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Promote Happy Hour With Banners and Signs

Providing happy hour at your bar or restaurant offers tons of benefits, including introducing your customers to new promotional products, boosting profit potential, increasing customer loyalty, and building brand awareness. Stunning vinyl banners are a great way to bring customers in the door so that you can continue to advertise to them once they're inside.

Placing a vinyl banner outside of your restaurant stating the time of the day your happy hour starts and ends is a great way to bring crowds in the door during slow periods at your bar or restaurant. People will see your custom banner on their way to and from work and know the time of the day you're offering happy hour deals.

Your happy hour banner can also help you promote new drinks, appetizers and small plates that your existing customer base is unaware of.

With just one low cost, you'll have a durable banner that promotes your happy hour every day for as long as your promotions are available.

Simply upload the artwork you wish us to print on your banner(s), choose from our designs that can be customized online or design your own happy hour themed banner from scratch using our easy online design tools.