Buyer's Guide to Hanging Vinyl Banners

Get the most value from your banners—hang them properly so they can be seen & deliver a long service life.

You've purchased your banners, now learn how to best hang and display them. Proper hanging is essential to getting the most value from your vinyl banners. Here's what you need to know to display them effectively and safely, so viewers can see them as intended and their service life is as long as possible.

The biggest question to help you understand best practices for hanging your banner is, will the banner be indoors or outdoors? For outdoor banners, proper hanging will maximize safety and service life; for indoor banners, proper hanging will optimize visibility.

Hanging banners outdoors

Outdoor banners are exposed to weather and wind, which can severely impact banner durability. Mesh banners are best suited for use in moderate wind conditions, or if mounted to surfaces that allow airflow (like a chain link fence). Bungee cords are ideal for hanging banners outdoors, because of their ability to flex and absorb tension.

Once mounted, be aware of both how your banner is hanging and changing conditions. Vinyl banners are not recommended for use in high wind conditions.

Hanging banners indoors

You have many options for hanging banners indoors, where visibility is typically the primary concern. Higher usually makes banners more visible indoors. Also be aware of traffic patterns in the intended location and orient your banner to hang in the direction that will get the best exposure.

For indoor locations, the most common source of damage for banners is from people bumping or walking into them. Monitor placement to ensure walkways or tight corners are not obstructed.

Hanging your banner depends on how it's been finished. Two of the most popular options include grommets and pole pockets.


Vinyl banners finished with grommet holes will use a tie fastener (see below) for hanging. Grommets are the little round metal inserts that protect the holes and the banner. Tie fasteners are threaded through the grommets to attach the banner to the mount. We have several color options available, so you can coordinate with your design.

For different tie fastener types, check our pages with instructions and tips for hanging vinyl banners:

Pole pockets

Vinyl banners with hemmed pole pockets are mounted on one or more rigid poles for display. Pole pockets can be located top and bottom for vertical display, or right and left sides for a free standing vinyl banner tautly stretched between two vertical poles.

Some applications are unique and require special banner hanging instructions.

Overhead banners

For installations above trafficked streets or paths, see our page Installing Banners Over Streets & Walkways.

Rope banners

We can print vinyl banners with a rope hemmed into the top and/or bottom edge, for fast and easy hanging. See our page with more information about Rope Banners.

Shelf banners

These banners are typically small, which makes them easy to hang or install on a frame. To learn more, see our Shelf Banners page.

Rafter banners

Typically used to celebrate a person or accomplishment, our Rafter Banners page is filled with information about how to make raising and hanging these decorative banners a festive occasion.

Canopy banners

Specialized for use with almost all standard canopies and tents, our Canopy Banners are easy to hang—read more to learn how to make them pay off.

Double-sided banners

The important thing to remember about hanging these banners is that you want both sides to be unobstructed, so you get full value from viewers in two directions. Learn more at our Double-Sided Banners page.

Find your banner type and order now, or contact our support team with any questions (including about hanging your banners) or special orders. Check our product pages to purchase the perfect vinyl banner for your application.