Why Yard Signs Work for Real Estate Agents

For most of the United States, it seems like the dog days of summer couldn’t be further away than they are now. Snow is on the ground, temperatures are flirting with single digits, and the days seem to only last as long as the sun can stand the cold.

But, believe it or not, now is the best time to start planning for the coming spring and summer season if you’re a business owner – and if you’re a real estate agent, broker, or home buyer, this expediated timeline holds especially true. 

It’s no secret that, in the world of real estate, the months of May to August are by far the busiest and most successful for home buying and selling. The warming temperatures, school breaks, and summer activities make it an ideal time for listing and buying houses and other pieces of real property – and real estate agents know that a strong four months in May-August can make or break their entire fiscal year.

But promoting yourself or your agency isn’t always easy in your community. The market is crowded with other agents and brokers, and big national brands are moving ever closer to dominating even the smaller markets across the country. It seems, year after year, you must work even harder to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Don’t we already use signs?

Real estate agents have always used signage as part of their marketing strategy – but the big, bulky wooden signs that we’ve seen adorn many front lawns in just about every community in the United States are not only expensive, but they’re also a pain to install, move, and remove. Many times, you have to pay someone to do so.

In this post, we’re going to show you how our durable, affordable, and fully customizable lawn signs can easily replace your more traditional wooden real estate signs and result in better exposure and performance out there in the market – all while lowering your marketing spend!

Location, Location, Location

It’s been said that the three most important words in real estate are location, location, location, and not only does this apply to property, it also applies to your signage.

With traditional real estate signs, you can only really place them on the front lawn – hardly ideal for maximum exposure. When you utilize customized lawn signs as part of your marketing push, your contact information can be placed just about anywhere on the property: the curb, the garden, the corner – almost anywhere. With this flexibility, you can dispatch multiple signs on just about any piece of property you’re selling – resulting in consistent exposure and brand retention. 

The Bottom Line

Anyone who has been in the real estate game for any amount of time knows that replacing those custom wooden signs can be expensive and troublesome. They’re not always easy to order, and they don’t quite hold up to the elements as well as we’d all like – especially for the money. In short: they can be a real pain to work with.

But all of the pain points described above for more traditional real estate signs go away the minute you choose to go with custom yard signs for your real estate business. The cost is low, the designing and ordering can literally be done in a matter of minutes, and our durable corrugated plastic material is both weather and UV proof for outdoor use – giving you up to two years of use on each sign that you order. 

What also makes our customizable yard signs a great value is that the more you order, the cheaper the price. Meaning you can order multiple kinds of signs for multiple situations and you’ll still be under budget.

Easily Share Other Essential Messages

For real estate agents and brokers, it’s not just your contact information that you want to share. Sometimes, you want to inform people of an upcoming open house or auction, or even provide wayfinding directions from a main street to the house or building you’re selling. Fully customizable yard signs can help here too. 

No matter which message you need to communicate or why, you can easily design an inexpensive, high-quality, reusable yard sign to make sure any and all potential customers are made aware of the marketing message you’re trying to communicate. 

The busiest months of the real estate calendar are quickly approaching, and if you’re planning to make 2020 one of your strongest years on record, incorporating fully customizable yard signs into your real estate marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to get a leg up on your competition. 

Start your design now with our free online design tool or upload your completed artwork now – you will have signs in hand before the weather even begins to break with our super fast shipping! 

How Different Industries Can Benefit from Custom Yard Signs

Whether you’ve got a marketing budget of a million dollars or more, or you don’t have any kind of marketing budget at all, custom yard signs can be a spectacular investment to help you build your customer base, get the word out about what you do, and add a bit of professionalism to every job you contract.

Exceptionally affordable and durable, our yard signs can be customized to reflect any kind of marketing message or logo, and, thanks to our templates and online designer, you can have a professionally designed yard sign completed, printed, and on its way to you in just about no time. 

