Promote Products and Services With Banners Mounted on Any Ceiling Space!

Ceiling banners are an excellent way to get people's attention. Ceiling banner graphics for special events, public announcements, exhibition signage – constitutes a full segment of Printastic’s wide format, high quality printing services. Oversized graphics are used to attract attention to Grand Openings, Trade Shows, Open Houses, seminars, ceremonies, receptions and performances. Pre-event and event signs are used commonly in all aspects of public and private gatherings to add excitement and provide information. Display graphics are widely used in commercial, public, educational and exhibition applications.

Suspended banners and ceiling displays are a great way to maximize customer awareness in stores and increase visibility at trade shows. In addition, hanging Custom Banners are commonly used by companies which want to multiply their advertising efforts - in competitive environments, ceiling displays accomplish that. Printastic produces full-color ceiling banners that are lightweight, easy to install and very impressive. These custom banners are interesting and stand out from the rest of the advertising signage because of their nontraditional placement. Hanging from the ceiling, these custom messages can be printed in sizes to fit each specific environment. For example, square shaped banners (24”x24”, 36”x36” or 48”x48”) work great in limited spaces and longer, landscape banners (2’x6’, 2’x8’, 2’x12’, 3’x10’, 3’x12’) are perfect for conveying larger messages.

While Printastic is happy to apply Grommets to all edges of your banner, you can easily choose to only have the top edge grommeted during checkout, which will save you money.

Installation Tips & Tricks

One of the easiest ways to display your customized banners is to hang them using bungee cables. In order to do that, order your banners from Printastic with grommets positioned an even 12 or 24 inches apart across the top edge of the media. In most situations, large ceiling banners are suspended from one of two common ceiling types:

  • Drop Ceilings
  • Open Warehouse Type Ceilings

If the banner is adjacent to poles or support beams, bungees can quickly attach to your vinyl banners' grommet holes and can stretch to wrap around poles and columns. However in most cases, ceiling banners will not be near any vertical support posts, so we recommend installing them with one of the following convenient, easy to use and commonly found methods:

  • Standard Fishing Line
  • ZIP Ties
  • Thin Cable or Chain

Because ceiling Banners are Displayed Indoors, wind and elements are not a concern. Therefore, suspending your banner is often times best accomplished with fishing line because it is sturdy and virtually invisible. Alternatively, ZIP ties may be best for long term ceiling banner installations because unlike fishing line, they will never become brittle or weak with excessive age. Lastly, thin chains with S-Hooks may be utilized for hanging in industrial installations or if you wish to hang your ceiling banner with pre-existing mounting hardware such as weighted banner bars.

Maintaining Your Ceiling Banner

Due to the fact that ceiling banners are often in close proximity to heating & cooling ducts and ceiling fans, they have a tendency to gather dust and dirt more quickly than banners in other locations. In order to maintain a clean look, you can give your ceiling banner proper care by adhering to the following maintenance guidelines:

  • Install ceiling banners as far from light fixtures and exhaust fans as possible.
  • Never fold your ceiling banner.
  • Do not install your ceiling banner in over sources of extreme heat or in direct sunlight.
  • Periodically clean your banner with soapy water or very mild household cleaners. Use a rag or paper towel - never use a brush, pressure washer, or other abrasive object.