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Recent reviews by our customers
Posted by
Allison Dunny
Tier One Apparel
4:01PM, October 19, 2017
My company needed a 4' x 6' banner done for a convention. Printastic not only produced this matte vinyl banner as quick as they claimed they could, but it is a NICE banner for the best price out there. I received higher quotes for banners that aren't as great from the UPS Store and a local printing company. I highly recommend using this company if you ever find yourself in a bind and need a great banner FAST.
Posted by
Johnny 9:13PM, October 14, 2017
We ordered a banner for our church sign. The banner came out beautiful. Church members loved it and we will be buying more from Printastic. Awesome job by all. We look forward to ordering our Christmas Banners soon...
Posted by
Dee Meland
New Covenant Church
10:52AM, October 11, 2017
I am, as always, impressed with the service I get from Printastic. I have ordered from you several times now and I always use the chat line to make sure my order is the way I want it. Steve, goes above and beyond all I have asked of him. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate service from a company like this. There is never a hassle, and this last time, I ordered trying to save the church some shipping charges, but was asked by the church to change that. And, it got done right then and there! Thank you so much for all you do!
Posted by
Donald 1:05AM, September 29, 2017
I ordered 2 banners for a festival last weekend. I waited a little late, thinking I was going to be using a local printing option, but the difference in price was enough for me to try Printastic. The two local places literally charged twice as much as Printastic (factoring in the expedited shipping - it was actually about 4 times as much, FOR JUST ONE BANNER.). Yes, 2 banners with expedited shipping was cheaper than 1 banner from the local guys - and I like to use local businesses! Sorry guys, I'll be going with Printastic. The quality is there, the pricing is good, I read other reviews and they weren't fake reviews or anything. This is the real deal. I'll be getting more banners since at these prices I can get some variety. A guy that got his printed locally (and had recommended a place) checked out my banners and was amazed at the price and quality, no less quality at all than what he had paid double for. Order with confidence!
Posted by
Jeannie Hazel-DeStefano
DICTATE Tactical Training Center
6:21PM, September 22, 2017
AMAZING! I ordered a banner and some bumper stickers. High quality and FAST! Great workmanship. I will definitely use this company again and also recommend it to others.