Custom Mesh Banners

Printing Permeable Mesh Vinyl Banners Will Make Sure Your Sign Withstands Unusual Windy Conditions Especially When Installing A Banner Where Each Side Is Exposed.

Wanting to get your business noticed outside your store or venue even in winds that diminish the effectiveness of traditional banners? Printing you banner on mesh vinyl is an excellent alternative to cutting wind slits that can cause a banner to be torn, which is especially important in open spaces where wind needs to flow through your banner.

When you need a banner that will be used in an outdoor setting, stretched between any two poles, where wind gusts are present, the weaved webbing of our mesh vinyl allows for wind to easily pass through, preventing any unnecessary billowing that will detract from your printed artwork and message.

Made of a lightweight 8oz vinyl strands wove tightly together, this process forms very small holes allowing for wind, light, and sound to easily pass through while not affecting the quality of printing.

We recommend using mesh vinyl for banners that are installed on chain link fencing or any free standing surface area that is not solid. If wind can pass through the surface where your banner is installed, using mesh vinyl instead of solid vinyl will reduce tension and prevent billowing.

A banner printed on mesh vinyl is fast becoming the preferred choice for outdoor displays due to technological improvements in print visibility while reducing stress caused by the elements.

Prior to mesh vinyl, the only choice was to cut multiple circular slits in a banner to help create areas for wind to pass. Although these slits help to allow wind to pass, they also tremendously weaken the vinyl's structural integrity, which is not the case for mesh vinyl.

Semi-transparent and semi-see through

If you install a mesh banner between any two anchors, structures, poles or trees, the banner will be somewhat semi-translucent, depending on the lighting.

Won’t block the sound

Mesh vinyl allows sound to easily pass through without creating an echo, making these banners highly desired for stage and concert displays even when hung in front of speakers and amps.

Mesh vinyl and the inks we use in printing is completely odorless, dry, water & UV proof, with no tack, and smooth to the touch

We use latest generation 6 Color HP Latex Print Technology. All printing on mesh vinyl is performed in High Pass High Quality Mode (6 pass / 1200 DPI, CMYK LC LM mode), resulting in stunning high resolution prints.

8oz Mesh VinylFold-back heat welded hemming is included at no additional charge and adds additional structural reinforcement for grommets.

In order to prevent fraying and extend lifespan, we fold and heat weld the edges to bond together approximately 1 inch of mesh vinyl on all four sides, forming a connection that cannot be torn apart! Heat welding provides maximum strength, because the mesh layers are actually fused together into one.

We use metal #2 size grommets that are punched approx. 1/2-inch off the edge of the banner

The #2-sized metal grommets we use have proven to be extremely durable. They measure 3/4" on the outside with about 1/2" diameter hole. The smooth inside edges ensure cords or rope passing through the hole will not chaff as much as other usages and therefore has lower risk of cutting whatever is used to hang the sign.

We manually inspect every single file you upload before printing your banners and will only proceed with your order if it can be printed at absolute 100% stunning quality with no compromises.
Larger files can be zipped and transmitted via any non-password protected cloud file sharing service

Set to actual banner size, at 100-300dpi, RGB Color Mode, with no compression, Photoshop quality level 12


Set to actual banner size, at 100-300dpi, RGB Color Mode. Combine all layers into single background layer


Set to actual or 50% banner size. RGB or CMYK Color Mode. Embed all linked images. Convert all text to outlines. Expand all strokes. Only use high resolution raster images at 50-100% scale. Files should not be password protected, if available export to PDF

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t letter iconTerry Hansen
Stars on September 28, 2022
The mesh banners look great and the price was more than reasonable. Well done, Printastic!
Stars on June 5, 2021
Outdoor mesh banners for my church
We've been using Printastic to produce outdoor banners for our church for a few years now. Their website is easy to use, and their products are well made and they deliver on time! I would strongly recommend Printastic.
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 Mesh Banner Vinyl
 Mesh Banner Colored Grommets
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Mesh Banners
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8oz mesh vinyl
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grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
black grommets
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