Gloss vs Matte Banners Vinyl Sign Printing Suggestions

Gloss Vinyl versus Matte Vinyl Banners - Why Matte Is Much Better

One of the common choice options available to consumers in the banner printing industry when a customer is faced with picking the right vinyl banner sign for their advertising needs is whether to purchase a Matte Finish or a Gloss Finish when printing their vinyl banners. As a print professional competing in the banner printing industry for years now, we really don't understand why such a debate between a matte and gloss finish even still continues due to the fact that this debate surrounds the topic of printing sign displays. With this being the case, we wanted to clarify the difference between a matte and gloss finish banner, inform our readers why we never use glossy finished vinyl when printing banners for our customers, and once and for all, put to rest the age-old debate between a matte or glossy banner sign.

First of all the difference between a glossy finished sign and a matte finish sign is simple. By visually viewing the sign from a front stance, the gloss finished product will more readily provide a glare effect while the matte finish will soften the glare from light source and sun-light that shine in front of your sign. Well, if its a shiny car we want to show off, a glossy finish will win the day every time. However, we are referencing the printing of banner signs that are intended to be visually viewed and details of that sign need to read and interpreted. All un-necessary glare will do in the case of the visual nature of a sign is obstruct and get in the way of the actual reader's interpreted view. While at the same time, a matte finish is constructed to soften this all too annoying glare effect that gets in the way of viewing signage, and allow for a more thorough examination of a sign's details and visual message.

In our experience we have heard many stories of customers who did not think of these simple facts between glossy and matte finish and ended up purchasing a gloss finish for the signage needs. After viewing their glossy sign outdoors in the real world, once the banner gets delivered, more often than not, a customer who purchases the gloss sign will return it for the matte finish due to the simple fact that the matte finish is more easily viewed in heavy lit conditions.

With the obvious benefits of a matte finish opposed to glossy finishes for the typical sign, we at Printastic have eliminated this unnecessary choice and, for obvious reasons, only offer matte finish vinyl banners to our customers.