Your Guide to Grommets and Banners

Though there are many factors that go into making your banner unique, there are two main factors that will determine the strength and stability of your banner once it is installed. The first, and biggest, is the material your banner is constructed from. In an earlier post, we talked all about which style of vinyl is best for which application, and how we only print banners on materials we know will both look great and last.

But outside of the type of material or vinyl you choose to print your banner on, there’s another large factor that goes into determining how long your banner will last and how well it will hang: grommets.

If you’re not familiar with the word, grommets are those little metal circles you see punched around the perimeter of a banner that are used to aid in the hanging of the banner. But grommets do more than just help your banner hang, they also help strengthen the vinyl material and keep your banner intact for as long as possible.

But, like banners themselves, not all grommets are built the same, which is why we’re going to give you a quick crash course on this must-have hardware to help you determine whether grommets are right for your next banner purchase.

Let’s start with the basics:

Are grommets only used in banners?

The short answer is: of course not. Though, and we may be a bit biased here, we do think grommets are best used on banners.

If you start to really think where you’ve seen this simple-yet-strong technology on display in the past, you’ll realize grommets are all around you. Think shoes, drapes, purse straps, lanyards – almost any place where a combination of strength and access is needed, you’ll find a grommet.

This is the same reason we use them in our banners. Grommets help provide extra strength, especially near the edges where a banner can be most vulnerable, and they also allow for easy access for hanging from string, chains, rope, or bungee cord. So, while grommets certainly aren’t only used for banners, we believe for banners they’re used best.

Do I need grommets on my banner?

Like we said before, not all banners are built the same, and there are certainly applications where grommets wouldn’t be the appropriate choice for what you’re looking to do with your banner. However, more often than not, grommets are a great compliment to your banner especially if you plan to hang them, suspend them, or display them in a way that will require them to be tied down.

How many grommets should each banner have?

Banners, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, and what’s right for one banner might not be right for another. However, we do consider ourselves experts on the subjects of banners and grommets, and after much printing and experimenting, we’ve come up with a go-to guide from grommets based on banner size that we believe helps every banner we produce look great.

For our smaller banners, like a 2×4’, we recommend one grommet in each corner. Because the banner size isn’t overly large, these four grommets will provide more than enough stability for the banner as well as varied hanging options. For our standard 3×6’ banners and 4×8’ banners, we recommend six and eight gromets respectively – one in each corner and one along the outside edge in 32” intervals.

These simple guides have proven to be the most effective for these banner sizes, and are what we recommend to all customers. However, we know that different instances call for different amounts of grommets, so we are happy to work with whatever is best for your banner.

Do grommets come in different shapes and sizes?

In short, grommets are like flavors of ice cream – there are two many in the freezer section to count. And though they come in every possible color, size, and material combination, we offer only what we know to be of exceptional quality and work best for our banners and our many customers all over the world.

We carry #2-sized metal grommets in three different color options: Anodized Black (our most popular), Nickel Silver. and Enamel White. The #2 metal grommets both look great for almost any application and are incredibly strong for their size – living up to the heavy task of keeping banners upright, strong, and looking great.

How are grommets installed on banners?

Grommets can either be installed manually on a banner using a manual hand press under the watchful eye of a skilled craftsman, or they can be installed by an advanced automatic grommet installation machine. We used both of these methods to install grommets on our banners.

Well, there you have it. Now you’re an expert on everything grommet related and are better equipped to choose what’s right for your next banner when it comes time to send it to the printer.

Still have questions or concerns about grommets or anything else banner-related? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at any time – we’re always happy to help!

Top 3 Reasons Window Cleaners Should Buy Yard Signs Right Now

If you own a window cleaning business or are thinking of starting one from the ground up, this post is for you. We’re going to examine one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways for you to get the word out about what you do without having to break the bank. Plus, we have some special offers to share at the end of this post – so be sure to read on.

It’s a good time to be a window cleaner.

Americans are spending more than ever on home improvement and maintenance, with some estimates putting that figure in the multiple thousands of dollars per year. And one of the most in-demand services in the home maintenance category is window cleaning.

But with increased demand for a service comes increased competition from service providers. New window cleaning businesses are constantly popping up in neighborhoods all over this country – and a company’s ability to get the word out about their business quickly and effectively can often mean the difference between success and failure for window cleaning contractors.

