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Choosing the Right Size Banner

Learn how to choose the right size & get the most value for your banner project.

Choosing a banner size shouldn't be guesswork, that's why we make it easy for you. There are several important factors to consider when making the right choice for banner size:


Where do you intend to display your banner? Outside banners are usually larger than inside banners: there's more room outside, viewers are typically further away, and if they're in a vehicle they could be moving fast. Outside banners need to be bigger to allow them to be viewed most effectively.

Depending on the indoor venue or event, you might be limited in choice of appropriate size. A too-large banner might not fit in the designated space, while one that's too small might not be noticeable. Find out before so you can make the right choice.

Information density

What is printed on your banner? If it's just a logo or easily identifiable image and your company name, even a small size should be able to be easily seen. If you have extensive text, contact information, or instructions, a larger size is needed to be more readable and effective.


What are you using your banner for? If the number one goal is to get noticed, then bigger is always better. If you need to share information at a specific location, then determine where your viewers are likely to be (near or far away) and size accordingly.


Are there any rules for banners where you intend to display yours? Cities and town often have limits on the allowed sizes for outdoor banners, while venues may also have limits for indoor banner sizes based on the event. Make sure to check that the banner size you want is allowed.

We print banners in sizes to fit virtually every need, whether it's to attract attention, celebrate an event, advertise a business, or share important information. This massive selection gives you the power to make the perfect choice for your banners, for single or wholesale orders.

We're ready to get to work on your custom banner! Getting started is easy:

  1. Use our online tool to design your banner;
  2. Choose the perfect size;
  3. Select a template & upload your image or text;
  4. Use the preview image to confirm how it looks;
  5. Place your order & we're ready to go!

Contact our support team with any questions (including about size) or special orders. We're here to help you make the all the right choices for your banner.