Custom Parade Banners

Parade banners are one of the best ways a marching band can introduce their school's band and brand their insignia while participating in any marching parade event.

Knowing that a banner out front of your marching band is an excellent way to introduce your school at any parade, once wants to make sure the banner you are using is built correctly for a proper marching presentation. The band members would certainly not want their banner to droop in the middle or sag while marching, so to prevent this we have hemmed a horizontal pocket that extends the full width of the banner so a long dowel or parade pole can be inserted from one end to the other. This will ensure that the banner stays straight and will not sag. Also if the width of your marching band is known in advance for your parade event, you can size your banner and parade pole to the exact number of feet your marching band needs to stay in. This will additionally help to keep the front of your marching band guiding the band members behind in precise marching form.

By default, banners used in parades only include a hemmed top pocket that will extend the full width of your banner. We do not include grommets like we do on our standard vinyl banners as they are not necessary for banners used when marching.

Heights from two to four feet are only provided as anything taller would be far too difficult to march with. Parade banners extend to 25 feet in width that should be sufficient for most marching band line ups. However, if you need a wider parade banner, please let us know, and we will be happy to provide your marching band with a custom quote.

Are Parade Banners Easy To Carry?

Yes. Because of the insertable parade poles, these banners are easy to carry while marching. Simply hold the pole at both ends of the banner to carry.

Can I include Photos In My Design?

Our print technology allows for full digital process color printing meaning that photo quality results are easily attainable.

Are the hemmed pockets strong?

Yes! We heat weld our hems iterally fusing the pocket into place making them the strongest welded pockets possible.

Do you provide the parade pole or rod to insert into the hemmed pockets?

We do not supply the parade pole for inserting into our parade banners. Most parade bands will already have parade poles at their school, and if a school needs to purchase a pole, they are available at any local hardware store.

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Parade Banners
2 x 4
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feet, Height x Width
13oz matte vinyl
pocket on top only
1 day production

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