So, whether you’re a weekend warrior trying to make some extra money on nights and weekends or you’ve got a professional crew dedicated to adding some shine to your local neighborhood every day of the week, spreading the marketing message about your window cleaning business is your number one goal. And there is no advertising medium that combines ease-of-use, cost effectiveness, and exposure than quite like street yard signs.

Chances are they’re on your block right now

Most of us come across yard signs nearly every day during our daily commute. They might be supporting a political candidate or advertising the contractor service completing an addition, but they’re always popping up in one place or another. But have you ever stopped and thought why you see yard signs so often?

The answer: They actually work.

Yard signs work as a great marketing medium for window cleaners for a variety of reasons. Here are the top three:

Yard signs help reinforce the rule of seven

One of the most basic principles in marketing is that a marketing message or offer must be communicated at least seven times before it truly resonates or sticks with a potential new customer. Because yard signs are often places for days or weeks at a time in the same location, and are often visible on many different properties throughout a community, they instantly build that brand recognition and repetition that is so essential in marketing. The more someone sees your sign, the more they’ll remember what you do and who you are – making you their first call when they need your services.

Yard signs communicate trust from your neighbor

We live in a world now of online consumer reviews. Almost no one makes a purchase, hires a service, or schedules a dinner reservation without first checking out what their friends and neighbors have to say online about the business. When a yard sign is placed in a trusted neighbor or friend’s lawn, the review is instantly clear: they trust your business and want to make sure their neighbors know it. This kind of endorsement is worth tens of thousands of marketing dollars.

Many window washing contractors offer a discount to customers who allow place a sign in their yard before, during, and after their service – and it’s no secret why. The more time your sign spends in the yard, the bigger the exposure of the endorsement becomes. And time, in this case, quite literally, is money.

Yard signs are exceptionally affordable

Newspaper ads, billboards, online search advistering – all of these different advertising mediums have their place, but for window cleaning contractors who don’t traditionally have the big-spending marketing budget of the Fortune 500, it’s all about maximum impact for each and every dollar spent on promoting your business. That’s what makes street yard signs such a perfect pair with window cleaning – they’re hugely visible and exceptionally affordable.

In fact, with our current specials just for window cleaning contractors, you can order your first batch of yard signs for less than it’ll cost you to fill up the tank on your work truck. Plus, our library of customizable, creative, and proven-to-work designs can help you add your logo, colors, and marketing message to an eye-catching template all in just a few minutes. There has truly never been a better time to make your business look great.

Exclusive Deals for Window Cleaners

So now that you know our top three reasons why yard signs are perfect for window washers, the time is now to get started growing your business. With these reusable, cost-effective, and eye-catching marketing pieces, there’s no limit as to how big and fast your window cleaning business can grow.

Our Guide to Removing Stickers and Decals with Ease

Vinyl stickers and decals are like billboards on the go. They’re fully customizable for any size and surface, and will help show off your marketing message, logo, or branding in unique ways on unique spaces. And like their bigger, highway-adjacent billboard brethren, there comes a time when stickers or decals need to be removed in order to clear up space for something new. That’s where this article comes in.

Removing stickers and decals may not seem like the easiest job in the world, but with this guide to removing stickers and decals with ease, you’ll be a pro at saving your surface and peeling your Printastic stickers in no time.

But before we get into the how-to of removing stickers and decals, let’s first cover the types of sticker products we offer. Remember: knowing what kind of substance and surface you’re working with will help you more easily remove your decals and stickers.

Types of Vinyl Stickers

3-Year Vinyl Stickers

Chance are, if you need a sticker or decal, it’ll be printed on our durable and beautiful 3-year vinyl. The perfect mix of economical pricing and long-lasting durability, our 3-Year Vinyl Stickers will look great thanks to the weatherproof gloss vinyl and our unbeatable high-quality printing.

5-Year Reflective Vinyl Stickers

If you’re looking for a sticker material that will not only look great, but has excellent reflective qualities, our speciality 5-year 3M Reflective Vinyl is the perfect choice. Available with optional lamination and custom shape finish, these fully customizable stickers will look great for an entire half-decade!

