Vinyl Banners Buying Guide

All the information & advice you need for vinyl banners in one place.

Most banner printing companies assume you already know everything you need to know, however we understand that's not always the case. To make the best decisions, you can benefit from an expert's perspective on banner types, materials, design, applications, and more.

When you buy banners from us, we want you to get the most value possible for your purchase. We've created this buying guide and knowledge base to help you learn how to:

  1. Make the right buying decisions for your vinyl banners;
  2. Use your vinyl banners to connect with audiences;
  3. Care for your vinyl banners & extend their service life.

Let's dive right in and explore how to make vinyl banners a winning part of your advertising and promotions strategy.

It all begins on our pages that describe how vinyl banners are made, the materials used, vinyl banner types, sizes available, and the potential applications. See how other businesses and organizations are gaining value from banners, then get inspiration and begin designing your own vinyl banners.

This extensive list of commonly asked questions and helpful tips on using banners is an invaluable resource to help you plan, use, install, and care for your banners. We are confident this knowledge base will give you that extra edge needed to create effective banner display solutions for just about any advertising, promotions, informational, or compliance application for a wide range of target audiences.

How are your banners made?

Get expert insights into our printing and manufacturing processes. Learn all the options and upgrades available, with detailed photos and descriptions of what to expect when ordering vinyl banners from us.

What are some essential banner design tips?

Benefit from our team's help and guidance to make an easy design process even faster, simpler, and better. Explore our online banner design tool, find out tips for choosing your perfect template, learn ways to source awesome graphics, and get instructions how to use your own logos and images in your design.

How can I design & order vinyl banners for my organization?

Ready to get started? Find instructions how to order for your business, school, non-profit, church, or other organization. Review options for payment and delivery.

Can I use banners at trade shows?

Of course you can! Trade show vendors and organizers are some of our most frequent customers. Make your next trade show a success with banners that are affordable and effective for connecting with attendees—here's how!

How are franchises using banners?

Banners are a great way for franchises to connect with customers. We've have lots of ideas to help franchises and parent organizations gain incredible value from banner purchases. Check out this page for ideas and inspiration to help grow your franchise.

How do I advertise with vinyl banners?

We've printed and delivered hundreds of thousands of vinyl banners to businesses around the United States. This page provides insights into banner types, how they're being used, and how you can gain a business edge using banners to advertise your products or services. Get tips for campaign planning, design, placement, and more.

I have my banners, now how do I install them?

Installing banners, hanging them, positioning them for best display—you have questions and we have answers! Find instructions to make installation as simple and fast as possible, with tips for safety and protecting your banners to help them enjoy longest service life.

Please contact our support team with any questions or special orders. We are the vinyl banner specialists—we're happy to provide you the information needed to make the best purchasing decision for your project.