Celebrate Easter at Your Church with Custom Banners

Though it seems like we’ve only just gotten over the hustle and bustle of celebrating Christmas and the New Year, one of the most important holidays for Christians across the planet, Easter, is just about a month away. Time is truly flying by.

And though we’ve written briefly before about how custom banners can help churches everywhere announce their Easter plans, maximize turnout at Easter events, and make this joyous holiday truly special, we’ve put together some additional ideas how you can use our custom banners to get the most out of one of the holiest holidays on the entire church calendar.

These ideas are based on some real-life examples we’ve seen from our customers across the United States, so don’t be shy about incorporating them into your Easter plans this year.

Use Custom Banners to Announce When and Where Your Easter Services Will Be

Whether your congregation simply hosts one meaningful service on Easter Sunday morning, or you’ve got a full week of inspirational events to help celebrate the resurrection of Christ, an easily visible banner posted either inside of your church, outside where the public can see it, or both, is one of the best ways to get the word out about all you’ll be doing to celebrate the holiday this year. 

A Sunrise Service, a Midnight Mass, or any other special event you’re planning to host around the holiday is sure to be something no one in your congregation or community are going to want to miss – and a custom banner is a wonderful and easy way to help get the word out about all of your services and events this year without overspending your budget.

Use Custom Banners for Fundraisers

Many churches use the Easter holiday to help promote one of Jesus’ most important lessons: helping others. Whether it’s a food drive, a charity fundraiser, or a warm meal for those less fortunate, this kind of effort to help others is only as successful as the number of people who get involved and make them happen.

If your church is hosting a special fundraiser or charitable event this year, using a custom banner to help spread the word about your good works can help make whatever effort you undertake more successfully than ever before. And, when you hang your custom banner outside for the general public to see, you can help others get involved who may not already be part of your house of worship – helping to spread the word about the great work you as a congregation do. 

Use Banners to Tell Families About Fun Events 

Not only is Easter a very important holiday when it comes to religious observance, but it’s also a holiday that is steeped in family fun. Kids look forward all year to Easter Egg hunts, brunches and special meals, crafts and fairs, and so much more. And since the lifeblood of churches across the country is young families, there has perhaps never been a more important time to make sure everyone in your congregation knows about the fun and exciting events you’ve got coming up in your church. 

Plus, since many churches host the same events each year to celebrate the Easter season, whatever custom banner you buy can be used over and over each year – allowing you to get the most out of any custom banner you purchase. 

Last Minute? Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered

Like we said at the beginning of this post, Easter is just around the corner. And though you may think you’re too late to order anything that will make it to you in time for the holiday – we’re here to show you otherwise. At Printastic, we pride ourselves on not only offering top-quality products to churches and community organizations for fair prices but also on our ability to have things printed and shipped as quickly as possible for our customers. 

When you order a banner during normal business hours, we’ll print it in-house and ship it out to you the very next day – no long production times, no three weeks of waiting. We offer these convenient shipping options because we want our customers to receive and enjoy their custom banners with plenty of time to display them for all to see. Plus, our library of thousands of custom pre-set designs makes designing the perfect banner in minutes a reality – even for those without any design skills. 

At Printastic, we’re all about getting you exactly what you want quickly and affordably – which is how we remain one of the best-reviewed custom banner companies in the industry. 

If you’re ready to get started designing and ordering your custom Easter banners, don’t wait another second. Check out our incredibly easy-to-use Easter template library and have fun celebrating one of the holiest days of the year!

Essential Information to Include on Your Custom Car Magnets

Custom vehicle or car magnets are one of our most popular products at Printastic because they’re durable, effective, and exceptionally affordable. And though we have many impressive designs in our vast library of templates, we are asked time and time again by customers what information they should include in their custom magnet design.

Though space can be limited on a magnet, there is still plenty of room to make the most of your real estate to achieve maximum impact. Here are a few suggestions on what essential information to include in your custom vehicle magnet design:

Essential Information to Include

Phone number

Though this may seem like the most obvious piece of information to put on your custom car magnet, it is definitely worth double-checking that you include it in your design. A phone number is the easiest way for a potential customer to quickly and immediately contact you – especially when they’re out on the road. This is doubly true if your phone number happens to include a recognizable word or phrase like 1-800-my-business.

The more prominently and obviously you can display your phone number on your custom car magnet, the better chance you have of new customers dialing it next time they see you out and about.

Be sure to use a readable size font for your phone number when creating your magnet design to ensure you have the most significant impact and retention.


It’s a fact that more than 90% of all buying decisions, whether it be a product or service, begin online – and your own website is the best online salesperson you have. That’s why it is incredibly important in this market of increased competition that your website address be front and center in your custom car magnet design.