8-Year Laminated Vinyl Stickers

Stickers printed on our 8-Year Vinyl are just about as durable as they come. Laminated for exceptional outdoor durability, the 8-year stickers are ideal for locations that have a lot of traffic and face a variety of weather factors.

Though all of the above sticker materials have their different benefits and they are all made to last, we’re confident you’ll be able to remove them when the time comes with our guide below.

How to Remove Vinyl Stickers or Decals

So you’re stuck with a sticker or decal that you want to remove but you aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry: We’ve got the go-to guide for removing your stickers right here.

Remember: Though we’re sure the steps listed below are going to help you get your surface sticker-free, no two decals or placements are the same, and many factors can add to your sticker’s stubbornness to be removed. Different surfaces may require different methods, strategies, or timelines when it comes to sticker removal, so be sure to take a step back and a few deep breaths if you find yourself getting frustrated. When removing stickers or decals, your patience will always be rewarded.

Consider, too, the amount of time your sticker has been stuck on a surface. The more time a sticker has spent somewhere, the bigger the challenge will be to remove it.

Get the Elbow Grease Going

In the world of sticker and decal removal, and most everywhere else for that matter, nothing beats a little inspiration and perspiration. Believe it or not, most sticker removers find themselves ultimately successful simply by starting at a corner and peeling the sticker back slow and steady. This is especially effective on smooth, flat surfaces like windows and other glass panes.

But, don’t think you need to go at it with your fingers alone. Flat tools like a ruler, credit card, and even sturdy cardstock can be used between the sticker and the surface to help accelerate removal.  The goal here is to get the sticker to remove in one piece so there is less to clean up, and calling in the help of an instrument to help you in that task may get you to the finish line quicker than you ever thought possible.

Turn Up the Heat

If you weren’t able to remove the sticker all in one go, or are having trouble getting a corner or edge started to begin the peeling process, a little bit of heat may be just what the doctor ordered. Applying the warm air from a hair dryer or the warmth from a microwavable heating pad will help loosen the glue used to keep the sticker stuck, and make removal of even the most stubborn parts of the sticker easier. Be sure not to use any kind of heat source that might be dangerous to you or damaging to the surface that you’re trying to remove the sticker from.

Leave No Trace

With the combination of manual peeling labor and the magic of heat, you should be able to remove just about any sticker or decal no matter how difficult it may be. However, though all of your actual sticker may have come off of your surface, oftentimes there are bits and pieces of vinyl and adhesive left behind. Not to worry – we can help you with that little headache too!

Though there are items on the market specifically designed to remove this “Goo,” we’re confident that some warm soapy water or even rubbing alcohol will help you get the job done correctly. Just be sure to be gentle when doing your final cleanup as we don’t want you damaging your new clean, stickerless surface.

Like we said at the beginning of this guide: not all stickers or decals are built the same. But as a marketing tool, their versatility and diversity makes them truly unbeatable. If you need a unique way to get the word out about your business, but sure to check out the many vinyl sticker and decal options we offer here at Printastic. Now that you know how to take stickers off, don’t you think it’s time you put some on?

Hanging Your Banner – Inside and Outside

In our last post, we talked about the importance of choosing exactly the right type of banner material and construction to suit your display needs. But just as important as choosing the right type of banner material and size for your display, is choosing the right way to hang and secure your banner to keep it both looking good and hanging strong in a variety of environments. Just like there are many ways to use a banner for promotion, so too are there many ways to hang a banner as well, and in this short guide, you’ll learn exactly which hanging materials and methods will work best for your banner display.

Hanging Banners Indoors – Our Recommended Method

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit of the banner world: hanging banners indoors. Though there are still quite a few variables when it comes to displaying your banner inside, the ease of the relatively predictable conditions and surfaces make it hanging your banners inside easy, especially compared with outdoor installations.

For installation on the most common of indoor surfaces – drywall, paneling, and plaster – we recommend using screws with wide washers that will both cover the grommet holes on the edges of your banner and provide security for your vinyl from the tight fit of the screw.

Installing these screws is a very simple process that echoes any other interior screwing or hanging job. Simply measure the distance between the grommets on your banner and mark them on your wall where you’d like the banner to hang. Start the pilot holes with an electric or manual drill and hold the banner in place while driving the screws. If you’ve done your measuring and drilling correctly, the banner should be hanging flush against the wall with few wrinkles, sags, or dips. Because of the strength of both the grommets and the screws, this installation method should hold the banner secure for months or years to come.

