making them feel appreciated for the long hours they spend on the job away from their family.

This small demonstration of appreciation can keep them going all day long so that they can stay motivated throughout the day.

Small Businesses

Promote your products and services from your property with bright, eye-catching yard cards. Your yard signs can be used to welcome customers and clients, promote products and services, and provide directions for those seeking you out. Not to mention, colorful yard cards can make any building appear more bright and uplifting, beginning the start of a happy customer experience before they even step foot into your business.

Holiday Greetings & Sales

Celebrate the holiday season with your customers with bright, festive yard cards that help you boost sales and revenue. Promote your BOGO, 50% off, and all of your holiday sales from your lawn, letting your customers know what to expect when they get inside.

The holiday season is festive and full of joy, so make sure that your business provides its customers with the same type of joy. By simply wishing your customers a happy holiday, you can improve your customer relationships and increase your sales long through the holidays.

Personal Uses

Make your friends and family feel loved. With yard cards, you can celebrate just about anything. Install the letters on your or a loved one’s front yard to get the party started. Celebrate birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and more from the front yard. Yard cards can also be used to direct guests to the party. All they’ll have to do is look for the bright, colorfull yard card to let them know exactly where to go.