Heavy-Duty Vinyl Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Banners are the ideal solution when you want to connect with a large audience in a way that's simple and affordable. Pound-for-pound, there's no better value than outdoor banners: they're attractive, long-lasting, very noticeable, and a bargain investment. You can customize outdoor banners to say anything and be seen anywhere—we're here to help you get noticed!

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Outdoor Banners
3 x 6
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feet, Height x Width
18oz heavy-duty vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
black grommets
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Outdoor banners are the best, most convenient, and most affordable way to get your message out to customers. Our heavy-duty outdoor banners set a high standard for quality and value:

  • Ultra-durable 18oz block-out vinyl material
  • Super-strong heat-welded hemming, stitched hemming, or stitched hemming with webbing
  • Sturdy all-metal grommets
  • Wind slits optional
  • 6 Color HP Latex Print Technology
  • Printed in the USA

Here's why our banners are an upgrade in quality and value over the competition:

Heavy-duty 18oz vinyl

Our outdoor banners are printed on superior quality 18oz vinyl, the strongest vinyl substrate we stock. This rugged block-out banner material is ideal for banners that can stand up to harsh outdoor conditions, with superior resistance to tearing, fading, and fraying.

Our 18oz vinyl outdoor banner material features a combination of three layers of vinyl—this delivers performance rated to last 3-5 years outdoors. The middle block-out layer is not only tough, it also prevents images on front and back from bleeding into each other.

Heat-welded hem finishing

You can barely see our standard heat-welded hemming—the look of your banner is simple and pristine. A 1-inch heat-welded hem on all four sides provides a smooth, professional look and a maximally strong banner that can't be torn apart.

Stitched hem finishing

Double-needle stitched hemming uses an industrial UV-coated thread available in a variety of colors to match your banner design. This process creates a hem just as strong as heat-welding and may be preferred in instances where public and municipal locations have strict banner requirements.

Stitched hem with webbing finishing

In this variation, 1-inch white nylon webbing is sewn into the top and bottom stitched hems, with a lead of 8-feet from each corner for easy hanging. Strap extensions are not intended to be used to hang banners over roadways and don't make the banner completely indestructible, however the sewn-in nylon webbing dramatically improves tear resistance, truly maximizing outdoor lifespan.

Fastening grommets

We install a #2 metal grommet measuring ¾” on the outside circumference with ½” diameter hole through the welded seam in each of the banner's four corners. Grommets reinforce the hem and provide a simple and effective way to install your banner. Use zip ties or any other type of fastener through the grommets to secure the banner to a wall or suitable backing. Choose the grommet color—black, silver, or white—that best complements the colors used in your banner, at no extra cost.

Wind vents

Wind vents are slits cut into the banner material in either a straight or half-circle shape, depending on which best matches the banner's printed artwork and design. These allow wind to better pass through the banner without putting stress on it. 2-3 foot wide banners typically feature one or two rows of wind vents, while wider banners may have two, three, or more rows of wind vents.

Print process

We use the latest generation 6 Color HP Latex Print Technology. All banners are printed in High Pass High Quality Mode (6 pass / 1200 DPI, CMYK LC LM mode), resulting in stunning high resolution prints. Our process delivers superior image results, including smooth skin tones and gradients, bright logos and text colors, and crisp, clear printing with no fuzziness or blurriness down to 4pt text.

Our team manually inspects each file you upload prior to printing your outdoor banner order: we will only proceed to printing if it can be produced at absolute 100% stunning quality with no compromises.

Large files can be zipped and transmitted via any non-password protected cloud file sharing service. Some notes regarding formats:


Set to actual banner size, at 100-300dpi, RGB Color Mode, with no compression, Photoshop quality level 12;


Set to actual banner size, at 100-300dpi, RGB Color Mode. Combine all layers into single background layer;


PDF / AI / EPS: Set to actual or 50% banner size. RGB or CMYK Color Mode. Embed all linked images. Convert all text to outlines. Expand all strokes. Only use high res raster images at 50-100% scale. Files should not be password protected, if available export to PDF.

Poor installation is the number one reason outdoor banners are damaged. No matter how strong the banner is, if it's simply stretched between four points, a few strong gusts can cause lasting damage.

The correct method of outdoor installation is critical. Never make a wind sail out of a banner: if it's being installed between posts or poles where it may catch the wind, consider adding optional wind vents to the banner and use flexible bungee cords for installation. Bungee cords can absorb tension in wind and vents allow air to pass through, reducing stress.

By far, the best method of outdoor installation is on a sturdy backing using the grommet holes—this can be a wall, a fence, a sheet of plywood, a stationary trailer, or any static surface that is flat and as large or larger than the banner.

With proper installation, your banner can last up to five years outdoors, which maximizes the return on your investment.

Ordering is easy: simply go to our online design tool and create your banner (you can check how it looks prior to placing your order). You can also contact our support team with any questions or special orders. Thanks for trusting us with your essential banner needs!

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r letter icon Richard
Stars on July 19, 2024
What an AMAZING JOB with our banner. Service was quick & fast. We will definitely continue to do business with Printastic!
p letter icon Pastor Lee Parks
Stars on June 7, 2024
I was not sure how the banner would process after sending a photo but it went wildly beyond what we all expected! Our Sunday School is thrilled with the banner and quality of it. We will definitely be using this service again.
m letter icon Mat
Stars on April 24, 2024
We ordered 2 custom vinyl banners and were pleased with the fast turnaround and quality. We have been using them for over a year without issue breaking down and setting up at outdoor events. Will use Printastic again.
j letter icon Jay McWilliams
Stars on April 9, 2024
Fantastic service and products. Have been using Printastic for years. And will continue to do so!
j letter icon Joshua
Stars on March 27, 2024
Great quality
j letter icon Jeff
Stars on February 9, 2024
First place I go when I need banners. Straight forward and great quality. Will be doing business with you guys again!