We know that businesses and services of all kinds can benefit from adding yard signs to their marketing repertoire, and today we’re going to discuss just how powerful they can be for a variety of vocations. If you’re a small business owner, a skilled tradesman, or a service provider, we bet you’ll find whatever you do on the list below. 

Indoor Workers: Contractors

Talk to any person who owns a home and they will tell you: finding a reliable, reasonable, and recommended general contractor to do work around the house can be one of the biggest chores imaginable. Outside of word of mouth or trusting website reviews, finding a legitimate contractor among a group of amateur do-it-yourselfers can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But contractors who stand behind their work and are looking to build up their customer base can do so easily with customized yard signs. 

Because much of the work a general contractor will do in a home or a commercial building takes place in the interior, it’s often not easy to advertise your business to the masses. However, using a lawn sign to announce where you’re doing work and your contact information can help communicate your information to all interested parties in a tactful, professional, and low-cost way. 

Vehicle wraps can be expensive, and advertising campaigns with mailers or television commercials can blow your whole budget. But, the simplicity of a yard sign placed in the lawn of wherever you and your crew are doing work this week can help you make a big splash time and time again.

If you’re a neighborhood general contractor and you want to get the word out about the great work you do, customized lawn signs are definitely the way to go.

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including handyman, electricians, plumbers, HVAC service companies, and more! 

Service Providers: Window Washers

We’ve blogged in the past about why window washers and yard signs are a perfect match, so we won’t go into it in too much detail here. However, it’s important to remember that window cleaning is such a specialized service, that people may not even be aware they need it until they’re reminded it’s out there.

For window cleaners, customized yard signs can be used not only to promote your specific company but to also spread awareness about window cleaning as a service. The more people you can remind that professional and affordable window cleaners are in their neighborhood, the more potential customers will be taking a closer look at the glass in their home and deciding to pick up the phone. It’s truly a win-win situation.

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including home cleaners, carpet and floor cleaning companies, gutter cleaners, and more! 

Outdoor Workers: Roofers

While contractors, plumbers, and electricians tend to work inside the home, roofers are one of the few home services that operate solely on the outside – and this is yet another aspect of your work that you can use to your favor! When a work crew is outside of a house, it grabs attention from neighbors, passing cars, and pedestrians – and you couldn’t ask for a better introduction to your business.

But, unless you’re prepared to stop your work and offer each interested party who passes by a business card, your potential for counting them among future customers is all but lost. That’s where yard signs come in. 

While your work may be grabbing their attention, it’s the yard sign that will let them know who you are and how to contact you. This is the kind of information that is essential to gathering new business right in the same neighborhood – increasing your revenue and footprint in the communities you want to be in. Plus, when the job is done, you can remove the yard sign and reuse it next time – helping to create that essential brand repetition you need to become a household name. 

This information also applies to a variety of other vocations including gardeners and landscapers, lawn and sprinkler services, cement laying companies, fencing companies, and more. 

As you can see from our list, there is virtually no type of industry that won’t benefit from the use of customized yard signs as part of their marketing efforts. To get started designing yours, check out our Yard Signs page for more information and our online design tool! It’s as easy as can be to start using lawn signs today.

Custom Yard Signs for Ballot Initiatives and Propositions

Debates on TV, commercials on the radio, and candidate mailers in the mailbox – it must be election season.

For many communities in America, election day falls on November 5th, and with only a short time before ballots are printed and prepped, we’ve shipped orders from across this country of custom yard signs for a variety of candidates and causes.

A few weeks ago, we talked a lot about how custom yard signs make great tools for candidates, municipalities, and policies around election season – and that’s true – but what we’re going to cover in today’s post is just as important: how custom yard signs can be used to to help promote, pass, and publicize ballot initiatives during election season. 

Ballot initiatives or measures are one of the most important aspects of the democratic political process. Often drafted by committees or organizations, these propositions are directly voted on by eligible voters instead of elected officials – giving those who head to the polls a true voice in the laws of the land.

