Velcro Taped Banners Vinyl Signs Can Be Velcroed To Any Hard Surface

Disclaimer - Velcro brand hook and loop fasteners is a Registered Trademark, and referred as Velcro. For the purpose of this article the proper registered name “Velcro brand hook and loop fasteners” is shortened to “Velcro”

Installing Banners with Velcro

A great thing about Velcro is the ability they provide to quickly install and remove graphic images. Velcro can withstand a lot of weight and can easily be cut to the size you need to safely secure your banner. Graphics attached with Velcro can be almost any size. Very large for attention-grabbing impact or small images that add messaging support. Images can even be registered as separate pieces to form a mural appearance.

Velcro attached graphics are more economical than full graphic panels since mounting and hanging hardware is not necessary. Printastic can provide your multiple graphic for use in any environment and Velcro make them fast and easy to install.

You can use Velcro brand hook and loop fastener to attach your banner to most pieces of fabric. It’s most often used on carpet or fabric covered trade show displays (look for ones that say “Velcro receptive”). VelcroVelcro brand hook and loop fastener backed banners can be easily applied and taken down, and can be placed anywhere on the trade show display. You can even attach it to the front of your trade show table, which not only looks professional but provides and exceptionally clean and tidy presentation.

Velcro® comes in two pieces: the hook and the loop. The hook is the stiff plastic material and the loop is the soft fuzzy material. The hook is what will attach your banner to any fabric surface. Just glue or stick the flat back of the hook to the back of your sign and place it neatly onto your trade show fabric. When you're done, peel it off and attach loops to any hooks to prevent lint and fibers from accumulating during transfer.

Simple Banner Installation Tips:

If you’re hanging vinyl banners indoors, perhaps in your business or even at a trade show or convention, the method of installing them can vary greatly. For instance, if you’ve received your banner and you’re looking to place it in store windows, Velcro can be the perfect solution. It’s convenient solution because it can be purchased in bulk rolls or in 2” x 2” squares from any home improvement or craft supply store.

Another good use for banners inside your establishment would be display tables and/or event booths. Table Banners secured with Velcro are great in that they don’t take up any space, enhance your display area, and help create storage space right where it is needed most - by hiding anything placed beneath the table.