Start the Year Right with Back to School Banners

Customize any of our back to school banners to welcome students and parents when your school begins a new year. Use our convenient online design tool to add your text, logo, and colors to create high quality vinyl banners that are unique to your school.

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Create a welcoming atmosphere for students & families

  • Create a welcoming & supportive atmosphere
  • Share class, schedule & event info
  • Post instructions for students & families
  • Show directions around campus

Many kids struggle with nerves on the first day of school. Back to school banners with a friendly message—“Welcome Back!”, “Happy 1st Day of School!”—can help students feel welcome and remove some of the first day's stress and confusion.

Students and families need to know info about classes, schedules, and upcoming events. Use customized vinyl banners to share that information in a way that is clear and consistent. Custom back to school banners with your school's colors and logo also help create an academic-looking space.

High quality vinyl posters can also be used to post instructions for enrollment, class attendance, joining clubs and teams, and much more. Customizable vinyl banners are reusable and can be stored then installed again each new school year.

You can also use back to school banners to provide directions to students and families. Pole banners and window banners can be used to show where classes or events are, rope banners and awning banners can show entrances or exits, and banners of all types can be used to help people navigate your campus. High quality vinyl banners can make the campus experience better for everyone.

Choose the back to school banner template that best fits your purpose and our site will take you to our online design tools where you can adjust colors and text. Easily upload custom school logos or images that reflect your school insignias or style until you have created that perfect back to school message.

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