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 Printed Fabric Banner Example
Fabric Banners
3 x 6
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heavy knit polyester fabric
stitching on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
1+ 2+ 5+ 10+ 20+
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Custom Fabric Banners

Expose your brand with stunning clarity with beautifully printed fabric polyester banners by Printastic.

  • Choose From 100s of Custom Sizes!
  • Fade Proof Dye-Sublimated Printing!
  • Stitched Hems Provided Free of Charge!
  • Grommets and Custom Placement Is On Us!
  • Sewn In Pockets Included For Free!
  • Non Wrinkle Crease Resistant Knit Polyester!

Our exceptional fabric polyester banners get their elegance from our custom dye-sublimation print process transferred onto 100% polyester knit fabric that provide a silky smooth presentation perfect for trade show kiosks and indoor venues. Our 9 ounce polyester knit is both machine washable and resistant to wrinkles thereby preventing creases.

The thin polyester tight-knit weave delivers an ultra durable banner that is lightweight for easy handling yet provides an aesthetic appeal making them perfect for indoor lighting conditions similar to what is found in churches, trade show events, in-store displays, and more.

Displaying a Fabric banner to represent your business brand at any indoor event helps make that important initial impression. We do not recommend using these banners in an outdoor setting as the fabric is not suitable to withstand damage from exposure outdoors.

Grommets and Positioning

We include grommets and custom placement including the distance between grommet holes at no additional charge. Select from different intervals (every 2-3 feet; four corners; etc) to ensure your banner will hang securely in position.

Sewn Pockets for Installing

Four-inch polyester sewn in pockets are also included in your price and provide an easy and discreet solution for displaying your banner in non-traditional spaces. Pockets can be placed at the top, bottom, or sides of your banner depending on your preference at no extra charge.


These banners are truly a great option for any church, synagogue, mosque, or other house of worship that is looking to catch the attention of its congregation and easily announce upcoming events, post highlights from today's sermon, or remind everyone of the current chapter or verse being studied. The fabric is durable enough to store away and used in future circumstances when the purpose of its message reoccurs.

Trade Shows

Trade shows require lightweight and easily portable display options due to time constraints when setting up and taking down a kiosk making these banners very suitable for presenting a company brand or offering. They add an eye-catching premium element to any trade show display. Their low glare appeal makes them exceptionally suited for photo quality background graphics.

Retail Businesses and Schools

For high-traffic indoor retail location and school settings, our dye-sublimation banners can make a huge impact. They are exceptionally affordable and easy to hang.

Though very versatile and durable, proper care is required to maintain the integrity and brilliance of these banners. Since the polyester fabric is machine washable, we recommend washing your banner on your machine’s gentlest cycle in cold water for the best results. Do not dry in a dryer; simply lay out or hang to air dry in avoidance of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

What is the printing process you use?

We use a unique full color dye-sublimation printing process to make sure your graphic deliver that important first impression you can never get back. Unlike normal digital printing, dye-sublimation utilizes heat transfer to set the printed image directly to the fabric with exceptional high-quality resolution resulting in stunning images and prints that will definitely attract attention.

Fabric polyester banners can also include doubled sided printing with the same or two different images printed and joined together.

Do I need a graphic designer to design my banner?

No. We offer a large variety of templates in our online template library for our customers to use at no extra charge. However, if you’d like to design your own banner or have a graphic designer put together a design for you, you can upload any custom print ready graphic with your order. We can work with any file type you provide to us when you create your order.

How big can you print my banner? Will the banner stretch?

We print banners ranging from 2’x2’ sizes to our largest size of 10’ x 50’ – Any size will comfortably stretch between 2-5% of their production size making them ideal for stretch-tight displays used in frames and boxes where you want a crease-free look.

Why should I choose a fabric banner over your standard banner?

The premium fabric and high-quality printing provide eye-catching results with a low-glare appearance. They are easy to display, easy to store, and are very low cost for their quality.

If your need is for a durable, outdoor display that can stand up to the elements, our vinyl banners are probably the better option.

How long will my banner last?

With proper indoor use and care, these banners can last a minimum of three years. Though the banners are scratch- and water-resistant, they can tear when exposed to sharp or blunt piercing objects. Be sure to always display and store your banner in an area free of these kinds of hazards.

How do I hang my banner?

We offer two different hanging options: grommets and pole pockets. Grommets allow for tying your banners to any surface while pockets allow for the insertion of rods or poles into the pockets for installation.

Grommets can be placed at various points throughout your banner via our five different grommet options that you can choose during checkout.

Finishing Options Are:

  • No grommets
  • Four corners
  • On all four sides every two inches
  • On the left and right sides every two inches
  • On the top and bottom every two inches

Grommets are best used with ropes, bungee cords, or strings to help keep the banner tethered in place.

Sewn in pockets will display your banners from poles which can be used for mounting between two poles or one side hanging from a ceiling while the adjacent side is used to weigh down the banner for taughtness.

Are fabric banners for indoor use only?

To ensure the longevity and quality, we recommend that they are only used indoors out of direct sunlight. This will ensure the longevity and quality of your banner.

What is the best way to store my banner?

We always suggest storing your banners where they’ll be free from water, sun, or any other kind of damage from the elements. While rolling your banner for storage is probably the best option, our high-quality polyester fabric is wrinkle-resistant – giving you a great looking banner every time you display it.

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r letter icon Ryan
Stars on October 22, 2022
Great job! Good price! Not much communication, but ended up with exactly what I was hoping for!
s letter icon Stephanie
Stars on September 29, 2022
The fabric banners were great and shipping was quick. The price, quality, and speed from Printastic are amazing!