Each year, it seems, more and more important social, political, and economic policies are turned into law by ballot measures, and this upcoming election season is no different. That’s why, no matter which side of an issue you fall on, making sure information gets disseminated out to the public quickly and effectively is a top priority.

And that’s where custom yard signs come into play. 

A timeless tool of the political season, yard signs are a great low-cost high-visibility way for propositions and ballot measures to be introduced and supported or opposed in the community. Just like displaying a yard sign for a specific candidate, proposition-focused yard signs can help spread the message you want without having to purchase expensive advertising on TV or radio networks.

In this post, we’re going to show you some great examples of ways committees and groups have used custom yard signs to help get the word out about ballot propositions and initiatives. 

Tell Them How They Should Vote

Chances are you’ve seen many signs during election season telling you to “Vote Yes” or “Vote No” on certain propositions – and the reason is clear: this type of simple messaging is very effective. 

The voting public may not even know the specifics or purposes certain propositions hold, but what they will remember is that their neighbor across the street was lending their support one way or another. The more positive or negative yard signs you can associate with a specific proposition, the better chance you have of convincing those on-the-fence voters which way they should vote. 

Tell Them Why to Vote

Many times propositions or ballot measures are designed to help provide support and funding to important local institutions like schools, libraries, police, and fire. And though oftentimes the type of language associated with these ballot initiatives can be confusing and long, campaigns to pass these measures are able to keep these issues top of mind for many voters by associating them with a simple idea.

We’ve seen very effective signs that use just a few words to get their point across: “Support Our Library – Yes on 3” or “Keep Bluffton Green – No on 15.”

Though simple, these kinds of catchy and memorable associations between a cause and voting position can help set your ballot measure up for success or failure – depending on what you’re looking for.

Tell Them When to Vote

It seems that every election cycle we are inundated with numbers that suggest a less-than-stellar turnout for American voters – with many reporting confusion as to when election day even is! Custom political yard signs can help here too.

When publicizing your ballot initiative on a custom yard sign, a great way to help voters remember when to head over to the polls is to include which day they will be lending their support to your cause.

Effective examples of this include the simple “Vote No on Prop 3 This November 5th,” and the slightly more complex “Election Day is Coming Tuesday, November 5th – Vote Yes on Prop 3 for Schools.”

Because our custom yard signs are 18×24 and offer full-color printing on both sides, you will have plenty of space to fit the entirety of your message – even if you want to include the date of the election. 

Get Election Day Specific

Though there are rules as to just how close you can stand to a polling place, a very effective way to get through to voters is to educate and inform them as they make their way to the polls. If you are planning on having volunteers present at polling locations throughout your city to help hand out literature and get the word out about your cause, be sure to announce you’re there with a highly visible customized yard sign. 

From announcing the simple “Prop 5 Information Here” to “Learn More About Why You Should Vote Yes on Prop 5,” you can attract last-minute voters to your side by simply having a presence and providing information. And, because ballot measures usually don’t sport a large number of voters like national elections do, those few dozen voters you connect with on election day can make all of the difference. 

With our quick turnaround and fast shipping options, there is still plenty of time to order your custom political yard signs before election day. Get started now by checking out our many low-cost options that will suit your needs and your budget.

Tips for Designing The Best Yard Signs for Your Business

Customized yard signs are one of our biggest and most popular promotional products on the market today for businesses of all sizes. Simple, compact, extremely versatile, and affordable even in the tightest of advertising budgets, yard signs can be used in a variety of ways in a variety of locations – making them one of the all-around most powerful marketing tools entrepreneurs and corporations alike an employ. 

But, just like any other piece of marketing material, if yard signs aren’t designed with a purpose in mind, their impact and effectiveness can be underwhelming at best. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of tips we like to give our customers when it comes to designing and ordering yard signs for their business to make sure they get the most bang for their buck.