If you depend on your website for business, even if your website address is on the longer side, we highly recommend its inclusion in your magnet design. To save space, you can easily eliminate the www from the beginning.


Surprisingly, the inclusion of a logo on a custom car magnet is another aspect of a design that some of our customers tend to overlook. Your logo is like your calling card – it’s the way your customers recognize your work and your quality. Plus, many logos also give new customers an idea of what you do without having to communicate with lengthy explanations.

Just like in your other marketing material, your logo should be front and center of your custom car magnet so all on the road can see exactly who you are and what you do. Luckily, our custom car magnets are printed in full color, so your logo will always look great.

Not Essential, But Great Ideas

Even if you were to print the biggest car magnet on the market, there is only so much information you can comfortably fit in your design before things get crowded and muddy. But if you find yourself with some extra space, you may want to add some of the following components to get the most out of your car magnet exposure on the road.


There’s no question that your address is an important thing to communicate to your customers – especially if they come to you. But in the limited amount of space on a car magnet and the abbreviated amount of time a potential customer will be seeing it, it’s a nonessential piece of information.

Instead of listing your full address, it might be a good idea to just simply list the city where your business resides or the general area you serve. That will be enough of an indicator to the public that you’re local, right in their community, and ready to meet their needs.


The inclusion of an email address on a custom car magnet can go either way – but when it comes to essential information, we are convinced that you’re better off showcasing your website for exposure and your phone number for contact. It’s much easier for a potential customer on the road to dial a ten-digit number then it is to remember a long email address. We suggest saving the emails for use on your business card.

With sizes for every vehicle and a quantity discount that fits every budget, our custom vehicle magnetic signs are a great way to advertise your business without breaking the bank. You can learn all about our different options and get started designing yours right on our website. Don’t forget the essentials!

Use Custom Banners to Make Election Day a Success

Though elections are held every year in the United States, a presidential election, which only comes around every four years, is a whole different ball game. The stakes are higher, the turnout is bigger, and all eyes turn to local municipalities who bear the responsibility of helping citizens in their area to cast their vote for who will make up their next government. 

2020 is a presidential election year, and though the calendar has seemingly just turned back to January, before we know it, November will be just around the corner. That’s why it is so important that all who are involved in making the electoral process run smoothly throughout our country begin planning now to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. 

And while half the battle is getting voters to show up at the polls, the other half is making sure they know exactly what they’re doing when they get there. Here’s how our custom banners can help make the upcoming election day a real winner:

Custom Banners to Identify Which Precinct Votes Where

When most of us show up to vote on election day, chances are it is at an elementary school, government building, church, or other public space. And because many different voting precincts can end up sharing the same space, the need to properly identify which precinct votes where is incredibly important. Many of our municipal clients have found that using custom banners can provide the perfect solution to this common problem. 

Whether you want to hang the custom banner above an entrance to identify where voters of a certain precinct should enter, or use it to adorn the wall behind a registration table, banners make it easy to quickly communicate to voters which precincts vote where – reducing confusion at the polls and speeding up what can easily become a slow process. Plus, because precincts rarely change and our banners are durable and long-lasting, they can easily be used year after year, election after election, to great efficacy. 

Custom Banners to Let Voters Know Where to Vote

Election day can be hectic, and for many long-time and first-time voters, a change of their voting location can throw a hitch into their plans. That’s why cities, especially after a location change, need to do their best to show voters exactly where they need to go to vote. For many cities and counties, custom banners help achieve this goal in an effective and cost-friendly way.

Both our 8oz mesh banners that are great for high-wind areas and our 18oz heavy duty banners which are designed specifically for large banners intended to be used outdoors are great options for letting your voters know exactly where to vote. When hung on the side of a building or suspended from stakes in a lawn, a big, eye-catching custom banner that says “Vote Here Today” or “Polling Place” will leave no doubt as to your voters destination – and will help you maximize turnout each and every election day. 

Custom Banners for Voter Registration 

Though making voting as easy as possible is the ultimate goal for any city or government that helps to organize an election, equally important is making sure all who are eligible and interested in registering to vote are able to – and, again, banners can play a huge helpful role.

Whether you’re manning a table at a local community gathering months before the election or running a same-day voter registration effort at a local polling place, making sure your audience knows exactly who you are and how you can help them is truly paramount to your success. A beautiful high-quality banner will go a long way to helping you achieve your goal.

Though these are three great ways custom banners can be used to help make your community’s election day a success, there is truly no end to the potential these affordable yet universally adaptable pieces have. Check out all of our great banner options on our banner page, and get started designing your banner now!

