Finish Line Banners

Design and print custom finish line banners at the end of any race to help brand your event and alert participants the race is over.

From 5k run races, charity walkathons, to automobile road racing, a custom finish line banner is an absolute necessity. Easily design your banner to include finish line checkerboards and even place a promotional logo and slogans to  brand your finish line banner.

Many charity runs and community walks are funded by sponsors that donate funds to make the race possible. When this is the case, we suggest your finish line banner to include sponsor logos as a thank you for sponsoring the event. This tiny gesture will help ensure the same sponsors from a previous year will consider sponsorship for future events you decide to promote.

Finish line banners are often free standing banners that overhang the racing path below. Usually hanging over a roadway, sidewalk or track, we print these banners on 18 ounce blockout layered vinyl to ensure that double sided printing, which is commonly performed, will not be visually seen through to the other printed side.

We provide only 2 and 3 foot heights with widths that range from 16 to 24 feet for our finish line banners. Custom printing of any color combinations and even photo process color printing is acceptable.

We will provide hemmed pockets for pole mounting if needed, including any grommets needed for installation. Also consider using affordable rope banners for your finish line displays. They provide added reassurance and support to any free standing banner that are subject to traffic passing by under the banner.

Are Finish Line Banners Customizable?

Yes. you can customize your finish line artwork to exactly match the branding, color scheme and custom messaging you want to include.

Can I include Any Finish Line Checkerboard Design?

Yes. We will print any checkerboard colors or design you want to create. Simply create and include your design for printing at the time you order your finish line banner.

Should I add wind slits to my finish line banner?

With the sizes we use for these banners, wind slits are not necessary. If you were making a larger finish line banner than we currently offer, wind slits could be suggested.

Do you provide the finish line hardware for installation?

We do not supply the hardware installers will use when setting up a finish line banner. However, the banners we print for finish line should be compatible to most finish line set ups.

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Finish Line Banners
2 x 16
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