Bungee Cord Installed Banners Vinyl Sign Installation With Flexibility

When Should You Use Bungee Cords for Securing Vinyl Banners?

These elastic cords can provide your banner with a simple and quick installation method while maintaining the flexibility one might require depending on the surface area and environmental conditions of where you intend to hang your banners. In many cases you may be hanging your banner in an area where the banner could be stretching between two poles leaving a huge gap of air exposed on both sides. Possibly the surface where your banner will be secured could have porous openings similar to that of a chain link fence or lattice board where air can easily pass through the area. Whenever these kinds of gaps in your surface area present themselves, bungee cords are preferred because of their flexible nature. Banners can only stretch so much before one risks stretching the banner beyond its acceptable threshold, and if a non flexible cord or rope is used in this circumstance, once that tension threshold has been exceeded, something will have to give. This means your banner's risk of tearing or getting taken down by heavy winds and the elements becomes a factor. One knows that a torn banner, or a banner that has fallen on the ground will drastically reduce and even at times completely eliminate the intended purpose of your banner and the message you are trying to convey to your banner's target audience. This is why when ever you find yourself hanging your banner where large gaps or porous elements in the structure where you intend to hang your banner presents itself, flexible bungee cords are by far, the perfect choice. Instead of your banner tearing or being taken down, the flex of your bungee cords will give in and allow for that damaging wind factor to more easily spill away from your banner to ensure your installation stays in tact.

Thread the cord through the grommet of the banner and stretch the cord to the tree or pole and wrap securely to hang any vinyl banner. If you need a longer cord, simply add more cords to make one long rope by hooking several straps together. Attach bungee cords to all four corners of the banner to firmly anchor around your tie point. Using bungee cords is the easiest choice for suspending your banner in the air and in high wind areas due to their flexibility. Bungee's will stretch in heavy winds to ensure your banners will not tear or rip.

Bungee cords come in many colors and designs, so when selecting your bungees, be careful in color choices you choose. Make sure the colors of your bungees do not visually conflict or interfere with the design or message you want to convey. Choosing a solid color over the very popular zig zag designs work best to eliminate visual distractions that your banner's target readership may perceive.