Custom Rope Banners

Custom banners finished with roping already hemmed into the top and bottom horizontal edging provides for one of the most durable banners one can purchase. This is because the banner's entire weight is being uniformly supported by the sewn in rope opposed to the vinyl hemmed edges and individual grommet hole points of contact solely acting as support.

Ropes inserted into the top and bottom hems of banners are also less likely to sag or severely drape down from the ends because the roping can be tautly tied between two endpoints without the fear of stretching the banner. While providing an exceptional straight across presentation without sagging combined with the peace of mind that your banner is far less likely to stretch or tear, rope banners provide a better and more secure product for hanging over crowds and traffic.

We offer our rope insert banners in both 13 ounce and 18 ounce vinyl. We recommend our 13 ounce vinyl for single sided printing applications and our 18 ounce for double sided banner prints due to its see thru blockout layer.

We print these banners no differently than we print our other banner products, but the finishing is much different. While we finish these banners, we securely hem strong nylon roping into the top, and if requested, bottom hemming across the entire banner's  horizontal edge. So when your banner is shipped, the roping is already secured to provide you with a very quick installation. Simply remove your banner at the preferred location where you intend to install your banner and tie off the banner's top edge roping first making sure the roping is level and tautly secured. Once the top rope is fastened, use the provided sewn in rope in the banner's bottom edge to prevent any unnecessary flapping. Try not to angel your rope downward too much while securing the bottom edge of your banner to prevent potential stretching, but providing some downward tension will help keep your banner taut

Banners are completely odor free, dry, water & UV proof, with no tack, and smooth to the touch

We use latest generation 6 Color HP Latex Print Technology printed in High Pass, High Quality Mode (6 pass / 1200 DPI, CMYK LC LM mode), resulting in stunning high resolution printing with smooth skin tones & gradients, bright logo & text colors, and crisp clear printing with no fuzziness or blurriness.

Banners are shipped rolled with the roping already hemmed in for convenience and ease of installation.

Sizing is listed in Feet, Height x Width. We offer banners ranging from 2x2 all the way up to 10x50 feet. We are happy to accommodate custom sized banners on requests, so please contact us for requirements if needed. Custom sizes and unique rope inserts will be priced accordingly.

13oz Vinyl

We use standard 13oz vinyl for printing with sen in roping during finishing to provide a visually stunning matte finished taut banner that produces excellent image quality with no reflections or glare even in brightly lit indoor or in outdoor locations.

18 oz Blockout Vinyl

18oz vinyl is for the person who wants to overhang a double sided print presentation for traffic passing in all directions. Constructed of 3 layers, including a middle blockout layer, 18oz banners are truly heavy duty, non transparent, and completely blocks light to stop ghosting effects.

Durable hemming is heat welded while inserting the roping to the top and optional bottom edging of your banner.

In order to prevent fraying and extend lifespan, we heat weld the edges of each banner around the ropes to ensure the rope pockets do not come loose. We never use hemming tape or other hemming procedures that sacrifice durability.

We manually inspect every single file you upload before printing and will only proceed with your order if we determine your artwork can be printed at an absolute 100% stunning quality with no compromises

Larger files can be zipped and transmitted via any non-password protected cloud file sharing service

Set to actual size, at 100-300dpi, RGB Color Mode, with no compression, Photoshop quality level 12


Set to actual size, at 100-300dpi, RGB Color Mode. Combine all layers into single background layer


Set to actual or 50% size. RGB or CMYK Color Mode. Embed all linked images. Convert all text to outlines. Expand all strokes. Only use high res raster images at 50-100% scale. Files should not be password protected, if available export to PDF

What is finishing?

Finishing includes welding hems with rope inserts to reinforce top and bottom edges for strength.

Does Printastic Include grommets on rope banners?

We do not offer grommets for banners that include pre inserted roping unless requested for very special applications.

Will Printastic print my banner if I include an obvious flaw in my artwork?

We always inspect artwork and resolution before we print and will redesign your artwork prior to printing if we see a design flaw that should be corrected.

Am I able to upload my own print ready file?

Absolutely! At the time of ordering you will provide us either an uploaded graphics file or design your banner online using our easy to use platform.

Can I customize your templates or buy as is?

Yes! Using our design tools you may customize our designs with preferred font choices, sizing, rewording text, and adding graphics and background colors. And if you want to order a template without any alterations, you can do that also.

Are your products and materials manufactured in the USA?

Yes, we utilize raw products and services that are all based in the USA. Our production and sales facility is located in Novi, Michigan (Suburb of Detroit).

If I use your online designer, can I upload my own graphics and logos when designing?

Yes you can! Our online design tools allow you to upload any graphic file to include when creating your banner.

Does Printastic Offer a Print Guarantee?

Of Course! If the product you receive has anything wrong with its construction or printing, we’ll replace it free of charge right away.

Are my banners water resistant and fireproof?

Yes. The vinyl we use when printing is NFPA-701 fireproof certified, and they will not absorb moisture even when placed outdoors for long periods of time.

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