Here are a few of our favorite tips to knock your yard sign out of the park:

Double Your Impact with a Double-Sided Sign

When you’re planning out your list of locations where you are going to display your customized yard signs to advertise your business, chances are that you’ll come up with very few that don’t have traffic, pedestrians, or viewers coming from both sides. That’s where a double-sided sign can truly be valuable.

Double-sided signs double your visual impact and are printed in the highest quality on the same white corrugated durable plastic that we use on our single-sided signs. Now, instead of wasted space, you’ll have double the real estate to promote your marketing message to the world without having to employ multiple signs or advertising avenues. A no-brainer, double-sided signs are one of our most popular yard sign options and something we highly recommend to our customers.

Keep the Copy a Comfortable Length

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we know that our customers have plenty they’d like to tell the world about what they do and how they do it. But that kind of language is best reserved for one-on-one interactions or long-form marketing collaterals like brochures, catalogs, or websites – not yard signs.

Instead of using up the precious real estate on a yard sign with lots of words, think of it instead as a mini-billboard or business sign and use it primarily as a device to share the essential information about your business like your logo, phone number, and website. 

In addition to those essentials, it can also be valuable to add in some big idea bold topics about what you do with phrases like “Window Cleaning” “General Contracting” or “Tax Services.” This will instantly inform your potential customers about what you do – catching their eye and beginning the all-important process of market retention. The more they see your logo and website associated with a service they’re looking for, the better chance you have of winning their business.

When all else fails, consult a professional designer

Not everyone has the creativity and skills to master creative sign designs and not every business can afford to have a graphic designer on staff. Instead of taking a chance and creating an in-house design that doesn’t quite hit the mark, we suggest defaulting to a can’t-miss design template that will be sure to grab attention and eyes from passers-by. 

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered when it comes to giving you access to hundreds of beautiful professionally-designed templates without any additional cost. Whether you’re advertising your paint business and need a beautiful sign design or you want to make sure your septic service is shown off in the best light, our library of templates has everything you need to get started quickly and ensure the biggest and best impact possible from your customized yard signs.

Let’s face it: There’s no simple science when it comes to designing the perfect customized yard sign for your business. But in our years of printing thousands of thousands of custom yard signs for customers all over the United States, we’ve found that following these few simple rules will result in the best yard signs possible for your business. 

Click here to get started designing your custom yard sign or browse our vast library of templates.

Custom Yard Signs for Election Season

Whether you turn on the TV, sign-in online, or drive down any main road, one thing has become exceptionally clear: it’s election season in the United States.

In just a few months, millions of Americans will go to the polls to cast their vote for candidates they like and issues they support – and millions more will stay home, uninformed about what issues may be facing their community.

But whether it’s the general election coming up in November or the countless number of local elections, primaries, and special elections that happen all year, no candidate, issues, or piece of legislation will be successful in any election without the proper exposure, marketing, and word-of-mouth support it takes to win. 

But with the skyrocketing costs of airtime on both television and radio putting that kind of advertising out of reach for many candidates and the headaches caused by some forms of online digital advertising, how do those candidates and groups who want to drum up support for their cause really stand out?

The answer is yard signs. 

Since the early days of our country, yard signs have been used to spread the word and help show support for candidates and causes, and raise awareness within communities about what is at stake in the coming election.

This timeless tradition continues today, with yard signs playing an even more important role thanks to the hugely visual presence on social media and the opportunity for supporters to share on social media. 

With that in mind, we thought, with election season just on the horizon, we’d go over a few reasons why yard signs have remained so popular for local, state, and national politics and how they might benefit a cause you believe in:

Yard signs help keep election topics top-of-mind

We live in a time with more distractions than ever, and it’s as hard as can be to grab the attention of potential voters and keep it. But high quality yard signs help to do just that by performing that all-important marketing function of repetition and recognition.