Why Yard Signs Work for Real Estate Agents

For most of the United States, it seems like the dog days of summer couldn’t be further away than they are now. Snow is on the ground, temperatures are flirting with single digits, and the days seem to only last as long as the sun can stand the cold.

But, believe it or not, now is the best time to start planning for the coming spring and summer season if you’re a business owner – and if you’re a real estate agent, broker, or home buyer, this expediated timeline holds especially true. 

It’s no secret that, in the world of real estate, the months of May to August are by far the busiest and most successful for home buying and selling. The warming temperatures, school breaks, and summer activities make it an ideal time for listing and buying houses and other pieces of real property – and real estate agents know that a strong four months in May-August can make or break their entire fiscal year.

But promoting yourself or your agency isn’t always easy in your community. The market is crowded with other agents and brokers, and big national brands are moving ever closer to dominating even the smaller markets across the country. It seems, year after year, you must work even harder to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Don’t we already use signs?

Real estate agents have always used signage as part of their marketing strategy – but the big, bulky wooden signs that we’ve seen adorn many front lawns in just about every community in the United States are not only expensive, but they’re also a pain to install, move, and remove. Many times, you have to pay someone to do so.

In this post, we’re going to show you how our durable, affordable, and fully customizable lawn signs can easily replace your more traditional wooden real estate signs and result in better exposure and performance out there in the market – all while lowering your marketing spend!

Location, Location, Location

It’s been said that the three most important words in real estate are location, location, location, and not only does this apply to property, it also applies to your signage.

With traditional real estate signs, you can only really place them on the front lawn – hardly ideal for maximum exposure. When you utilize customized lawn signs as part of your marketing push, your contact information can be placed just about anywhere on the property: the curb, the garden, the corner – almost anywhere. With this flexibility, you can dispatch multiple signs on just about any piece of property you’re selling – resulting in consistent exposure and brand retention. 

The Bottom Line

Anyone who has been in the real estate game for any amount of time knows that replacing those custom wooden signs can be expensive and troublesome. They’re not always easy to order, and they don’t quite hold up to the elements as well as we’d all like – especially for the money. In short: they can be a real pain to work with.

But all of the pain points described above for more traditional real estate signs go away the minute you choose to go with custom yard signs for your real estate business. The cost is low, the designing and ordering can literally be done in a matter of minutes, and our durable corrugated plastic material is both weather and UV proof for outdoor use – giving you up to two years of use on each sign that you order. 

What also makes our customizable yard signs a great value is that the more you order, the cheaper the price. Meaning you can order multiple kinds of signs for multiple situations and you’ll still be under budget.

Easily Share Other Essential Messages

For real estate agents and brokers, it’s not just your contact information that you want to share. Sometimes, you want to inform people of an upcoming open house or auction, or even provide wayfinding directions from a main street to the house or building you’re selling. Fully customizable yard signs can help here too. 

No matter which message you need to communicate or why, you can easily design an inexpensive, high-quality, reusable yard sign to make sure any and all potential customers are made aware of the marketing message you’re trying to communicate. 

The busiest months of the real estate calendar are quickly approaching, and if you’re planning to make 2020 one of your strongest years on record, incorporating fully customizable yard signs into your real estate marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to get a leg up on your competition. 

Start your design now with our free online design tool or upload your completed artwork now – you will have signs in hand before the weather even begins to break with our super fast shipping! 

Three Reasons Why Custom Vehicle Magnets Beat Vehicle Wraps For Advertising Your Business

Whether you operate your own business or use your personal car for your job, chances are you’ve thought about the best way to utilize all of that prime real estate that your vehicle provides.

Every day when you’re out on the road going from job to job, you pass thousands of potential customers who might not even know they need your service until it’s right in front of them. That’s where advertising your business on your vehicle can really be a difference-maker – and one definitely worth exploring.

Where To Start

If you’re considering advertising your business on your vehicle, there are really only two professional options to consider – the first of which is a full vehicle wrap. Chances are you seen these on the road: they’re big, eye-catching, and turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard for your business. On the flip side, they’re also expensive and very difficult to remove should your situation change.

Your other option when it comes to advertising your business on your car is high-quality custom vehicle magnets. Exceptionally affordable, exquisitely customizable, and all-around easy to use and keep clean, custom vehicle magnets look great on any type or size of car or truck. And, unlike vehicle wraps, custom vehicle magnets are not permanent and can be moved every single time there used.

In this post, we’re going to look at three different reasons why if you’re considering using your car to advertise your business, custom vehicle magnets are the way to go.

