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Custom Pole Banners

Pole banners are perfect for alerting people in any community, township, college campus or city about upcoming events, or to make the roads more vibrant with roadside banners that send a harmonious message. Promotion companies will use them to alert the public about upcoming concerts, make spectators aware of a huge sporting event coming to town, or even to promote the sponsors that help make a local 5k race or charity run possible.

Because these pole pocketed double sided banners include custom made sleeves specifically designed to slide into pole mounting brackets that fit on a light post or lamp pole along any street, an entourage of banners, even each with a different printed message, can be hung on each and every light pole along the road to provide an eye-catching visual impact with enough continuous redundancy, your brand or printed message will be indelibly welded into the minds of any passerby.

From getting people in the holiday spirit with snowflake signage on light posts scattered throughout the city, to increasing ticket sales for a future sporting event by branding the team's insignias on lamp posts around the stadium, a pole banner campaign is a fantastic tool in any promoter's quiver.

Can a business use Pole Banners In Parking Lots?

Most business parking lots have multiple light posts intended to illuminate the parking lot at night. These light posts would easily accommodate the pole mounting brackets designed to hold a pole banner, so yes, a business with parking spaces often will use its parking lot to advertise its brand or to promote various marketing agendas. Examples include grocery stores advertising their brand, malls advertising seasonal promotions , hotels welcoming guests, and theaters announcing an up and coming blockbuster.

This style of banner is called a pole banner, because they are specifically designed with pocketed sleeves used for stretching a double sided printed banner between two rods that fit within brackets commonly meant for mounting on lamp posts or light poles.

Although these pocket sleeves are meant for inserting rods used in a typical pole mounting bracket, these banners can also be used for other kinds of pole pocket mounting. An example would include inserting a heavy pole in the bottom pocket of a banner for added weight and mounting the top of the banner on a ceiling rafter. These types of ceiling banner installations using pole pockets to weigh down the bottom of the banner keep the banner taut while hanging and are often found in gyms and sporting venues.

Another pole banner's use case would be to add side pole pockets instead of top and bottom pole pockets. By switching the pole sleeves to the side of the banner, one can use this method to create a free standing banner tautly stretched between two vertical poles staked in the ground or attached to a traffic control device.

In all respects, whether these pockets are placed on the sides of the banner or located at the top and or bottom, their intent is to help make sure the banner stays taut for optimum presentation purposes.

The standard heat welded pockets are virtually invisible, providing a smooth, professional look and work great for indoor displays and outdoor installations in areas with easy to moderate weather conditions. The welding process quickly heats the vinyl to a melting temperature and bonds the two pieces of vinyl together to form a secure pocketed sleeve that cannot be torn apart under normal conditions.

Although sewing stitches can be more complicated - it’s worth the trouble if your banners are going to be subject to windy conditions. Optional stitched hems are visible against the printed banner but the professional grade sewing we use will provide extra heavy duty performance and are recommended for outdoor installations. We also use industrial UV coated thread in a variety of colors to match your banner design.

Single Sided Pole Pocket Banners
Single Sided Pole Pocket Banners

Using the total surface area of the front vinyl to create high resolution graphics with a full bleed presentation allows for printing of single-sided pocket banners with no white borders on any edge.

Finishing a banner with pocketed sleeves for pole mounting allows for insertion of rigid rods into the banner to allow for even distribution of the banner's weight to prevent sagging. Using opposing pole pockets can make the banner appear rigid and hang more flat and taut.

Single-sided pole pocket banners are typically used in situations where viewing is only possible from one direction. Popular installations include against walls, in dedicated frames or stands, on one-way streets and in parades & marching bands.

Fastening Grommets
Fastening Grommets

As a standard feature, we install a grommet through the welded seam in each of the four corners. The purpose of a grommet is to provide reinforcement for the hem to ensure that the banner can be hung and displayed for long periods on the pole. Fasten zip ties through the grommets to the pole to prevent any sliding from left to right in windy conditions.

At Printastic, you can select the grommet color - black, silver or white - that best compliments the colors used in your artwork, at no additional cost.

Wind Vents
Wind Vents

As an option, cutting the wind vents into a larger sized pole pocket banner will reduce the stress the wind causes and allows for the wind to pass through without damaging the banner. The vents consist of slits cut into the banner material in either a straight or half circle shape, depending on which fits best with the design of the printed artwork on the banner.

Some towns and municipalities require wind slits in pole pocket banners. However, some do not. So it is best to check with your downtown Business Improvement District or local Chamber of Commerce to get the information that applies to your area.

High Grade 18oz Vinyl
High Grade 18oz Vinyl

Our pole pocket banners are printed on superior-quality 18 oz. vinyl - a rugged and durable blockout banner material that is specifically designed for optimal strength and ideal for outdoor installations. Even in harsh weather conditions. Our 18oz. Outdoor banner material features a combination of three layers of vinyl. A block-out layer in the middle is extremely strong and resistant to tearing, fading, and fraying outdoors.

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Wonderful company that does high quality work for competitive prices! We have used Printastic for numerous promotional printing projects both large and small. Each time our experiences has been great - Placing orders easily, receiving timely feedback on the progress of the orders, more than competitively quick production times, great shipping speeds and high quality end product as ordered. We often have printed projects in our hands within 5 -7 days of placing the order and after exposures of these products over time, the quality of materials and print work speak for themselves.