It’s no secret that name recognition is absolutely essential to voters showing a certain candidate their support, and yard signs, with their simple message and repetitive nature, can help do just that. The more yard signs displayed for a certain candidate or issue, the more voters will take notice and remember to vote a certain way.

That kind of exposure is essential for winning over voters who may be less informed or simply vote for what they recognize. If they see a candidate’s name that sounds or looks familiar on a ballot, voters are much more likely to vote for that person than someone who is totally unfamiliar.

Yard signs help encourage positive peer pressure

Peer pressure isn’t just a high-school phenomenon – it’s something many of us experience every day. And though it has its negative side, it can also be used for good, like encouraging people to vote for a person or a cause that will work tirelessly to improve their community.

Custom political yard signs can be a great motivating factor in positive peer pressure. For an uninformed voter, the more of your trusted neighbors and friends you see displaying their support for a certain policy or party, the more likely you’ll be to check out exactly what they may be supporting for yourself. 

This leads to not only a more informed electorate but also an increased turnout and interest in politics and policies that impact the community. It’s truly a win-win.

They’re a Great Giveaway for Donations

Politicians and causes are always looking for new ways to raise money from their supporters and reward their most ardent fans’ loyalty – and custom yard signs can help there, too. While many campaigns simply give yard signs away as a promotional tool, campaigns looking to raise a little money often offer their yard signs for a small donation – giving their supporters a reason to donate to the campaign. 

One of the most creative ways we’ve heard of campaigns utilizing this method is implementing a “donate what you wish” system for their yard signs. Most people who are willing to step up to the plate with financial support will most likely donate more than a suggested limited donation of a few dollars. For campaigns who depend on donations, this can be a real winning strategy. 

So, now that you know why yard signs are an essential tool for this upcoming political season, here’s why Printastic should be your go-to printer.

Why Printastic is your go-to printer for custom political yard signs

  1. We print right here in the United States. All of our custom yard sign printing is done right here in the United States, which means you’ll be showing your pride in small business just by ordering. 
  2. Our signs are tough and can be used both indoors and outdoors. By using only Coroplast plastic, our signs are both weather and UV proof for outdoor use up to 2 years in proper conditions. That means they’ll continue to look great all throughout the election season.
  3. Full-Color HD Printing. Our yard signs are digitally printed in the highest quality – meaning you won’t have to sacrifice color, images, or logos for a cheaper price. You’ll get the best of the best every time you order. 
  4. Optional H-Stakes. Unlike many other printers who just assume you want H-Stakes to accompany your signs, we give you the option to include them in your order or not. If you want them, H-Stakes will help hold your sign 18 inches from the ground for maximum visibility. Made of galvanized wire, our H-Stakes are sturdy and steady, and ready to hold up your yard signs. If you don’t want them, no worries. Simply select your preference at checkout.

For Americans all across the country, nothing is more important than getting involved in the political process and voting. Custom printed yard signs are a great way for any candidate or cause to help raise awareness and secure their path to victory come election day. Plus, with discounts for the more you order, yard signs are good for both politics and your pocketbook.

Ready to get started on your custom yard sign designer? Check out our online tool now. 

Service Companies: Build Your Business with Custom Yard Signs

There has never been a more competitive market for service businesses. From window cleaning to roof repair, home cleaning to mobile car repair, any industry that services the general public is up against intense competition right in their neighborhood.

In fact, we’re willing to bet that next time you’re looking a hire a service in your own life, you’ll be hard-pressed to differentiate between those outstanding contractors who have a great reputation around and within your community and those hobbyists who may end up charging you less but forcing you to have the job redone anyway – every homeowner’s nightmare! 

Not only do the best service industry professionals manage their digital reputation and image online by monitoring and generating positive Google and Yelp reviews and maintaining an updated website, but they also know how to spread the word about what they do out in the real world. And one of the best, easiest, and most affordable way to accomplish this is with the versatile and multi-useful yard signs. 