Reason #1: Cost

So much in business depends on one thing: the bottom line. So when it comes to spending your advertising dollars in the most efficient and effective way possible, you should always consider cost before making a choice.

When you compare vehicle wraps and custom vehicle magnets by cost, there really isn’t even a comparison. A full custom vehicle wrap can not only cost in the thousands to apply, but you also have to consider design costs which, to fit your vehicle correctly, can be very expensive.

When it comes to the cost of custom vehicle magnets, it’s a totally different story. Custom vehicle magnets are exceptionally affordable and will cost you far less than a custom vehicle wrap. Plus, because they are so low cost, you can outfit an entire feet fleet of vehicles for 1/10 of what it would cost for a custom wrap job on just one car.

When it comes to comparing costs between custom vehicle magnets and a custom vehicle wrap, there is no comparison: custom vehicle magnets win every time.

Reason #2: Ease-of-Use

One of the biggest problems with custom wrapping on a vehicle is that it’s there just about forever. You cannot take the wrap off if you want to use the vehicle for personal reasons, and you can’t take it off if you’re making a non-business trip or if you want your driver to remain anonymous. This can cause quite a problem especially for independent contractors or small business owners who don’t necessarily want to take their business with them everywhere they go.

One of the best parts about custom vehicle magnets is that you can use them wherever and whenever you want to – and not in any place you don’t. Because they are simply magnets, they can attach to your vehicle and be removed just as easily – meaning you can use them during business hours and business trips, and remove them when you just wat be a person in a car.

Plus, if anything should ever happen to your business or anything should change in your marketing like a rebrand, rename, or refocus, all you have to do is change out the magnet and you are current with your branding and mission. By comparison, once a vehicle is wrapped, it’s going to stay that way unless you want to go undergo an expensive removal process.

Because they’re easy to use, easy to remove, and easy to change out depending on circumstances, a custom vehicle magnet is a much more flexible way to display your business information and logo on a car.

Reason #3: Artwork

A custom vehicle wrap on your vehicle can be a very expensive proposition. First, you need to establish and design the artwork that you want to feature, and then you need to have it rendered to fit on your specific vehicle. Then, as if that wasn’t enough cost, the artwork has to be physically applied to the vehicle by a professional who knows what they’re doing. All of this adds up to thousands of dollars per vehicle and a big chunk of your marketing budget.

When you order a custom vehicle magnet from Printastic, we provide you with all of the tools you need to get a fantastic professional looking design without any of the costs associated with hiring an art department or custom fabricator. If you’ve got a logo you like, you can upload it to our easy to use design tool and incorporate it into one of our professional templates. Or, you could use our designer and create something from scratch – all at no additional cost to you.

We take all of the guesswork and cost out of the design phase of the custom vehicle magnet process, saving you time and money, and helping to guarantee you spectacular results. Compare that with the expensive custom vehicle wrap process, and again, there is truly no comparison. Custom vehicle magnets are the right choice for you.

No matter what industry you’re in or the customer population you serve, there has never been a more competitive time for business. Everywhere we look, from our computers to our cell phones to the side of the road, there are advertisements for every single service imaginable. When you’re trying to decide how to best use your vehicle in pursuit of building and promoting your business, there is no doubt that custom vehicle magnets can do more for your business with less of your budget than any kind of customer vehicle wrap job on the market.

Whether you outfit in one vehicle or an entire fleet, custom vehicle magnets are a great way to put your name and your business in front of countless new customers every time you take to the road.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and browse all of our awesome templates and even play around with our designer to see what you can come up with for your custom vehicle magnet.

Ready to get started? Click here to start designing!

How Different Industries Can Benefit from Custom Yard Signs

Whether you’ve got a marketing budget of a million dollars or more, or you don’t have any kind of marketing budget at all, custom yard signs can be a spectacular investment to help you build your customer base, get the word out about what you do, and add a bit of professionalism to every job you contract.

Exceptionally affordable and durable, our yard signs can be customized to reflect any kind of marketing message or logo, and, thanks to our templates and online designer, you can have a professionally designed yard sign completed, printed, and on its way to you in just about no time. 

We know that businesses and services of all kinds can benefit from adding yard signs to their marketing repertoire, and today we’re going to discuss just how powerful they can be for a variety of vocations. If you’re a small business owner, a skilled tradesman, or a service provider, we bet you’ll find whatever you do on the list below. 

Indoor Workers: Contractors

Talk to any person who owns a home and they will tell you: finding a reliable, reasonable, and recommended general contractor to do work around the house can be one of the biggest chores imaginable. Outside of word of mouth or trusting website reviews, finding a legitimate contractor among a group of amateur do-it-yourselfers can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But contractors who stand behind their work and are looking to build up their customer base can do so easily with customized yard signs. 

