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A-Frame Signs - Custom Printed Sidewalk Signs

signicade a-framesSignicade A-Frames
36”x24” display area - $190

The best selling outdoor A-frame sign. It is extremely durable, heavy, and designed for long term outdoor use. Available in white, black, orange, and yellow colors.

Featured A-Frame Signs
Sidewalk signs
Sidewalk signs36”x24” display area, $190

The elegant outdoor sidewalk sign, with a small footprint, specially designed for advertising on busy sidewalks. Available in white and black.

Simpo II
Simpo II28”x22” display area, $160

A lightweight alternative to Signicade frames, the Simpo II sign features a slightly smaller display area and half the weight of other outdoor frames.

Square simpo a-frames
Square simpo a-frames24”x24” display area, $140

Smaller lightweight A-frame that sits lower than traditional A-frames, and features a square 2’x2’ display area. Available in white and black.

Quick a-frame sign
Quick a-frame sign18”x24” display area, $120

Extremely portable and lightweight, this A-frame is perfect for daytime use and to be moved around from site to site in your car.


While there are many kinds of A-frame signs, we’ve decided to carry only a few hand-selected as the best. The reason for that is that we don’t want you to go through trial and error and end up with the wrong outside sign that will either break quickly; be hard to use, move and store; rust; or even worse, be a potential hazard to your employees or passing pedestrians.

Ours come in plastic only, and can be used for many years – both indoors and outdoors. The plastic is literally indestructible, and will take years of normal wear. We have frames to cover all types of outdoor exposure including heavier style, mid-range, and lightweight for easy transport.