Hanging Banners Outdoors – Options of All Kinds

Though many of our customers find outdoor banner displays to be among the most effective ways to get their marketing message out to the masses, outdoor displays do present a bit of a problem when it comes to knowing how to properly secure them.

Because of the wide variety of surfaces, situations, and platforms that will potentially hold and secure your outdoor banner, there are plenty of options available to keep your banner looking good without danger of blowing away or tearing.

Here’s look at the different hanging options available for your outdoor banner project.

Note: The many options listed here can also be used for indoor banners as well.


A miracle product that we encounter daily on shoes, lunchboxes, and luggage, Velco, thanks to its ease-of-use and surprisingly sturdy strength is also a great way to hang banners both inside and out. It requires virtually no hanging hardware, and because it is available in rolls with adhesive already installed on the backside, it can be easily customized and installed in a matter of minutes.

Another benefit of using Velcro as a medium for hanging your banner is its non-permanence. Banners displayed with Velcro can easily be taken down at the end of a business day; moved at the end of a festival; or adorned with differing hanging hardware should circumstances change.

For indoor events like trade shows and fundraisers, and outdoor events like farmers markets or sponsorships, Velcro may just be the perfect go-to option for hanging your banner and keeping it looking great.

Suction Cups

Hard glossy surfaces can be some of the most difficult to navigate when hanging a banner. Windows, mirrors, glass doors, and other glossy surfaces can be easily damaged by many of the traditional banner hanging techniques if the installers are not careful. For these types of unique situations, suction cups are the best solution on the market for hanging small-to-medium sized banners, and best of all, they won’t damage the surfaces on which they’re used.

For safety and ease of use, we recommend suction cups be used on our lightweight 10oz indoor banners or mesh banners in sizes ranging from 2×4 all the way to 4×6. It’s also best if the banners are hemmed on all four sides with grommets on every corner to help hold the metal hook of the suction cups in place.

Suction cups can come in all shapes and sizes (just like our banners), but they’re not all created the same. We recommend the largest clear suction cups you can find and have personally tested those readily available at Home Depot. These suction cup hooks fit perfectly through the standard #2 (3/4-inch diameter, 1/4 inch hole) grommets we use at Printastic, and will help your banner display look beautiful on any glossy or glass surface.

Zip Ties

There may be no easier, affordable, or durable way to install your banner outdoors that with plastic zip ties. Incredibly strong, easy to find, and cost-effective, zip ties aren’t just an essential piece of any toolbox, they’re also a banner’s best friend. Whether you need to secure your banner to fencing, metal posts, or virtually any other outdoor material, zip ties will easily wrap through your banners metal grommets and hold the vinyl secure.

Though it couldn’t be easier to install a banner with zip ties, we highly recommend pulling the zip ties as tight as possible during the hanging process. This tightening will ensure that moderate winds will not disrupt your display, or turn your banner into a sail – keeping it looking beautiful and strong in a variety of weather.  

Bungee Cords

For the ultimate solution for your outdoor banner hanging needs, bungee cords provide the perfect mix of stability and flexibility to get you through a variety of weather conditions. Whether hanging between two polls, across the side of a building, over a street between two structures, or on a fence or lattice board, elastic bungee cords provide both a stable and secure connection to keep your banner hanging in place, but also the flexibility to deal with wind and pressure changes and take the stress away from your vinyl banner.

Plus, bungee cords, like zip ties, are extremely affordable and reusable, and are available at just about any hardware or general goods store. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses so you can customize your needs exactly to your banner display.

Find What’s Best for You

Just like there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for banner material and sizes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to hanging and displaying banners. We hope this guide on how to hang your banner indoors and outdoors has been helpful, and are always happy to offer friendly suggestions and banner hanging ideas to our customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or chat to help make your next banner hanging project perfect!

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Material for Your Banner

In the worlds of signs, print material, and marketing collateral, no promotional item is quite as versatile as a banner. Whether you’re showing off your shop or highlighting a new special special at your salon, a banner is the easiest and most eye-catching way to get the word out about your exciting announcement or business.