Because much of the work a general contractor will do in a home or a commercial building takes place in the interior, it’s often not easy to advertise your business to the masses. However, using a lawn sign to announce where you’re doing work and your contact information can help communicate your information to all interested parties in a tactful, professional, and low-cost way. 

Vehicle wraps can be expensive, and advertising campaigns with mailers or television commercials can blow your whole budget. But, the simplicity of a yard sign placed in the lawn of wherever you and your crew are doing work this week can help you make a big splash time and time again.

If you’re a neighborhood general contractor and you want to get the word out about the great work you do, customized lawn signs are definitely the way to go.

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including handyman, electricians, plumbers, HVAC service companies, and more! 

Service Providers: Window Washers

We’ve blogged in the past about why window washers and yard signs are a perfect match, so we won’t go into it in too much detail here. However, it’s important to remember that window cleaning is such a specialized service, that people may not even be aware they need it until they’re reminded it’s out there.

For window cleaners, customized yard signs can be used not only to promote your specific company but to also spread awareness about window cleaning as a service. The more people you can remind that professional and affordable window cleaners are in their neighborhood, the more potential customers will be taking a closer look at the glass in their home and deciding to pick up the phone. It’s truly a win-win situation.

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including home cleaners, carpet and floor cleaning companies, gutter cleaners, and more! 

Outdoor Workers: Roofers

While contractors, plumbers, and electricians tend to work inside the home, roofers are one of the few home services that operate solely on the outside – and this is yet another aspect of your work that you can use to your favor! When a work crew is outside of a house, it grabs attention from neighbors, passing cars, and pedestrians – and you couldn’t ask for a better introduction to your business.

But, unless you’re prepared to stop your work and offer each interested party who passes by a business card, your potential for counting them among future customers is all but lost. That’s where yard signs come in. 

While your work may be grabbing their attention, it’s the yard sign that will let them know who you are and how to contact you. This is the kind of information that is essential to gathering new business right in the same neighborhood – increasing your revenue and footprint in the communities you want to be in. Plus, when the job is done, you can remove the yard sign and reuse it next time – helping to create that essential brand repetition you need to become a household name. 

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including gardeners and landscapers, lawn and sprinkler services, cement laying companies, fencing companies, and more. 

As you can see from our list, there is virtually no type of industry that won’t benefit from the use of customized yard signs as part of their marketing efforts. To get started designing yours, check out our Yard Signs page for more information and our online design tool! It’s as easy as can be to start using lawn signs today.

Tips for Starting Your Custom Vinyl Banner Design the Right Way

On our blog, we’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about one of our favorite products: vinyl banners. That’s because, not only are vinyl banners exceptionally affordable and can be used in just about any situation, but they’re also incredibly effective at grabbing your potential customer’s attention and keeping it – wherever the banner is hung. 

When it comes to banners, we’ve talked about the importance of choosing the right material for your custom vinyl banner and the best way to hang your banner both inside and outside. We’ve covered how double-sided banners can be the perfect choice for the right situation and how wholesale banners can give you the best bang for your marketing buck.

Today, we’re going to cover something a little different, but trust us: if you’re in the market for banners for your business or group, you’ll want to read on.

Today, we’re talking all about the right way to start your banner design to grab your customer’s attention and keep it! 

Starting Your Design: Size

Designing a custom vinyl banner is just like designing any other piece of marketing material. You have to think of exactly what you’d like to say, how you want to say it, and find the best way to fit it into the medium you’re working with.

When it comes to vinyl banners, our selection of different sizes – from 2×2 to 10×50 – gives you as much flexibility as you need to get your design as large and as visible as possible. 

So, when you’re starting your design and thinking about grabbing the attention of your customers, think about size first. If you pick the right size for your space, you’ll be much more apt to grab and keep attention. 

Starting Your Design: Logo

Your logo is an essential part of your business and should be included in just about every marketing effort you make – and banners are no different. Including your logo will help not only grab attention but also with brand recognition – which has shown to be one of the most important factors driving consumer choice in the market today. 

When you’re deciding on how to put together the best banner design for your business, be sure to make your logo front and center in what you do. Your customers will love you, and recognize you, for it. 

Starting Your Design: Colors

Chances are if you’ve had a professional logo made for your company, you also have an idea of what kind of colors work best for your business. And while there are many colors that, according to conventional wisdom, are perennial winners in the attention-grabbing category like red and green, we think a significant splash of ANY color will do as long as it is used correctly in your design.

