Hanging Vinyl Banners Advice For Banner Installation

Properly Securing Your Vinyl Banners Is Important!

This thorough banner installation guide will assist any business owner in a variety of procedures for fastening your vinyl banners to indoor and outdoor surface areas to ensure your banner ad is secure while minimizing any potential damage that can occur due to a lack of flexibility and poor installation methods.

Hanging Your Banners Outdoor

Displaying your banners and signs in an outdoor setting, elements such as wind and rain will need to be taking into consideration. With these elements, one of the more important aspects to ensuring your banners last as long as possible is to account for the fact that your banners should be able to maintain a certain flexibility. The less give your installation method has in place the more likely your banner will tear if the stress threshold exceeds the natural give only the vinyl will allow for. Because of the flexibility needed to ensure your banners last long, we at Printastic recommend that our customers use flexible Bungee cords for securing your banners to any outdoor surface.

Hanging Your Banners Indoors

IF you are hanging your banner  indoors such as against a drywall surface or mounted along paneling or a plaster wall, screws with wide washers to cover the grommet holes are great for installing banners. Always start your holes with the assistance of a manual or electric drill by measuring the distance between each grommet and identifying your proper distance with a measuring tape against the wall surface where you will be hanging your banner.

We freely include hems and grommets on the banners you receive, and bungees make the perfect roping needed to provide your banners with that additional flexibility they will need as the wind and pressure fluctuates. If the surface area where you will be installing your banners is porous like a chain link fence or other area where wind can easily pass through, the bungee is your perfect choice to ensure your banners do not tear during wind gusts. If your surface area has little to no wind passing through and your needed extra flexibility is not a factor, we suggest the use of zip ties or tie straps to effectively secure your banners to any durable outdoor wall or building.