Easy to install but hard to miss, custom printed yard signs are a service-industry small business’ most powerful weapon when it comes to getting their name out in the community. They’re not only attractive and affordable, but they’re also reusable and durable – giving even the tightest budget enough wiggle room to accomplish everything they want without breaking the bank.

In this blog post, we are going to examine a few different ways service industry businesses can use yard signs to their advantage – helping even new businesses stand out amongst the crowd. Here are some of our favorites:

On a Customer’s Lawn

This one may seem the most exceptionally obvious, but we’d be hard-pressed to leave it off the list because of just how impactful it can be.

Just like the logic behind political yard signs, when you see a trusted neighbor advertising the company they’re using on their lawn before, during, and after the project, it builds trust and brand recognition – two essential elements of both growing a business and cornering a stake in the marketplace.

If the service work is being done on the outside of the structure where it is visible to the general public, the exposure is even more important as those passing by who admire the work will know exactly who is responsible for it. By utilizing something as simple as a logo and contact information, yard signs are a simple way of maximizing exposure at a job site and can help build your customer base, bring in new business, and get your name out to the masses. 

Pro Tip: Because displaying yard signs on a customer’s lawn can be such a powerful marketing tool, we’ve heard that many of our clients offer their clients a discount just to display their branded yard sign. While most customers are happy to promote your business by displaying a sign without any compensation, it may be worth it to consider offering this perk to customers who might be a little uneasy – you’ll be surprised at how many minds might change.

Yard Signs As a Sponsors Tool 

Just like displaying a yard sign at your worksite can lead to increased awareness and revenue, so to can using your custom yard sign to show off your generous community sponsorship.

The lifeblood of many local fundraisers, events, golf outings, and contests are the neighborhood businesses who step-up to sponsor by either donating money, product, space to use, or other essential items to help guarantee the initiative’s success. And while the altruistic nature of donating is more than enough to justify the expense, you can also put these opportunities to work to your advantage by displaying your sponsor sign in a highly visible location.

Oftentimes, when you sponsor an event, featured promotion or signage display is part of the compensation, and by offering your own high-quality custom yard sign to represent your company, you’ll be guaranteeing that your logo and signage looks great – and helps you stand out from the sponsorship crowd.

To Advertise a Discount

Whether it’s a coupon in a magazine or a coupon code on a website, customers are always looking for the best deal before they commit to buying an item or hiring a service – and yard signs are a great advertising medium to show off the savings you are offering! 

Whether you want to display a certain coupon code, a tracking phone number, a special website, or any other advertisement of a discount or deal, a yard sign offers not only the perfect space to display such content, but are also versatile enough and small enough to put on street corners, in front of brick and mortar office buildings, or just about anywhere else you can think of.

By using custom yard signs to bring your discount to your customers instead of forcing them to search through leaflets or a website for them, you’re circumventing the typical and often frustrating coupon process and letting your customers who know will bring them the most savings off of the top: you. This will encourage them to choose you instead of going to one of your competitors – and that’s always good for business.

Use Our ‘Design Online’ Tool to Create Outstanding Sign Designs

Some estimates put the number of service-based businesses in the United States at over 20 million – and growing every day. For businesses big and small, it’s not always easy when trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors or break into a new market, but with great quality work, great word of mouth referrals, and beautiful custom-printed yard signs, you can do just that. 

And before you think you need to be a graphic designer to put together eye-catching custom yard signs, allow us to ease your mind. Our Design Online option not only allows you to put together a great sign from your own elements and graphics, but it also comes with a variety of proven templates that will give you professional look with just a few clicks of a button.

From Handymen to Locksmiths to Interior Designers and everything in-between, we’ll help you make the most of your investment with a beautiful design for your stunning custom yard signs.