So, when you’re going back and forth on how to make your design look the best it possibly can, considering using a significant amount of color to make yourselves stand out. White writing with a black background just isn’t as exciting as bright, bold, and beautiful colors.

Starting Your Design: Messaging 

Very few people will stop to read or retain the information in a very busy banner. And though we can make banners of many different sizes, it’s always best to use the space to get your message across as simply as possible.

Whatever message you want to get out via your banner, figure out the best way to say in just a few words or statements and your banner will have a bigger impact. Remember: less is more!

Starting Your Design: Images

There’s a reason the old adage says that pictures are worth 1,000 words – it’s true! 

No matter how concise and direct your messaging is, no words will ever compare to the power of pictures. If you have high-quality images of what you do or what you’d like to sell, it doesn’t hurt to include them in your banner design as an extra attention-grabber. People like to know what to expect before making a purchase or attending an event – so give them what they want! 

When you arrange pictures in a tasteful way, it can make all the difference in your banner design. 

Starting Your Design: Use a Template

Sure, there are some simple rules for getting your banner design started the right way, but why start things from scratch if you don’t have to?

At Printastic, we pride ourselves on offering one of the best libraries of templates anywhere in the printing business – and they’re all free for you to use. 

No matter what your industry or your banner’s purpose, we’re sure that you’ll find something you’ll love. And, these templates are plug and play, which means you can upload your logo, change the colors, and in just a few short minutes, you’ve got a fully customized banner ready to go.

If you’re ready to get your banner project off the ground, start with our online design tool and template library. We’d love to help you design something spectacular!

Custom Vehicle Magnets for Pharmacies that Deliver

Pharmacies are one of the most important and competitive businesses in the United States. Almost every family, in one way or another, depends on the medication and supplies they get at their local pharmacy to help them live their best lives. 

With many huge multi-national corporations getting into the pharmacy game, one competitive advantage small, independent, and family pharmacies can offer is delivery. For many customers, including seniors, a pharmacy offering delivery can be the very reason they choose a specific pharmacy for their pharmacological needs and remain a loyal customer. 

But offering delivery isn’t just a great way for a pharmacy to serve their current customers, it can also be a powerful way to recruit new ones. That’s where custom vehicle magnets come in.

Utilizing custom vehicle magnets on all of your delivery vehicles can be a low-cost, highly effective way to help get the word out about your business and the services you offer. As mobile billboards, your vehicles are in and around the neighborhoods you serve every day – why not use these miles you’re already driving as a low-cost advertising opportunity? 

It’s truly a win-win for pharmacies of all sizes. 

Ordering Custom Vehicle Magnets for Your Pharmacy Delivery Vehicles is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Once you’ve decided to add custom vehicle magnets to your fleet of pharmacy delivery cars and trucks, getting them in-hand and on the road is as easy as one, two three.

One: Find the perfect size and design

Just like no two pharmacies or pharmacy service companies are built the same, the same is true for your needs when it comes to vehicle magnets. Depending on the types of vehicles in your fleet and their size, you can choose exactly the right size of magnet that is right for you. 

For most passenger cars like sedans and coupes, we always recommend our standard 12×18 or 12×24 custom vehicle magnets. These standard sizes will not only fit your passenger car very well but will also provide ample space for you to advertise your business and get the word out about all of the services you offer. 

If you’ve got pick-up trucks in your fleet that sport slightly bigger doors than the passenger cars mentioned above, we recommend 12×24, 18×18, or 18×24-sized custom vehicle magnets. Taking full advantage of most truck’s larger surface area, these sizes are pre-selected to fit most types of trucks on the road. However, always be sure to measure and select the perfect size for your truck before ordering. 

Many pharmacies use vans and larger vehicles for business and delivery – but don’t worry, we’ve got them covered too. Our 12×36, 12×48, 18×36, 18×48, 24×24, 24×36, and 24×48 magnets are designed with larger vehicles in mind – turning your fleet of vans or larger trucks into beautiful branded delivery vehicles.

Two: Create an eye-catching design

Once you’ve measured and selected the perfect size for your custom vehicle magnets, the next step is to decide on a design that works just right for your business. And because we deal with businesses of all sizes and types, we’ve made it as easy as possible to get design results you’ll love – even if you don’t have any graphic design experience. Choose from the three great options below:

Upload a fully completed sign design

If you’ve got everything you need in-house to create a spectacular design for your custom vehicle sign, then your work is done! Simply create a design on any inhouse design program like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign and upload it in a variety of formats right to our website. To make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it, we’ll send you a proof file before your design goes to print.

