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Advertise Your Renter’s Insurance Offerings With Vinyl Banners

Renter’s Insurance Banners Help Your Customers Find the right coverage

Renters sometimes overlook the need for insurance based on the belief that they may not have a significant amount of personal possessions, or because the property is already insured by the owner. While it is true that a rental property is insured by the owner, the destruction or loss of personal belongings is not. You can use custom vinyl banners from Printastic to get this information out to the public. The typical renter’s insurance policy will cover your possessions against losses arising from fire, smoke, lightening, theft, vandalism, explosion, wind storm, and water damage (excluding floods).

Renter’s insurance banners will inform viewers that they can obtain coverage for damages and costs in the event that visitors are injured in their apartment or elsewhere by you, your pet, or a family member living with you. This includes any legal defense expenses if a renter is taken to court. Custom renter’s insurance banners can also convey that a policy will also cover additional living expenses should a renter be unable to live in the apartment due to a covered peril, such as fire, though the policy may set limits on how much you will be reimbursed.

Renter’s insurance is usually quite inexpensive, so make sure to advertise that fact on your custom vinyl banners. The low cost of protection may make a smart decision even easier.