Make the Most Out of Yard Signs to Supercharge Your Summer

Summer is a time when many small, local, and independent businesses thrive. Kids are out of school, walking traffic is up in downtowns, and customers are in the mood to browse the latest and greatest from their local purveyors.

But even though increased activity in the marketplace is a good thing, standing out among your fellow business-owners can be tough. That’s why today we’re going to talk about one of our most affordable solutions for advertising, wayfinding, and so much more: yard signs.

Yard signs are a time-tested marketing tradition that are common for one simple reason: they work. Whether it’s to advertise a garage sale, Memorial Day discount, free parking, or anything in-between, yard signs are a great answer for a multitude of different business issues.

Before we get into the specifics as to how yard signs are the perfect summer solution for your business, let’s answer the big question: Why yard signs?

Why Yard Signs?


Measuring 18×24, our yard signs are the ideal eye-catching size for drivers on the road or pedestrians on the street. They can not only fit logos, marketing messages, graphics, and phone numbers on both sides, yard signs are also the ideal size to fit in yards, on medians, or any other outside display place. You can also use them in shop windows and advertising boards.


No matter what other printers may tell you, not all yard signs are created alike – and many are made from cheap materials that simply don’t last. When the best materials aren’t used during the sign-making process, signs simply won’t look good and they won’t last. That’s why we only print our signs on fluted white corrugated plastic, also known by its manufacturer’s brand name Coroplast. This plastic is weather and UV proof for outdoor use up to 2 years in proper conditions – which means your signs will continue looking great for many seasons to come.


Our sign printing process is one-of-a-kind, which means you’ll get signs that outshine all of your competition. All signs ordered through Printastic are digitally printed in full color, which means you aren’t limited to what kind of colors, images, or logos you use in your design. Plus, if you’re not sure how you want your sign design to look, we offer our customers a whole library of free templates to get you started.


If the above reasons haven’t convinced you yet, maybe yard signs’ incredible durability will. When properly taken care of and stored, yard signs can last and look good for years – meaning your one-time investment can keep on giving and giving. That’s something you can’t say for flyers or one-time use posters.

So now that you know why yard signs are a great choice, here’s a few ideas how to use them to your advantage during the coming summer season.

How to Use Your Yard Signs

Announce a Sale

Everyone loves a sale, and with potential customers doing their homework more than ever before, it couldn’t be more important to let your crowd know about your awesome prices and selection. Whether you theme your sale around a holiday, a specific event, or one single product, yard signs are a great way to alert the public and invite them into your store.

Wayfinding to Your Store

Not every storefront or business is located right on Main Street, and even in these days of Waze and Google Maps, people still often need assistance locating places that aren’t quite on the beaten path. That’s where wayfinding yard signs come in.

You can fill your yard sign with all kinds of essential information, and still have enough room for logos, arrows, or anything else your customers may need to find you. Don’t forget: successful marketing is based on repetition, so don’t be afraid to put out more signs than you think you need – you can truly never have too many.


Summer is the season of sponsorships – and for good reason. Now begins all kinds of outdoor community events and celebrations and they all need sponsorship. From charity softball games and county fairs to golf outings and fundraisers, whenever a sponsorship is purchased, a yard sign can be a great token of thanks and exposure for the generous business or individual. So, if you’re looking for the perfect promotional incentive to secure that donation, customized yard signs are the way to go.

Here’s a pro tip: If you’re thinking of printing yard signs for each sponsor at your event, be sure to print an extra copy of each one to give to your sponsor as a token of thanks. They may just display it in their store or office, which will help get you as much exposure as possible for next year’s event.

Advertising Your Business

This one might seem obvious to some of our readers, but we couldn’t help but include it because of how powerful it can be. Using yard signs to advertise your business is a low-cost way to yield high-impact results. No matter what you do or where you do it, some strategically placed yard signs throughout your community can be a great way to introduce your business to your neighbors and solicit new customers without a high-priced advertising campaign. Ever notice how window washers, construction companies, and realtors don’t hesitate to put their sign on their customer’s lawns? Again, there is a reason: it works!