Use one of our already established templates

Our customers love us not only because we provide high-quality printing at fantastic prices, but also because we have one of the best template libraries in the business that is free to use! Simply search through many of the different templates we offer until you find one you like. You can edit in your own information, like phone number and logo, and in just a few short minutes you have a state-of-the-art magnet design that makes you look professional and proud. 

Use our online designer

If you like the idea of designing your own custom vehicle magnet but don’t have the proper software, then we’ve got you covered. Our sophisticated and easy to use online design software allows you to create any sign that your imagination can make – and even include your own logo and images. It can be a lot of fun to play around and get exactly what you like for your design – so we always encourage our customers to get creative on our online designer! 

Three: Order your sign and start enjoying right away

We know how impossible it can be to wait for something you really want, which is why we’ve made fast shipping part of the Printastic experience.

Once you hit the order button, your magnetic sign will be custom printed in the highest quality and shipped directly to you in just a matter of days. We even offer free Super-Saver shipping to orders that hit $75 or more. 
Once your custom magnet arrives, be sure to follow our instructions for application and care so it will look it’s best and last as long as possible.

Custom Yard Signs for Ballot Initiatives and Propositions

Debates on TV, commercials on the radio, and candidate mailers in the mailbox – it must be election season.

For many communities in America, election day falls on November 5th, and with only a short time before ballots are printed and prepped, we’ve shipped orders from across this country of custom yard signs for a variety of candidates and causes.

A few weeks ago, we talked a lot about how custom yard signs make great tools for candidates, municipalities, and policies around election season – and that’s true – but what we’re going to cover in today’s post is just as important: how custom yard signs can be used to to help promote, pass, and publicize ballot initiatives during election season. 

Ballot initiatives or measures are one of the most important aspects of the democratic political process. Often drafted by committees or organizations, these propositions are directly voted on by eligible voters instead of elected officials – giving those who head to the polls a true voice in the laws of the land.

Each year, it seems, more and more important social, political, and economic policies are turned into law by ballot measures, and this upcoming election season is no different. That’s why, no matter which side of an issue you fall on, making sure information gets disseminated out to the public quickly and effectively is a top priority.

And that’s where custom yard signs come into play. 

A timeless tool of the political season, yard signs are a great low-cost high-visibility way for propositions and ballot measures to be introduced and supported or opposed in the community. Just like displaying a yard sign for a specific candidate, proposition-focused yard signs can help spread the message you want without having to purchase expensive advertising on TV or radio networks.

In this post, we’re going to show you some great examples of ways committees and groups have used custom yard signs to help get the word out about ballot propositions and initiatives. 

Tell Them How They Should Vote

Chances are you’ve seen many signs during election season telling you to “Vote Yes” or “Vote No” on certain propositions – and the reason is clear: this type of simple messaging is very effective. 

The voting public may not even know the specifics or purposes certain propositions hold, but what they will remember is that their neighbor across the street was lending their support one way or another. The more positive or negative yard signs you can associate with a specific proposition, the better chance you have of convincing those on-the-fence voters which way they should vote. 

Tell Them Why to Vote

Many times propositions or ballot measures are designed to help provide support and funding to important local institutions like schools, libraries, police, and fire. And though oftentimes the type of language associated with these ballot initiatives can be confusing and long, campaigns to pass these measures are able to keep these issues top of mind for many voters by associating them with a simple idea.

We’ve seen very effective signs that use just a few words to get their point across: “Support Our Library – Yes on 3” or “Keep Bluffton Green – No on 15.”

Though simple, these kinds of catchy and memorable associations between a cause and voting position can help set your ballot measure up for success or failure – depending on what you’re looking for.

Tell Them When to Vote

It seems that every election cycle we are inundated with numbers that suggest a less-than-stellar turnout for American voters – with many reporting confusion as to when election day even is! Custom political yard signs can help here too.

When publicizing your ballot initiative on a custom yard sign, a great way to help voters remember when to head over to the polls is to include which day they will be lending their support to your cause.

Effective examples of this include the simple “Vote No on Prop 3 This November 5th,” and the slightly more complex “Election Day is Coming Tuesday, November 5th – Vote Yes on Prop 3 for Schools.”

Because our custom yard signs are 18×24 and offer full-color printing on both sides, you will have plenty of space to fit the entirety of your message – even if you want to include the date of the election. 

Get Election Day Specific

Though there are rules as to just how close you can stand to a polling place, a very effective way to get through to voters is to educate and inform them as they make their way to the polls. If you are planning on having volunteers present at polling locations throughout your city to help hand out literature and get the word out about your cause, be sure to announce you’re there with a highly visible customized yard sign. 

