Custom Designed Pole Pocket Banners

Pole banners are ideal for a specific type of mount, often seen on light posts along roadways, from ceilings in sports venues, or from podiums. The design is perfect for high visibility and a professional appearance—when looks really matter, pole banners are a great choice. We've printed and shipped pole banners to customers across the United States and we're excited to help you, too.

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Pole pocket banners from Printastic are perfect for:

  • Promoting upcoming events
  • Celebrating community pride
  • Sharing safety or public service messages
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Making roadways & pedestrian paths more vibrant

These vivid, durable, and versatile banners are ideal for use in any community, township, college campus, or event facility. Our pole pocketed, double-sided banners include custom made sleeves specifically designed to slide into pole mounting brackets that fit on a standard light post or lamp pole.

Integrated pockets ready for mounting

This style of banner is called a pole banner or pole pocket banner. They are specifically designed with pocketed sleeves used for mounting the double-sided printed banner between two support poles that fit within brackets, most commonly meant for mounting on lamp posts or light poles.

Although these pocket sleeves are meant for inserting rods used in a typical pole mounting bracket, these banners can also be used with other kinds of pole pocket mounts. One example: for a banner hung vertically from a ceiling rafter, a heavy pole inserted in the bottom pocket of the banner adds weight, tautness, and stability, for optimal display visibility. This type of display is commonly found in gyms and sporting venues.

Side pole pockets instead of top-and-bottom pole pockets is another variation. By switching the pole sleeves to the side of the banner, you create a free standing banner that is tautly stretched between two vertical poles staked in the ground or attached to a mount.

Whether the pockets are placed on the sides of the banner or top and/or bottom, a pole pocket banner mount is the best way to make sure the banner stays taut for optimum presentation and viewing.

Common pole pocket banner themes

Here's how some of our customers have been creative with their pole banner designs and displays:

  • Promoting upcoming concert events
  • Sharing holiday spirit with snowflake signage
  • Celebrating a sports team's anniversary season
  • Advertising a local Farmer's Market
  • Raising safety awareness

One popular design is a sequence of pole pocket banners along a road or path, each with a different printed message—this type of display has eye-catching visual impact that is noticeable and memorable.

Pole banners in parking lots

Pocket pole banners mounted on light posts in large parking lots is another common use. Parking lots at large companies, malls, stadiums, hotels, car lots, grocery stores, event spaces, and campuses typically have dozens of light posts—pole banner installations can put these to use for marketing, promotions, and advertising.

Heat-Welded Pole Pocket Finishing

Our standard heat-welded pockets are virtually invisible, providing a smooth, professional look that performs well for indoor displays and outdoor installations in locations with gentle-to-moderate weather. The welding process quickly heats the vinyl to a melting temperature and bonds the two pieces of vinyl together to form a secure pocketed sleeve that won't tear or fray under normal usage conditions.

Stitched Pole Pocket Finishing

Sewed stitching is a more complex design, however it's worth the investment if your banners are intended for use in windy conditions. Printastic's professional-grade sewing process provides the extra heavy-duty performance needed for outdoor installations.

Optional stitched hems are visible against the printed banner, however we have industrial UV-coated thread available in a variety of colors to match your banner design.

Single Sided Pole Pocket Banners
Single-Sided Pole Pocket Banners

Banners finished with pocketed sleeves for pole mounting allow rigid rods inserted into the banner to evenly distribute the banner's weight. Opposing pole pockets can make the banner appear rigid and hang flatter and tauter. This technique prevents sagging and makes the banner easier to display and see.

We print single-sided pocket banners with no white borders on any edge, thanks to our process that uses the total surface area of the front vinyl to create high resolution graphics with a full-bleed presentation.

Single-sided pole pocket banners are typically used in situations where viewing is only required from one direction. Popular installations include against walls, in dedicated frames or stands, on one-way streets, and in parades and for marching bands.

Fastening Grommets
Fastening Grommets

Printastic installs a metal grommet through the welded seam in each of the banner's four corners. Grommets reinforce the hem and ensure the banner looks good and has maximum service life when displayed. Use zip ties through the grommets to fasten the banner to the pole, to prevent sliding from left to right in windy conditions.

At Printastic, you can select the grommet color—black, silver, or white—that best complements the colors used in your banner, at no extra cost.

Wind Vents
Wind Vents

As an additional option, adding wind vents to your pole pocket banner will reduce potentially damaging stress caused by high winds. The vents are slits cut into the banner material in either a straight or half-circle shape, depending on which best matches the banner's printed artwork and design.

Some towns and municipalities require pole pocket banners to include wind vents. Check with your downtown Business Improvement District, local Chamber of Commerce, or relevant jurisdiction to learn the requirements for your area.

High Grade 18oz Vinyl
High Grade 18oz Vinyl

Our pole pocket banners are printed on superior quality 18oz vinyl. This is a rugged and durable block-out banner material that is specifically designed for optimal strength—it is the ideal choice for outdoor installations, even in harsh weather conditions.

Our 18oz vinyl outdoor banner material features a combination of three layers of vinyl. A block-out layer in the middle is extremely strong, resists tearing, fading, and fraying, and prevents images on front and back from bleeding into each other.

Pole pocket banners are one of our most popular products and we're excited to help make your signs really stand out! If you're ready to begin, go to our online design tool, or contact our support team with any questions or special orders. Thank you for choosing Printastic!

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d letter icon Dave
Stars on March 4, 2024
As always, great quality with vibrant colors! Clean & crisp!
d letter icon Dave
Stars on January 4, 2024
3RD time ordering. As always, perfect printing and sizing. Vibrant, correct colors and FAST shipping!
d letter icon Dave
Stars on December 15, 2023
Great sharp colors and clarity. I was surprised as I could only upload the JPEG. However, I made the EPS file at 300 DPI at 7' x 7' but it was 250 MB. No dot gain along the edges. Very crisp and clean!
g letter icon Gary White
Stars on November 16, 2023
My banners and door magnets are fantastic. Printastic had a quick turn around, and my items arrived on time. The design tool on their website was easy to use.
a letter icon Anthony
Stars on November 6, 2023
Great price Great quality Fast shipping
j letter icon Jennifer
Stars on November 2, 2023
I couldn't be happier with my recent experience with Printastic. I was impressed by their high level of customer service, excellent products, fast delivery, and genuine willingness to help. I made a couple of design mistakes, and Donald was able to switch out the designs free of charge and still meet my deadline. A big shout out to Donald for going the extra mile to assist me! The banners looked awesome at our event!