Yard signs are one of the most universally and uniqely customizable print products that we offer. From the design you create on the front and back to the area and location you choose to display them, yard signs are an easy and affordable way to take your business, fundraiser, sale, or promotion to the next level.

Not sure where to start for your yard signs order? Check out our yard signs page for more information about when and where to get started.

Top 3 Reasons Window Cleaners Should Buy Yard Signs Right Now

If you own a window cleaning business or are thinking of starting one from the ground up, this post is for you. We’re going to examine one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways for you to get the word out about what you do without having to break the bank. Plus, we have some special offers to share at the end of this post – so be sure to read on.

It’s a good time to be a window cleaner.

Americans are spending more than ever on home improvement and maintenance, with some estimates putting that figure in the multiple thousands of dollars per year. And one of the most in-demand services in the home maintenance category is window cleaning.

But with increased demand for a service comes increased competition from service providers. New window cleaning businesses are constantly popping up in neighborhoods all over this country – and a company’s ability to get the word out about their business quickly and effectively can often mean the difference between success and failure for window cleaning contractors.

So, whether you’re a weekend warrior trying to make some extra money on nights and weekends or you’ve got a professional crew dedicated to adding some shine to your local neighborhood every day of the week, spreading the marketing message about your window cleaning business is your number one goal. And there is no advertising medium that combines ease-of-use, cost effectiveness, and exposure than quite like street yard signs.

Chances are they’re on your block right now

Most of us come across yard signs nearly every day during our daily commute. They might be supporting a political candidate or advertising the contractor service completing an addition, but they’re always popping up in one place or another. But have you ever stopped and thought why you see yard signs so often?

The answer: They actually work.

Yard signs work as a great marketing medium for window cleaners for a variety of reasons. Here are the top three:

Yard signs help reinforce the rule of seven

One of the most basic principles in marketing is that a marketing message or offer must be communicated at least seven times before it truly resonates or sticks with a potential new customer. Because yard signs are often places for days or weeks at a time in the same location, and are often visible on many different properties throughout a community, they instantly build that brand recognition and repetition that is so essential in marketing. The more someone sees your sign, the more they’ll remember what you do and who you are – making you their first call when they need your services.

Yard signs communicate trust from your neighbor

We live in a world now of online consumer reviews. Almost no one makes a purchase, hires a service, or schedules a dinner reservation without first checking out what their friends and neighbors have to say online about the business. When a yard sign is placed in a trusted neighbor or friend’s lawn, the review is instantly clear: they trust your business and want to make sure their neighbors know it. This kind of endorsement is worth tens of thousands of marketing dollars.

Many window washing contractors offer a discount to customers who allow place a sign in their yard before, during, and after their service – and it’s no secret why. The more time your sign spends in the yard, the bigger the exposure of the endorsement becomes. And time, in this case, quite literally, is money.

Yard signs are exceptionally affordable

Newspaper ads, billboards, online search advistering – all of these different advertising mediums have their place, but for window cleaning contractors who don’t traditionally have the big-spending marketing budget of the Fortune 500, it’s all about maximum impact for each and every dollar spent on promoting your business. That’s what makes street yard signs such a perfect pair with window cleaning – they’re hugely visible and exceptionally affordable.

In fact, with our current specials just for window cleaning contractors, you can order your first batch of yard signs for less than it’ll cost you to fill up the tank on your work truck. Plus, our library of customizable, creative, and proven-to-work designs can help you add your logo, colors, and marketing message to an eye-catching template all in just a few minutes. There has truly never been a better time to make your business look great.

Exclusive Deals for Window Cleaners

So now that you know our top three reasons why yard signs are perfect for window washers, the time is now to get started growing your business. With these reusable, cost-effective, and eye-catching marketing pieces, there’s no limit as to how big and fast your window cleaning business can grow.