From announcing the simple “Prop 5 Information Here” to “Learn More About Why You Should Vote Yes on Prop 5,” you can attract last-minute voters to your side by simply having a presence and providing information. And, because ballot measures usually don’t sport a large number of voters like national elections do, those few dozen voters you connect with on election day can make all of the difference. 

With our quick turnaround and fast shipping options, there is still plenty of time to order your custom political yard signs before election day. Get started now by checking out our many low-cost options that will suit your needs and your budget.

Magnetic Vehicle Signs – the Ultimate Care Guide

We’ve written in the past about what a great investment magnetic vehicle signs can be for any business. A fraction of the cost of custom wrapping or print jobs, and built to last even when put up against Mother Nature’s wrath, custom magnetic vehicle signs are a great tool to have in your marketing and operations arsenal no matter what type of business you run. 

But just because magnetic vehicle signs are exceptionally affordable doesn’t mean you don’t want to get as much use out of them as possible. For that reason, we’ve put together this short guide on how to properly care for your magnetic vehicle signs and keep them looking great and sticking well for their full lifetime of use.

Follow these instructions carefully, and your investment can last for years looking great:

Make Sure To Occasionally Remove Magnets and Clean Properly

Though custom vehicle magnets give you the flexibility of promoting your business or brand just about anywhere you go at any time of the day, it’s important for the lifespan of the magnet that you occasionally remove it to ensure proper adhesion during each application and also to take the time to properly clean the magnet. And lucky: Custom vehicle magnets couldn’t be easier to clean.

All you need to do a bang-up cleaning job is some warm water and a mild detergent, and your magnet should wipe clean with a soft cloth.

For those harder to clean spots of mud or any other debris that might build up over the course of a normal day of use, a glass cleaner like Windex® can make all the difference.

Be sure not to use any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents that can ruin your car’s finish, however, as the milder the better when it comes to car magnets. 

Along with cleaning, taking the time to remove magnets from your car isn’t just important for the health of the magnet, it can also help ensure your car continues to look great – especially if it’s a newer vehicle. Regular removals (daily if possible) will help protect the clear coat/base coat and vinyl surfaces present on some new vehicles and keep them intact and looking great.

If you regularly keep your magnet in the same place on the car, you’ll also want to be sure that you do some daytime driving (or parking) in direct sunlight without the magnet. Believe it or not, the UV rays from the sun can begin to change or fade even the newest finish on a vehicle, and though it’s not often noticeable, it will be if there is a big square right in the center of your door that is a different color than the rest of the car. By removing the magnet and giving your paint job its proper time in the sun, you’ll be allowing the even distribution of UV rays and keep things looking great. 

Store in a Proper Place for a Strong Shape

You may be asking yourself: what do I do with my custom vehicle magnet when it’s not on my vehicle? Lucky for you, we’ve got all kinds of experience in this department.

Once you have removed and cleaned your custom vehicle magnet using the process outlined above, you’ll want to store your magnet somewhere where it won’t get bent, broken, or damaged. When it comes to storing magnets, we always recommend using a large magnetic surface like the side of a filing cabinet, refrigerator, washing machine, or magnetic dry erase board – any clean, flat, metallic surface will do. By storing your magnet attached to a large flat metal surface, you’ll ensure your magnet retains its shape and doesn’t get damaged while not in use.

Remember: You never want to fold, bend, or crease your custom magnets. If you do have to roll them, do not roll them tighter than 8 inches. 

Watch Out for Wild Weather

Though our custom magnetic vehicle signs are designed to be strong and powerful even in nasty weather, you’ll want to add some special care to your magnet care routine when Mother Nature does decide to rear her ugly head. 

After every major rain or snowfall event in which your magnet has been affixed to a vehicle, be sure to remove the magnet and inspect for any damage. You’ll also want to use this opportunity to again clean your magnet to make sure no moisture or salt has become lodged between the magnet and your vehicle. 

For those who live in warmer climates where direct sunlight can reach dangerous levels of heat, be sure not to let your magnet overheat or it can stretch. You can help avoid this with regular removal and limiting direct exposure to UV rays.

A Great Marketing Tool

Custom magnetic vehicle signs remain such a popular product for business owners all over the country because they work and they work with just about any budget. Available in a variety of sizes, designs, and perfect for a variety of uses for businesses large and small, they’re a powerful tool to help make any vehicle in your fleet into a mobile billboard.

Whether you’ve already been using our custom vehicle magnets or you’re planning on placing an order now, be sure to use the steps and methods outlined above for the best possible outcome. The better you care for your magnets, the more they’ll do for your business.

Ready to start designing your custom vehicle magnets? Check out our awesome design online feature that allows you to upload your own custom design, use one of our templates, or start from scratch using our online designer!

See you on the road!