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Fabric Banners
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heavy knit polyester fabric
stitching on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
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Custom Fabric Banners

High quality fabric banners showcase incredible style & superb looks!

Our custom fabric banners are engineered to be the best banners you can buy for use at indoors events. Incredible quality across the board makes a powerful impression in auditoriums, arenas, churches and faith centers, conventions, trade shows, in-store displays, and more.

  • 9oz polyester knit fabric, resists scratches & wrinkling, machine-washable
  • Super-strong stitched hems NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Sturdy all-metal grommets NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Sewn-in pockets NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Hundreds of custom sizes, from 2' x 2' to 10' x 50'
  • Fabric-proof dye sublimated printing
  • Printed in the USA

Here are the best ways to display your custom fabric banner:

Grommets & positioning

We include grommets and have options for placement, including the distance between grommet holes, at no additional charge. Select from different intervals (every 2-3”, all four corners, etc.) to ensure your banner will hang safely and securely.

Sewn pockets for installing

4” polyester sewn-in pockets are also included at no additional charge and provide an easy and attractive solution for displaying your banner. Pockets can be placed at the top, bottom, or sides of your banner, depending on how you intend to display it.

We've printed and delivered thousands of fabric banner orders across the United States. Here are some of the ways they're being used:

Churches & faith organizations

These banners are ideal for churches, synagogues, mosques, or other houses of worship. The quality stands out to catch the attention of congregations, whether to announce upcoming events, celebrate seasonal themes, share inspirational messages, or simply add beauty to any space. The lightweight fabric is easy to install and store.

Trade shows

Portability and ease of installation are key benefits of our fabric banners. They are a great choice for kiosks, booths, stages, or any space used for presenting a brand or product. They add an eye-catching premium element to any trade show display and their low-glare design makes them exceptionally suited for photo quality background graphics.

Retail businesses

Our banners are perfect for catching the attention of shoppers on high-traffic retail floors. They are easy to setup and move, versatile, and demonstrate to customers a commitment to quality.

Schools & academic institutions

In academic settings, fabric banners can be used to share school colors and imagery, celebrate achievements, mark institutional spaces, or simply add color and beauty to surroundings. They are exceptionally affordable and easy to hang.

Sports teams

Athletic teams use our fabric banners to create lasting mementos that honor epic achievements, championship seasons, and iconic players. They can add drama and historical importance to any arena or venue.

What is dye sublimated printing?

Unlike normal digital printing, dye sublimation utilizes heat transfer to set the printed image directly into the fabric. This yields exceptional high quality resolution for stunning images and prints that will definitely attract attention. Fabric polyester banners can also include double-sided printing with the same image, or two different images printed and joined together.

Do I need a graphic designer to design my banner?

Not at all. Our free online design tool is specifically engineered to make designing your own banners fast and easy, even with no design experience. Our library of hundreds of templates is also free—use a template as-is, or search them for inspiration. Upload your own images (including anything from an actual graphic designer), we can work with almost any file type you provide to us when you create your order.

How big can you print my banner? Will it stretch?

We print banners ranging from 2’x2’ to our largest size of 10’ x 50’. Any size will comfortably stretch between 2-5% of its production size, making them ideal for stretch-tight displays used in frames and boxes where you want a taut, crease-free look.

Why should I choose a fabric banner instead of a standard vinyl banner?

Premium fabric material and high quality printing provide eye-catching results with a low-glare appearance. They are easy to display, easy to store, and are very low cost for their quality. If you need a highly durable banner for outdoor display, our vinyl banners are likely the better option.

How long will my polyester banner last?

With standard indoor use and proper care, these banners can last a minimum of three years. Though the banners are scratch- and water-resistant, they can tear when exposed to sharp or blunt piercing objects. Be sure to always display and store your banner in an area free of these hazards.

How do I display my banner?

We offer two different hanging options: grommets or pole pockets. Grommets allow for tying your banners to any surface, while pockets allow insertion of rods or poles into the pockets for installation. Grommets can be placed via our five different grommet options that you can choose during checkout:

  • No grommets
  • Four corners
  • On all four sides every 2”
  • On left & right sides every 2”
  • On top & bottom every 2”

Grommets are best used with ropes, bungee cords, strings, or similar fasteners to help keep the banner in place. Sewn-in pockets are used for mounting between two poles or one side hanging from a ceiling, while the other side is used to weigh down the banner for tautness.

Are fabric banners for indoor use only?

To ensure best longevity, we recommend that they are only used indoors and out of direct sunlight. This will ensure the longest service life and sustained quality of your banner.

What is the best way to store my banner?

We recommend storing your banners where they are not exposed to moisture, sun, or any other potential damage from the elements. Rolling up your banner for storage is probably the best option, our high quality polyester fabric is wrinkle-resistant—this gives you a great looking banner every time you display it.

How do I care for fabric banners?

Proper care is important to get the longest service life, but also easy. The polyester fabric is machine washable, we recommend a gentle cycle in cold water. Do not machine dry, instead lay out or hang to air dry and avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Design and ordering is easy: simply go to our free-to-use online design tool and create your banner—there's no obligation and you can you can check how it looks prior to placing any order. You can also contact our support team with any questions or special orders.

We're a trusted partner for businesses and organizations with high quality banner needs—we look forward to helping you!

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r letter icon Ryan
Stars on October 22, 2022
Great job! Good price! Not much communication, but ended up with exactly what I was hoping for!
s letter icon Stephanie
Stars on September 29, 2022
The fabric banners were great and shipping was quick. The price, quality, and speed from This Company are amazing!