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Make your used book sale feel new with custom vinyl banners from Printastic!

Like fine wine, good books only get better with age. The beauty of literature is that it doesn’t go out of style or become irrelevant as it gets older – it exists as a timeless window into the human culture at the time of publication.

Used book sales can be exciting for several reasons. Firstly, everyone loves a bargain and seeing the amount of savings for a book at a used book sale compared to the price printed on the back jacket is always a good feeling. Also, used book sales can sometimes unite new readers with a gem that they may have otherwise never discovered. New readers of used books are often thrilled to find notes and comments written in the margins by previous readers – sometimes decades earlier – which provide a fascinating window into the mind of the book’s original owner.

Printastic’s used book sale banner templates are professionally designed and ready to print. Just edit your chosen book sale banner design template using our online editing tools, complete the purchase process and in no time your used book sale banner will be bringing in customers. Printastic lets you customize used book sale banners to incorporate information, themes and imagery (such as logos) of your school or organization to present a highly polished, well thought out look for your next used book sales event.