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Buyer's Guide to Matte Vinyl Banners vs. Glossy

There's a clear difference in performance, here's what you need to know.

Here's an important but sometimes overlooked question when ordering vinyl banners: glossy or matte material? Matte is the superior choice. Read on to learn more about the difference and why matte is almost certainly the better choice for your banner project.

While many lesser online banner printers push gloss finishes, we want to clarify the substantial difference in quality and performance between matte and glossy vinyl. Matte finish banners are preferred because they:

  • Offer better viewing characteristics in all types of light
  • Have reduced glare from the front
  • Stand out better visually in the overwhelming majority of conditions both indoors & outdoors

Glare is the primary culprit: light reflected onto a glossy surface creates glare from multiple viewing angles. Matte finish banners soften glare (especially indoors in bright, direct-light) and support a clearer, better, more effective viewing experience.

And it's not just that matte vinyl is better for banners that are specialized for photography, including backdrops, scrims, and stage banners. Matte finish eliminates hotspots from direct indoor lighting and bright outdoor light: that's a benefit for all vinyl banner types.

We've heard from many customers about poor experiences with glossy banners and their preference is clear: matte finish vinyl banners are the winner, hands down! Matte is our standard banner material—don't get swindled by other printers by paying extra to get the better finish.

If you check around, you'll find out that many printers use inferior glossy vinyl material. Not us—we've eliminated glossy vinyl from our stock. If you're ready to order, use our FREE online tool to create your design. You can also contact our support team with any questions or special orders. Check our product pages to get started.