But once you get into actually researching and ordering a banner, you’ll quickly realize that there truly is no one-size-fits-all solution to every project’s needs. Banners from any reputable printer will have plenty of options to help you customize your signage and make sure it will fit your needs, your display space, and your goals.  

But one big question remains: How do I know what type of banner material to choose for my new banner?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

By the end of this blog, you’ll know all there is to know about choosing the right banner for your business to keep things looking great.

Let’s start with the basics. Before ordering a banner, we find it is helpful to ask yourself these three questions:

Will my Banner be inside or outside?

We all know that Mother Nature doesn’t always play nicely with outside displays – and banners are no different. The sun, the wind, the cold, and the drastic changes in humidity can all cause a banner that isn’t made of the right material to bend, crack, break, and fade well before its time.

On the flip side of that, indoor conditions that are more stable often require a less robust material than outside banners, which can help customers like you save on upfront costs without sacrificing a fantastic look.

How long do I want my banner to last?

We’ve had customers order banners for an incredibly wide variety of reasons. Some want to publicize a holiday sale, others want to thank a sponsor for their year-long support. The lifespan of a banner can be drastically different based on which materials you choose for it’s construction. Going into the design and buying process with a good idea of how long you’d like your banner to last and an idea of how many times you may reuse it, will help you select exactly the right material for your banner needs.

How will I be displaying my banner?

Maybe you’re looking for a large-sized banner to hang on a fence to cover up a construction site. Maybe you’re looking to thank sponsors with a double sided banner hanging from a gym ceiling. The options for utilizing banners are seemingly limitless.

Knowing how you’ll be displaying your banner, and the conditions in which it will hang will go a long way in helping you select the perfect banner material for your promotional project.

Now that you know the three most important questions to ask yourself when ordering a banner, let’s go over the many different material options for your order based on those answers.

Vinyl Banner Material Choices

At Printastic, all of our banner materials are made of high-quality vinyl for two simple reasons: durability and versatility. Our vinyl selections give you the most options for banner customization, while also providing the perfect canvas for beautifully printed images, text, and artwork.

13oz Standard Vinyl

If you’re looking for the perfect all-around solution for those indoor and light-stress outdoor display projects, our 13oz Select Vinyl just might be the perfect option for your. Tear resistant, smooth, and flexible, 13oz vinyl banners are durable and long-lasting, which make them a great investment for banners that have the potential to be used long term or repeatedly.

The 13oz Vinyl comes in two distinct finishes to help give your project that extra bit of customization. The Matte Vinyl is strong and durable with excellent print quality. Even in brightly lit areas of direct sunlight, a Matte banner remains free from reflections or glare making it easy to read even from a distance.

The Gloss finish on our 13oz banners offers that same durability and strength, but with maximum pop for your artwork for the biggest impact. Graphics and text appear bright and shiny, which helps to grab attention and get your message across to your customers or audience.

UltraFlex Specialty Vinyl Print Media

Like we said before, no promotional project falls into a one-size-fits-all category – including banners. That’s why extended specialty media printing options like Heavyweight Double Sided Vinyl and Airflow Mesh Vinyl are essential options when constructing your banner.

18oz Heavyweight Double Sided Vinyl

The 18oz Heavyweight Double Sided Vinyl is one of the strongest and most rugged banner options on the market today. Specifically designed for strength and outdoor installations even in the harshest of weather conditions, the Heavyweight Double Sided Vinyl can be used indoors or outdoors for long periods of time without worry of tearing or damage. Plus, its blackout material means it can uniquely be printed on both sides, giving you more display options than any other banner material.

8oz Mesh Vinyl

If you’re looking to display your banner in a windy location but don’t want to risk a flyaway or tear, the 8oz Mesh Vinyl is the perfect material for your project. While displaying fine image details for a high quality print, the mesh is perforated, which will allow air to flow through on even the windiest of days.

Now that you know all about the many vinyl media options available for your banner, all that’s left is to choose what’s right for you.

Still feel a little confused? Don’t worry – the chart below should help you select exactly the right material for your upcoming promotional project. Plus, our helpful print team is always available to answer your questions and help you create a banner you’ll love for years to come.

Want to know more about all of our banner options? Visit our banners page to learn more and start your project now!