Wall Banners for Interior and Exterior Walls

Exterior Wall Signage

A blank outdoor wall can be transformed into a billboard by hanging an attractive vinyl banner. Bigger is better when it comes to exterior wall signage. The bigger the sign, the more people can see it, and from the greatest distance. When it comes to efficiency in advertising, banner advertising is the most efficient by far. It is the least expensive way to reach the general public. In some cases, your business will have more than one exterior wall, and each side may be visible to the traffic on that side (especially if you are located on a one way street). The solution to that situation is to have two large banners, one for each side. Outdoor wall banners can be used for special promotions, sales events, seasonal offers, hiring information, seasonal offerings and more. Regardless of your business model or budget, advertising with wall banners is worth considering.

Hanging Your Banners on Outdoor Walls

  • Brick, block or concrete walls - place the banner flat against the building, and put a washer over the grommet, followed by a screw
  • Metal siding - use metal machine screws to attach banner to the wall
  • Stucco - Use blue tap con screws on stucco

When installing banners in a semi-permanent way, it is important to remember not to use bungee cords or ropes, as the banner should be anchored tightly to the wall.

Interior Wall Signage


A flat wall is the perfect place to hang vinyl banners for weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, graduations, baby announcements, employee gatherings, promotional needs or retail advertisements. Printastic banners are all one sided, so the wall is a natural place for it to hang. It just has one grommet on each corner, so it won't interfere with the aesthetics of your banner. Keep in mind that our banners are made with non glare matte vinyl, so they will show better regardless of the interior lighting. Placement is also important for indoor banners. They should be set on the wall just above eye level, so people can see them above the crowd, but not so high that people have to crane their necks in order to read them.


Larger banners for interior walls are easy to read from a distance and have the grommets spaced two feet apart across the top. These kinds of signs can be used across the entrance to your store, behind the counter at your office, or on the wall of a birthday celebration or wedding.

Hanging Your Banners on Indoor Walls

When you install a banner indoors, such as against a drywall surface or mounted along paneling or a plaster wall, screws with wide washers to cover the grommet holes work well. Always start your holes with the assistance of a manual or electric drill by measuring the distance between each grommet and identifying your proper distance with a measuring tape against the wall surface where you will be hanging your banner.